Heal Your Stories Change Your Life. A Course in Miracles Study Group with Intuitive Healer Robin Hallett

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

Heal Your Stories, Change Your Life. A Course in Miracles Study Group with Intuitive Energy Healer Robin Hallett

Deal with the drama in your head.
Remember who you truly are.

Stick to a pathway of ease, peace, and joy.

A Course in Miracles is a training for your mind. It helps you deal with the drama in your head, it helps you to remember who you truly are and stick to a pathway of peace and ease and joy. It offers you practical lessons you can apply to those situations that drive you bonkers (and the people in your life who do too!) and it helps you get free.

What I bring to ACIM is helping you apply the teachings to the REAL areas of your life in a very down-to-earth, accessible way. I will show you how to apply the lessons to the real areas of your life so you can get free.

In our time together you will learn how to take your real-life issues and shift them by doing the practices in the Workbook. I guarantee if you show up and do the practices you WILL experience a shift.

The Course begins Monday, February 11, 2018. We will be together for 8 weeks.

What are we doing? This course is gentle, easy, and fun! All levels are welcome. I’ll send you gentle 10-12 minute guided meditations (I will read to you and we’ll practice together!) and we’ll meet live online (I’ll be on camera, you will not) once per week to discuss, I’ll personally offer you light and healing with your own issues as well. This round we begin with lesson 70, we will study 4 lessons together per week. It is totally okay if you haven’t studied the earlier lessons or if it’s been a minute since you did. My courses are ‘come as you are, start where you are’ courses.

Tuition: $279 – Payment plan possible.

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Hello, sweet friend!

It’s me, Robin, and I want to welcome you to join me on this course.

This is a circle for those of us who feel called to heal, release, and transform the stories we carry. We’ll do that by practicing the lessons in A Course in Miracles together as a circle and addressing the stuff we find.

It’s pretty funny how tight-butted we can be about doing a spiritual practice the “right way” but around here I will remind you again and always that the inner teacher in you will know the way that feels best for you to receive.

People tell me all the time that they bought the book because I talk about it so much and usually the next thing they say is that it’s dense, hard to understand, complex, and whoa there’s some off-putting language. I get it. And I also know that it can be much simpler if we decide to approach it simply.

And that’s exactly what we are going to do in our time together. We are going to keep it simple. You will not have to stand on your head or meditate for a million minutes every day or even give up wine and twinkies. You are perfect just the way you are, and I will help you see that too.

“It’s a huge blessing to be part of Robin Hallett’s posse of lovers, creators, and dreamers. Robin is kind, wise, funny, earthy, human, loving, and inspiring, and like so many others, I adore her!

I have now participated in at least a half-dozen of her courses. I keep signing up because what Robin shares is always fresh, always pertinent, and always exactly what I need to reach a deeper level of understanding and love. The people she attracts into her posse always feel right away like my soul sisters and brothers and the company is superb. The whole experience she creates – complete with her generous personal attention in the forum, so many great laughs, and healing sessions that actually, yes, heal you – is a beautiful gift. If you’re thinking about it, I hope you’ll give yourself this gift, too!” – Kate C.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

Is this the right fit for you?

You’re someone drawn to A Course in Miracles. Yep, maybe it’s felt challenging or daunting somehow, but you’re still interested.

You’d like to address the repetitive stuff that happens in your life, the stuff you don’t want to keep experiencing.

You get that there are things you do, or think about, which create suffering for you and you’re ready to shift that.

Most of all, you feel ready to start a practice. You’re open to that.

Most of all, YOU like to have FUN and you would like to be with friends on the journey who do too… friends who understand that spiritual practice does not mean shaving your head and giving up Twinkies or anything else for that matter.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

Ha, as I go to type ‘Course’ my autocorrect changes the word to Curse. Yes. Perfect. It has been a blessing and a curse to practice. Waking up is like that. Once you begin to practice these lessons, you don’t go back to sleep in exactly the same way.

You won’t spend large clumps of time calling your life a waste or blaming that one person for all the things or allowing yourself to believe you’re a loser without also remembering your practice at some point.

When you feel fear about your money stories, your practice will be there too. When you are afraid of your relationship issues, the practice will be there. When you don’t know if you can handle one more thing… the practice will be there. Entrepreneurial hell? Your practice will help you shift this.

And slowly but surely you will begin to see differently.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

While we most definitely still will have those whacky thoughts as we practice, more and more we will find that another reality dawns in the mind. You begin to see clearly how the upsetting thoughts simply cannot be true. And you learn to let them go. And it gets better. And easier.

So, that’s what this circle is. A practice aimed at healing our stories and allowing our lives to get better and easier.

This is what I want for us.

“I started this course with an open mind, yearning to receive. Receive what? A message, a sign, strength or understanding? I received all of that and more. Time dedicated just for me. I began journaling again. I actually sketched on a few pages. I listened to spirit. I felt the energy of the messages. My mind to places I had never explored. I thank you, Robin, for jumping on this journey and carrying me along.” — Lori P.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

Ours will be a circle of gentle healing for friends who want to begin or revisit a practice with me. If that’s you, here are the deets:

When do we begin?

We will ride together for 8 weeks.

How is this course delivered?

1 weekly email with Robin’s musings to you for the week + 4 recordings linked to our course Dropbox + 1 Facebook Live discussion

What are we doing?

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

We will be studying 4 Course in Miracles Workbook lessons per week. This is a very gentle pace.

