Business Alignment Love Course with Robin Hallett

Businessy Alignment Love with Intuitive Healer and Teacher Robin Hallett

businessy alignment love

A powerful experience in an intimate circle of heart-centered, spiritually focused, like-minded women who also happen to be entrepreneurs 😉

The next course will be offered late Spring 2016

A note from Robin:

Hello Friend!

My wish for you is to have a heart centered business that is not only successful but serves the world in a way you feel good about – one that’s on mission with your spirit and aligned with your purpose.

This Business Alignment Love course is intended for heart-centered spiritual women entrepreneurs; it’s an offering intended to support your inner journey on the entrepreneurial path.

Inner Journey. That’s what I am about. I care about you feeling good and strong and bold and aligned and confident about what you are here to do in the world. I care about helping you KNOW in your bones that what you feel called to do is what Spirit is interested in shining through you too.

Together we will address the underpinnings that most courses skip.

In our time together I fully expect you will be feeling even more plugged in about what it is you do in the world–the service you provide, the calling you feel HERE to claim and I intend for you to feel such an empowerment inside your heart about your offerings in the world that even your fearful stories can’t hold you back. I promise you, I teach nothing yukky here, just pure joy and love (with bones… there is a fair amount of truth telling and prompting that happens too).

The reason most business courses sit inert on our hard drives is because they don’t address either the deeply-rooted fears that stop us OR the often unspoken heartfelt desires that pull us forwards. Robin’s course helps us dive deep into this essential self-knowledge, offering a nourishing mix of practical advice, spiritual support, generous conversation, and her own fabulous humor. As in, snort your tea up your nose funny! One of the most potent philosophies I have taken from Robin’s “Businessy Alignment Courses” is that “if you want to go bigger, you must go deeper.”

Who I teach:

I teach some very cool women throughout the world some of them refer to themselves as Robin Lifers, but the truth is it’s often the other way around! These women are coaches, teachers, artists, healers, massage-chiro-cranio-accupuncture-bodyworking-yoga peeps; they offer readings and enlightenment and inspiration; they tell stories which encourage others, create art which awakens… I could go on but I’ll just say I have noticed a trend in the awesome people I work with: they have a very big burning dream for their lives, and are often focused on how to take it all to the next level while at the same time finding the ways to celebrate and live life from a place of “all is well” right now.

This course gave me the parts I never knew I was missing. So much heart and soul and gentle loving guidance and support offered by you Robin, and yet the most direct and honest advice about stepping up, about authenticity, and commitment / discipline. I cannot thank you enough for stripping it right back and taking your time with the truly important stuff ~ ourselves, our beliefs, our approach to our business, our own self esteem and our own healing, so that we truly do build strong foundations for our wonderful new or growing businesses. You have changed the very way I live my life on a daily basis; the way I schedule my time, the way I approach my work times, what exactly I do now schedule into my days and weeks, and heck even the way I write. I have never before mastered frequency and consistency in my business, and whilst it’s early days, I feel I am finally walking my talk and I am so excited about what is to come. Thank you so so much Robin for the safe container you offered, for your loving support and guidance throughout the course, and for how tenderly you delivered each class, and any guidance you gave us on Facebook, and thank you for not holding back on that guidance and calling forth our best and most pro-like selves! :o) Eternally grateful

These are women who are willing to take responsibility for the role they play in their lives…

Business Alignment Love with Robin Hallett
I am so excited about the ones who show up with a big fat YES in their hearts, even when they’re scared…

They may have had some “business training” elsewhere – kick ass trainings like Marie Forleo’s B School, Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Immersion, Martha Beck’s Coaching Certification, Danielle LaPorte’s Desiremap Licensed Facilitation, Barbara Brennan School of Healing Teacher Training. Such amazing trainings and paths people have traveled… And yet something is still not quite right. Something still doesn’t feel complete…maybe the business did not take off like crazy as we imagined… those insane stories of earning 6 figures in 6 months did not turn out as we’d hoped…the lists didn’t fill, the blogs didn’t take off…

And even though it’s tempting to blame the other people in our lives, or feel it’s because the people we’ve paid to teach us or make the website for us or help write our copy did not deliver, I want to support you in stepping in and fully seeing what it is you are and are not doing to get yourself to where you truly long to be.

You are a part of this, lovely one.

This is where I really shine. What I add to the big knowledge you may already have is the support for your journey – together we are gonna address the underpinnings of why you aren’t where you’d like to be quite yet, we are going to uncover your personal X Factor which is really what gets in the way most of the time. We are going to support you and love you into a space of shining unapologetically. I say WE because there is an AWESOME community of women who are going to be traveling with you! Woot woot!

