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The Healing Properties of Gemstones

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the healing properties of gemstones

Ever wonder if gemstones have healing properties? When you wear a piece of jewelry made with gemstones, you are literally tapping into the healing life force energy of our planet and universe. Each gem offers it’s unique healing properties to you. They clear blocks and bring fresh life force energy to the parts of you that have become stagnant. Gemstones charge up your field and protect you from unwanted energies. Each stone is made up of a blend of elements that gives a unique vibration, a distinctive color, and specific… …Read More »

Intuitive Healing

The Wound and its Gift

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the gift in our wounding

My deepest longing, ever since I can remember, was to feel welcomed in the world. To feel seen. To matter. To belong. But, most of the time I felt “missed” by the people who were supposed to see me the most. The message was: “You’re not welcome here.” It was so painful. I call this a wound A wounding is an event or string of events that change the landscape of our lives. As a kid, I would lie awake at night with a heavy heart wondering: Why is this… …Read More »

Healing 101

What is Healing?

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What is Healing? Everything You Wanted to Know about Healing

Whether you call it Healing or Intuitive Healing, or Hands on Energy Healing, or Reiki or Healing Touch… (or, or, or! because healing goes by many names) Healing is for real. And no matter how you slice it, healing brings about positive change in people. I call it Intuitive Healing and I say it’s right for (almost) everyone. Most people I meet find me because they’re searching for a way to help themselves get to get to where they want to be in life. They wonder if something’s wrong with them because… …Read More »