Lessons are audio files. You will listen to my voice reading lessons, we will do the practice together, and then I will share my perspective using real-life situations.

No prior knowledge of ACIM is necessary. This is a come as you are, start where you are course. I have many students each time I offer this course who have not studied the book before, also many who’ve tried on their own but just couldn’t get into it. I am here to help you make it easy, accessible, and fun!

Where do we meet?

Our course is live and online – we will meet in your email inbox and we’ll have a private Facebook space to share and reflect on the lessons together. I will host a live Facebook discussion in our private group each week.

I realize, not everyone is on Facebook. I’ve got you covered! I provide all course content outside Facebook for you as well: The audios, videos, lessons, and my personal emails to you.

But the class discussion and my personal feedback to you will be happening in the private group on FB. And for that reason, I suggest you consider joining us. Did you know that you can create a temporary profile with an alias to use on Facebook so you can join our circle? Yes. Google it. Totally doable 🙂

Each Friday at 12:30 pm Central Daylight Time, I’ll host a Lunchtime Live in our private group so we can discuss the week’s lessons and I’ll offer healing and answer your questions. (I will always offer you a chance to submit a question ahead of time too). All the Facebook Live sessions will be made available to you offline for you to receive in audio and video format.

I care very much about your experience and I take your confidentiality seriously. I will ask everyone joining the group to post a confidentiality commitment as well.

And do not sweat it if you do not like Facebook! I get it! You are free to receive this course on your own as you like. I usually have a handful of friends in my courses who are not on Facebook. All is well. Please keep in mind that this is where I’ll be giving personal feedback, so if you’d like that, please consider joining us.

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“My favourite parts were the examples you added at the end of each practice lesson. They made the difference for me in understanding and applying the lessons each day. I also found great value in the community and your devotion to the group’s growth and development. I felt encouraged, seen and held. I can’t wait for the next round. Thank you Robin!” — Shannon M.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

A little about me:
I came to the Course because I knew it would help. Knew it in my bones. My life was feeling like a repetitive pattern of the same upset, different day and I wanted out. Have you had those spiritual practices you tried for a while and then they just fell off? And you were like, wait where did the magic go? Yes, I have had lots of those too. But somehow, the Course just stuck.
I am not an expert. I am a human heart, just like you. I have real-world crap that happens and I struggle, just like you. I am all in for love and healing and I want to see us shine.

My promises to you:

This is NOT one of those gigantic online classes with thousands of participants. I want to make sure you’ll get lots of attention and personalized feedback on your sharings every single week. Nobody gets lost in the shuffle here. 🙂
I have been offering intimate healing-related courses off and online since 2006 and I promise, they are the bomb. One thing people often comment on is how present I am in the group.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

No religious icky here. Because this is the Course and it uses language that can sometimes be challenging. I get it. I will remind you again and again that it is okay to choose to see it differently and that your way is the right way. This course is about getting free, not bogging ourselves down in dogma 😉

Ack! I almost forgot – IF you are more of a stickler for rules and perfect ways to practice, etc… this might not be the right course for you. I mean it with love. Raising my hand, I was that stickler. And it made me crazy. And I have taught circles with sticklers in them too, and it totally dampens the vibes. If you’re in with me, you’re okay with not following strictly the procedures and language. I have found that this works for many friends

Register for A Course in Miracles, Heal Your Stories with Robin Hallett

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallettCourse Tuition: $279 Optional add-on, previous workbook lessons 1-70 $75

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** Please note, should you elect to use the nifty payment plan, a one-time charge of $15 will be added. That’s the amount I am charged by my service provider to facilitate the payments for you each month.

What happens once you’ve registered:

  • My little robot will send you a confirmation email upon receipt of payment.
  • I’ll be in touch personally Friday, Friday, Feb 8th to celebrate the (almost) start of our class and open our Facebook group.
  • Monday, Feb 11 our class officially begins with the first love note from me (I call them musings!) and I’ll be seeing you in our Facebook group that Friday for our first Lunchtime Live.
  • From there we will keep rocking it out, I’ll email you each week on Monday, I’ll see you live in the Facebook group on Fridays at 12:30 pm CDT.

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

My Refund Policy

The truth is, I have only ever refunded a course once. And that was because it was simply not a right fit for the person attending and that made it uncomfortable for everyone else in the circle. I blame myself for that, for not being clear enough about what we are doing together and explaining the course nitty-gritty well enough.

I feel I have been clear here and as such, there are no refunds on this course.

Please read everything over carefully, check the dates and times I’ve given, make sure you feel the yes in your belly. I find that sticking with the plan creates safety as does spelling everything out clearly. Which I have done. So read it all over carefully, make sure it feels good for you!

“The personal connection with Robin and everyone in this session was so spiritually deep. It opened places in my heart I had not touched before. All the lessons are amazing. Thank you Robin for touching my inner self and holding my hand on this journey… blessings.” — Lori

a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

Always, if I can answer a question about the course, please connect with me HERE. Or hit reply to the email I sent you that took you here.

And whether we wind up riding together, or not, I am wishing you all the love and peace and joy possible. Because you totally deserve it and are worthy of that.

Thank you for being part of my community!

Hugs and love to YOU.


a course in miracles study circle with intuitive healer robin hallett

“You need to hear the truth about yourself as frequently as possible because your mind is so preoccupied with false self-images.” – A Course In Miracles