Add your name to the list here and I’ll email you an invitation.

I like intimate circles – it’s my intention to be with 25ish women.

That was my big “scarcity marketing tactic” by the way… how did it feel? I believe there is a soulful, heartful way to share your offerings in the world without being icky.There is a way to tell the truth without being underhanded or manipulative: I have limited space in this course and I offer it first to sisters who are already in the circle, and next to those of you who ask to be notified.

I don’t do slimy, I don’t do sleazy. I resist what feels yukky… and I bet you do too.

Did you know that the resistance you feel points to your own inner guidance? Those vibes are illuminating your perfect path if you are interested and willing to listen.

“Robin is so authentic and always shows up, with her warm humor and her knowing. When she says she will be there, she is there, every day in every way. She tells it like it is, no frills, and that works so well for me.”

grow darling grow by robin hallett

About the Love Posse:

I have come to call our circle the Love Posse, and it’s very much a heart-centered, spirit-based community. I am constantly in awe of the way this group bravely and courageously is out there in the world shining brightly. You will be traveling in a circle of amazing women who will encourage, support, inspire, and sometimes prod you too. Here is a little of what the women who have been circling with me for a while now have to say:

“You speak right to my heart Robin, you are warm and true, and tough when you need to be. I feel far more enlightened and clear about where I’m going and how I will get there, and what I need to do first, then next, to get there. I’ve loved watching/rewatching your videos…having your voice in my head all day <3″ — Mary McConnell, Healing Practitioner


“Robin helped me become brave enough to establish my identity, to say out loud, “I am a life coach and this is what I do.” If you are starting in a healing or creative field and are feeling unsure, you know what a big step this is. I highly recommend this course. I have worked with Robin in all the wonderful ways that she helps her clients. Her business alignment course is unique, unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else. With a welcoming and loving embrace for all, she teaches us, encourages us, and calls upon us to shift our perspective. I learned to accept myself more fully – the tender, fearful, overwhelmed little one who occasionally (or even regularly) needs a gentle acknowledgement and an encouraging nudge to keep moving forward. The video lessons were insightful, hilarious, and spot-on in terms of the content we needed to learn at each point of the course. Because of Robin’s presence and leadership in the Facebook group, I know I am safe to share my dreams and desires, my doubts, and my experiences. Within this group, I am called to keep moving forward and be intentional about my business. I began to combine my heart-centered gentle soul with a courageousness and confidence in my business that came alive during this course. This new normal of knowing what I wanted, the steps I needed to take, and then taking those steps with a steady consistent follow through each week, has gotten me to where I am today. During the course, I launched my website, published my 1st blog post, stepped up my social media, and added new coaching clients. — Cathy Huffman, Communications Leader, Healing Life Coach, EFT Practitioner


I found Robin by one of these magical Facebook synchronicities, the kind that doesn’t happen often. First, I joined her Healing Practioner Course and I was blown away by her videos and content. It was as if she was in mind, speaking directly to my vulnerabilities and fears. Then I joined the Businessy Alignment group and I felt helped and held in a way that I hadn’t quite found in other business mastermind groups. Her content and approach gave me permission to feel, be and do what felt more aligned with me and my heart’s desire. It’s so much more than business – it’s about making the long trek between your mind and heart. But before you think her work it’s all ‘lovey dovey’, think again. She’s able to call you on your ‘song & dance’ when need be, without making you feel that you don’t belong. Her work is to help you grow and be courageous, not hide behind your the trance-like music of your old record playing. If you feel called, join the “Love Posse”, but be ready to dance to courageous tune – wholeheartedly.” — Vanessa Couto – Astro Coach & Artist


“I have learned so much from Robin and I count her as one of the finest, most powerful, and most truly transformative teachers I have been blessed to know.  If you’re thinking of joining the circle, let me encourage you.  In the light of her loving focus and X-ray beam of soul-knowing, you, too, will grow and bloom! After six months in Robin Hallett’s Love Posse, I have come to the conclusion that Robin is a kind of human “grow light.” Everyone in the orbit of this loving, brilliant, wildly intuitive woman seems to flourish!  With skill and tenderness, she guides us to put down deeper and sturdier roots in the truth of who we are.  Her faith in us helps us to unfurl and open to new powers and possibilities.  We begin to believe that we deserve to live in the sunlight – and with Robin’s encouragement, we bloom!

