Do You Ever Feel Stuck? Here’s How to Truly Change Your Life

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How to Change Your Life

Robin, I am stuck in such a familiar rut. I’ve had a dream for the longest time and I am not getting there. Every time I start to take some action toward making my idea a reality, I begin to hear the negative voice in my head saying I can’t do it. I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to make it happen. It’s harder and harder to believe I can do this. What am I doing wrong? Sometimes it really does come down to you paying too much attention… …Read More »

Searching for Treasure – Staying the Course in Scary Times

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Sometimes while searching for treasure it

Sometimes while searching for treasure it’s hard to trust that you’re actually on the right path. It can get scary when it seems there are no recognizable landmarks. You start second guessing yourself. You feel tempted to turn back. Sometimes you panic, and give up. You burn the map, abandon ship. That’s when you need a friend to say: Don’t give up. Trust there is treasure. Stay the course. You are the compass – your joy, your truth, your sense of freedom will always show you the way. Besides, a… …Read More »

Toot Your Own Horn: How to Embrace Your Gifts

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Toot your own horn: how to embrace your gifts by robin hallett

Is it hard for you to embrace your gifts? Do you have an aversion to tooting your own horn? I am going to tell you a secret: There’s an absolute wonderfulness about you and it’s time to celebrate. 🙂 When you identify what makes you juicy and unique, life becomes magical. Are you interested in a magical life? Then, it’s time to acknowledge your gifts. Go ahead, toot your own horn. There’s something wonderful you are here to do, and you can’t get there if you’re humbly denying who you… …Read More »

Be Authentically You

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Be Authentically You by Robin Hallett

Be authentically YOU 🙂 You are lovely and delicious already. Just be yourself. Forget the facade, filler, and fluff. It’s okay if you can’t ride a magic carpet… even better, give up trying. You’re not on the journey to becoming perfect–this is your journey into wholeness. Your wholeness has everything to do with feeling OK about yourself “as is”, while you remain excited about what’s to come. Wholeness is about learning to embrace all of your parts rather than denying them or trying to fix them. Be authentically YOU –… …Read More »

Rescuer, Caretaker, People Pleaser (Healing Insights)

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Most of us have an inner super-hero, lurking in the shadows just waiting to save the day. It’s a job we do well–one that began with us trying to fit into our family system as kids. We learned that in order to be of value to those around us, we needed to provide a service or give assistance of some kind. Solving the problems of other people often kept the peace. If we could help make it better somehow, life at home went more smoothly. For some of us, it… …Read More »

How to Overcome Jealousy

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Ever been talking to a friend who’s relating details of their Big Awesome Success and feel yourself overcome with jealousy? Where do you go inside yourself when that happens? What stories are you telling while you’re there? If you’ve ever wondered how you can overcome jealousy, read on! HI Robin – I was out to dinner with a friend recently and in the process of catching up I became extremely jealous at the successful and cool new things my friend is doing. While I was listening, I found it hard… …Read More »

Unfulfilled Desires and Feeling Great While You Wait

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I’ve talked to some of my friends this week who’ve been experiencing the frustration of having desires which go unfulfilled. Unfulfilled desires. Dreams not manifested. Wishes yet to come true. Focusing on the absence of the things we want causes some pretty intense suffering. I know we’re more alike than different so I am guessing that you can relate to this too, right? Is there anything you’ve been wishing for, or dreaming of that hasn’t happened yet? I know a super cool secret and I am going to share it… …Read More »

Your Unique Spark in the World

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You are here to contribute your unique spark in the world. There is no body else on the planet who can rock it quite like you can. You are the only one. There’s just something about you that makes you special. It’s time to let yourself shine. You were created on purpose. No part of you is an accident. You could never be an accident. There is a purpose and plan for your life. The world is counting on you to contribute your special spark! You were meant to be… …Read More »

Help! My Co-Worker is Driving Me Crazy! Office Politics

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Office politics can be challenging enough. When a difficult co-worker is thrown into the mix, it can feel like things are going to hell in a handbasket. But before you quit your job, or move to a new department, or (gasp) hit them over the head with your stapler, read on! HI Robin: I am working in hell. My co-worker is driving me crazy. I was given a small promotion recently and it seems like she is mad at me about it. She hasn’t spoken to me since the announcement… …Read More »

What’s the Connection between Chakras and Gemstones?

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Have you ever wondered just how chakras and gemstones connect? There are seven major chakras or energy centers in our bodies. Each one plays an important role in our physical, emotional, energetic, and mental well being. Sometimes our chakras need to be supported. They can be clogged or blocked. They might be a bit sluggish. At times we need a power boost to maintain a healthy boundary around others. Draining people are well, draining! Or we may need more power to make that special presentation at work. We want to… …Read More »

Will History Repeat Itself? Mothers and Daughters (Healing Insights)

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Will history repeat itself? Have you ever had the fear you would make the same mistakes your parents made with you? Did you grow up promising yourself: I will never EVER do that to my kid? I did too 🙂 And then, I watched in horror while I did the exact same things my parents did to me! Hi Robin, I’ve always had a weird relationship with my mother to the point I cut off all contact with her for years thinking that was the solution. I’m now a mother and… …Read More »

The Seventh Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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The Seventh Chakra - Everything You Wanted to Know by Robin Hallett

The Seventh Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know It’s also known as the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara in Sanskrit Have you ever felt feelings of great harmony and peace? A sense of connectedness that was so much bigger than just you and your life? Chakra 7 is a mystical energy center. It’s about your connection to higher consciousness. This chakra is about spirituality, self-realization, and enlightenment. Chakra seven is the energetic corridor that leads you from a ho-hum vision of life to a sparkling one of infinite possibility. Where you… …Read More »

Toxic Job: Should I Stay or Quit? (Healing Insights)

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Have you ever been in a work situation that felt toxic to you personally? Sometimes the challenges are more than you can bear and it’s time to walk away. Often, it’s the case that the situation feels awful because you’re supposed to be learning something personally from this experience. It takes courage and heart do to this, but I know you’re up for it! HI Robin, I’m looking to get out of a toxic job–I just can’t handle it anymore. I really want to find a work environment where I’ll… …Read More »

The Sixth Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know

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The Sixth Chakra - Everything You Wanted to Know

The Sixth Chakra – Everything You Wanted to Know This chakra is also known as the Third-Eye or Ajna chakra Have you ever had a moment where you clearly could see how every detail of a project could easily fall into place? Ever had the experience of thinking of someone, and then they called you? Did you ever just KNOW something was going to happen and then it did? Has it happened that the most amazing idea popped into your head, seemingly out of nowhere? The sixth chakra is sometimes… …Read More »

How are You Feathering Your Nest? (Healing Insights)

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How are you at feathering your nest? Have you ever watched a bird building its nest? Each item is carefully chosen for its ability to cushion those little baby birdies that will one day hatch inside. A nest is the perfect metaphor for the container of your dreams. What materials are you using to build your nest? Your thoughts, choices, and actions are the ‘objects’ which line your nest.  So, how are you doing with feathering your nest? Do you love, support, and encourage yourself? Do you shame yourself for… …Read More »