One of the most potent philosophies I have taken from Robin’s “Businessy Alignment Courses” is that “if you want to go bigger, you must go deeper.”  The reason most business courses sit inert on our hard drives is because they don’t address either the deeply-rooted fears that stop us OR the often unspoken heartfelt desires that pull us forwards.  Robin’s course helps us dive deep into this essential self-knowledge, offering a nourishing mix of practical advice, spiritual support, generous conversation, and her own fabulous humor.  As in, snort your tea up your nose funny!  If you don’t know her yet, you might be stunned by the time and care Robin invests in the Facebook group, reading every comment and offering help, solace, cheering on, and great ideas in response.  If you are willing to share anything – a question, a comment, a request for support – you will be heard and loved and answered.  In short, you will have access to an expert business woman, a spot-on intuitive, and a loving friend all rolled into one.

The process she teaches is organic and gentle – but make no mistake:  it works.  Like my sisters in the circle, I have been inspired to act more courageously, to look more honestly at gaps in my boundaries and in my full responsibility for my life and business, and to take real-world steps that have resulted in a more joyful and yes, more prosperous, experience in my business.

I’ve also been amazed at the depth of love, support, and trust in the circles that Robin fosters.  It is rare and wonderful to find a circle in which you quickly feel it is safe to be your honest-to-goodness self, and yet that is what I have found in Robin’s Love Posse.  My sisters in the circle inspire me every single day and I feel connected to their stories, their struggles and successes, and their hearts.  Robin has a gift for making this kind of connection possible:  magical, sisterly, fun, deep, rich, and altogether wonderful.” — Kate Chadbourne, singer, storyteller, poet, harper, teacher, scholar, and apprentice enchanter


“This class is perfectly paced, with a combination of videos, weekly intention-setting and virtual gatherings to share ideas and to support one another. Each offering of this class brings numerous aha’s, light bulb moments and practical action steps to move me forward in my business and in life.  I have had the pleasure of taking Robin’s Businessy Alignment Love class twice, and have registered for the next upcoming class. Each time, there has been a different takeaway, as I gain more clarity on the clients I wish to serve and content and programs that feel really good to share with the world. This class is a wonderful combination of deep-dive inner work, and also very practical discussions in our group on topics such as websites, newsletters, opt-ins and sales pages. Each time taking this class, I feel more clarity about myself as a coach, whom I wish to serve and the programs and content that come from a deeper more authentic place. Robin is an amazing teacher, healer and guide. She is open and honest about her own life lessons, and always comes from a loving place. If you crave a deeper connection to yourself, to your business and to a group of women who are all on a similar path, then you are in the right place. I can’t recommend this class or Robin highly enough. Count me as a “Robin Lifer.” — Liz Murray, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

Simply put, Robin rocks it like she means it and helps guide those she works with to do exactly the same in their own true way. After Having participated in a number of Robin’s offerings I have to say I look forward to participating in many more. The beauty of Robin’s guidance is she approaches everything from a holistic point of view. Building your business is about healing yourself and healing yourself will directly correlate to building your business. Robin directs you to get to the “why” of anything that you do by presenting big universal questions but distilling them down to an accessible and understandable level. — Cassia Cogger Artist, Teacher, Creative Explorer

Robin is supports each one of us as we are. It seems like she has some kind of special “magic wand” that guides us to exactly to where we need to be! Her authenticity reminds me how we are all human. By sharing her vulnerabilities, it feels  like she is on this journey with us too! I love how she loves us just as we are!” — Bernadette

business alignment love course

In our time together, I will speak to topics including:

Heart centered offerings, good steward of abundance-ness, alignment with your core essence, soulful sharing vs slimy marketing, internet presence, tending your ‘flock,’ ethics of caring, building connection. I will speak to your self care and ask you to take responsibility for looking at your own X Factor, the stuff you continue to do (and not do!) which is really contributing to where you are right now… and there’s always more… Please know that I provide ample time for Q&A and am often happy to speak to what you’d like help with as well.

But please don’t assume this is just another business course. It’s not a marketing class, it’s not a business skills course. If that is what you feel you need, I do believe you’d be better served elsewhere. This is a course that aligns your heart and spirit with your business. Something I really want you to hear: We will be continually addressing self-responsibility throughout our time together as well as what it means to be an excellent steward of abundance. We will own our inner mystic and learn to honor her. We will sit with the underpinnings of what we bring to the equation of why life and business is not flowing as we’d like it to be.

I hold each one of you accountable to take part in this. Show up, speak up, ask and receive! I promise this course is a blast and it will really be even better if you take an active part.

I will continually be pointing you back to your own journey and asking you to look at the obstacles you experience in your businessy world as they relate to the personal self. It’s important work, and it’s probably the missing component on most journeys.

My utmost priority is your own healing journey, and I really want to support you in shining and shining brightly, I want to see you rock your dream like you really mean it!

Shine-Bright-Like-a-Diamond-by Robin-Hallett

How the course is structured:

In our time together we will have three live 90 minute group video calls which take place on Fridays at 11:00 – 12:30 CDT recordings are provided to those who cannot attend live.

The live video group calls will feature a sacred journey, some teaching, and most importantly, there will be time for you to “heart storm” with us about your offerings and anything else which is present for you at that time.

In between the calls, there will be two video lessons I record specifically for this circle – focusing on the themes we’ve been discussing in the round.

There are two intentional “pause and reflect” weeks planned in our round, for you to receive the teachings and reflect more deeply on what is here for you in the offering.

In addition to this, there will be Monday Quickies –  a “quick” little video message from me intended to set the week ahead, something to inspire you. On Wednesdays, you will receive a “Wednesday Musings from Robin” which is a letter that I write that day, based upon my experiences in my own healing practice that week, including my insights on my own personal journey.

Everything I offer is created live and fresh for the circle that’s gathered.

It’s ok if you can’t make the calls live. Every call is recorded, and it’s all yours to keep. You can also download the videos if you like. I want you to have this material so you can revisit it again and again.

We meet in-between times in our secret Facebook group. I see the power of the connection there – there have even been live, in person gatherings between the members too… this is probably gonna be different than most of the other groups you’ve been in. I am very present in this group, as are the sisters on this journey with you. AND please know, if you don’t do facebook or it’s not your favorite thing – you are more than welcome to receive this course as a one on one teaching session from me to you. Go at your own pace, take what you need.


What the Business Love Posse has been saying about this class…

“Thank you for the beautiful circle yesterday Robin! It was perfect timing for me. I am learning so much about myself through Businessy Alignment Love Posse and the accountability factor of everyone here. Amazing the power of community. It is helping me to make some serious shifts that are not “familiar” to me, but I am willing.”

“I’ve watched Robin’s second video twice now and I am coming away with so much to think about”

“This week’s video lesson was incredible and full of good stuff – so much there, so much to prompt my thinking! Thank you.”

“I’ve just read your Wednesday musings and, again, it was fabulous and honest and gave me much to think about. I’m so glad and grateful you decided to write these mid-week sharings during the course.”

“For those of us who are still new to this and working on our ‘business voice,’ I have to take my hat off to you Robin and the example you have set through your work.”

“Robin thank you for this group. You are an out of this world inspirational leader. Together we are moving mountains.”

“WOW. That one video is like a complete business and life creation course. I’m amazed at how much is in there and how gracefully and naturally it is all woven together.”

“Robin, I loved your letter last evening so much. If you only knew how my heart lifts to see your name appear in my in-box! Your Wednesday letters have been a huge bonus in this course. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts with us. It helps to know that we share many of the same challenges, but even more, it helps me to have a chance to witness your clarity and your courage.”



Business Alignment Love Course $179

(Repeating Students receive a special rate – check your email for that!)

Rock it like you mean it,

 Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher and ArtistHI! I’m Robin

I’ve been working as a healer for the past 15 years, both on and offline.

In that time, I have learned how to have a business I feel so proud to claim as my own.

In my practice, I see other healers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries… I help people get to where they most want to be by addressing the obstacles and challenges we all face on the journey. I see my work as a deep honor and privilege.

If you want to hear more of my philosophy I have three important posts for you from my blog:

You Are a Contemporary Mystic. Now Is the Time to Live It.

The Three Things

It’s called soulful sharing not slimy selling


Testimonials from past courses:

Robin’s group is unique because she creates a safe place where there is no separation between our personal healing work and the work we offer for clients in our business lives – enabling us to begin to truly heal our fragmented selves.

Robin’s mastermind group was a wonderful experience for me. I joined the group during a period of intense stress in my business and personal life and it became an oasis for me – a place to be fully seen and supported regardless of my level of participation. Robin’s group is unique because she creates a safe place where there is no separation between our personal healing work and the work we offer for clients in our business lives – enabling us to begin to truly heal our fragmented selves. As a busy mom of a child with special needs, I began to see the energetic patterns in my life that are helping and hindering my work life – and I became more forgiving of myself and more able to fully appreciate the gifts I have to share because of the my life circumstances rather than despite of them. Robin is a unique and gifted teacher and her approach is accessible, warm, and open. She fully shows up and shares her own experiences with courage and irreverent humor, shining a light on the dark places that may seem more difficult to heal and share. During my time in the course, I felt completely connected to the other group members; I consider them friends, colleagues, kindred spirits and mentors, and Robin engenders all of these qualities in herself and in all of us, helping us bring the best of ourselves to our clients and each other. — Eithne Egan, Life Coach, Postpartum Doula at True Essence Coaching
At first I had no idea what to expect, unsure of being in the right place and in doubt of the Internet being the right place for this. Looking back, it turned out to be a truly inspiring journey as a result of Robin’s heartfelt offerings and her ability to hold space for everyone to share, speak up, engage, discover, tell the truth, clear up confusion, be part of the solution, risk being seen, plant seeds, reclaim power and accept responsibility. As a group we moved forward together, navigated through scary places together and exchanged love and support across the globe. This course can make you feel part of something you know to be true. If you are thinking about taking this course: Do yourself a favor and show up! It will leave you stronger, more sure of whatever is right for you.” — Carol Campbell Yoga Goddess & Teacher

The group calls were magical, everyone had opportunity to share and be seen and heard.

During the Summer of 2014 I was part of Robin’s Mentors Mastermind group. Over the 12 weeks, I learnt much about myself, not least, that I can draw, and enjoy making art!  I gained support and insights from Robin’s lessons and was led/enabled to discover more about my inner self, about my resistance to allowing myself to shine and to discovering more of what makes Mary tick. It was a blessing to be able to give and receive support to and from the other women in the group, to be there for each other, and show up completely as myself and be seen and loved for who I am. The group calls were magical, everyone had opportunity to share and be seen and heard. Robin is so authentic and always shows up, with her warm humour and her knowing. When she says she will be there, she is there, every day in every way. She tells it like it is, no frills, and that works so well for me. — Mary McConnell, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master at Star Therapies

When I tell you it was a magical and healing group, I am not kidding. 

Being part of a group of women where we could all give and receive support was absolutely wonderful. All the women showed up and wrote about their journey and their unique take on Robin’s teachings in our Facebook group, and because of that we really got to know each other. I haven’t met any of the Women from our Mastermind in person, but I consider them friends, they are all beautiful people–they are all Mentors. Getting to witness and be witnessed was amazing, and has built my confidence as a helper in this world. Like any experience we may choose to undertake, we get out of it what we put in. I was very excited for this group and each week I printed out the lesson and added it to my binder. I also keep all of the artwork I made and the writing that was inspired by Robin’s lessons in the binder. It is so beautiful. I really got a lot from the Mastermind because I realized how committed I am–100% Committed to myself and my journey. It is also showing up in my work, I think I am shining more and believe in myself more each day. One more thing: Robin is amazing, getting to work with her is just phenomenal, the healing circles and masterminding sessions are fantastic. With Robin as a facilitator and the group of Women who came together, we cultivated an intimate setting for healing and awareness that I hold dear to my heart. We are in touch still and are actually reading a book together as a fun way to keep connected. If you wonder more about my experience with this fantastic group, please let me know. — Jill Aiman, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Creator of Retreats and Ceremony at The Feel Good Business 

“This is such a lovely course for anyone in a healing profession…for anyone at all, really. Robin Hallett is such a luminous soul and teacher. Here’s a free opportunity to work with her!” –Molly Larkin, Life Coach, Writer, Mama

“I highly recommend this class for holistic healers such as reiki, energy healers, yoga instructors, masseuses etc. I participated in the series earlier this year and found it very illuminating. I’m going to take the class again because I love Robin and I enjoy her honest and intuitive approach to guiding her students and clients. Did I mention her awesome generosity? If I didn’t, the proof is in the pudding, this course is FREE.” Tammy J., Artist

“I haven’t found this kind of personal/heart and soul content inside of other courses and that is what made it so useful in a very practical, very real sense. Thanks again Robin! So much love to you” –Angie M. Your Organized Guide

“Just spectacular Robin, I really enjoyed the class your videos, the insights, your cute birdy drawings, the poems, your honesty. Love and hugs x infinity”

“I came to know Robin from my contacts on Facebook.  A person that I work with as a Peer Coach had mentioned Robin would be a good resource for me to do some healing work.  I found her just one day before she offered the free 6 week group for Healers.  I was thrilled at my timing and of course I joined. Over the course of the 6 weeks Robin shared a video weekly that covered areas that were specific to those of us on our journey to be good Healers.  I was blown away at the first video!  My first impression was “WOW! This woman is so accessible and so real!”  I honestly don’t know when I’ve ever encountered a person with so much presence.  I could see all this love and light radiating from her eyes.  And her words also were full of so much love and support.” –Martha Montour, Writer and Coach


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