Sacred Circle Women’s Retreat

Spring 2016 Sacred Circle Women’s Retreat with Robin Hallett

Join me for a healing experience in an intimate circle of women. Gather with us in a magical place this Spring  🙂

sacred circle women's weekend retreat with robin hallett

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

Venue: Still Meadow Retreat Center, Damascus, Oregon (30 minutes outside Portland center and PDX airport)

Dates: Friday April 15 – Sunday, April 17, 2016

Led by: Robin Hallett, Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Awesome Artist 🙂

sacred circle women's weekend retreat with robin hallett

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sacred circle women's weekend retreat with robin hallett

Hello Friends!

I am a healer and a teacher and I love to make art. But mostly, I am on a journey, just like you. I teach from my own experiences — the good the bad and the ugly — and it’s my greatest joy to help others walk the path with love and ease, grace and lots of mercy.

I know you have dreams for your life and I care about supporting you in getting there.

I’ve been helping people around the world for the past 15 years. I see clients in private session and I teach in-person and online circles, I give talks and workshops and e-courses focused on helping you overcome the obstacles preventing you from being where you truly want to be.

My friends say I am intentionally joyful and present, there when they need me, warm, soulful, heartfelt, and fun! They also call me a truth teller… and my truth is that I love creating intimate, sacred circles full of love and healing, where we can really go for our dreams and celebrate how awesome we are!

I am inviting you to join me in a circle of amazing women this April for a Sacred Circle Women’s Retreat.

At this retreat I am looking forward to diving deep with you to carry on the work we do together in our sacred circles and in our one-to-one private sessions. New friends are welcome too – read on for a description of what you’ll receive, and what to expect.

In our time together, there will be time for exploration, ceremony, healing and play.

sacred circle women's weekend retreat with robin hallett

We’ll come together to celebrate our journey and practice being compassionately present for ourselves and one another in sacred circle. 

Think of it as a fun weekend-long slumber party where your deepest longings and those you didn’t even know you had are met. Where you will connect with like-minded souls who are on their own journey too. Where you will be seen and heard and received and welcomed, exactly as you are.

Yes, there will be tears and process time… but there will be joy and upliftment too and giggles… lots and lots of giggles.

The loose unscripted plan . . .

If you’ve been working with me a little or a lot, one thing you know about me is that I do my best work and give my best offerings when I am in the moment–unscripted, going on the energy that’s here and now based on the lovely circle of women gathered. This is how I’ve been operating my online offerings, and live circles, speaking events and private sessions for the past 15 years.

I can tell you that there will be beautiful circles and sweet offerings, healing art, and time in nature and special bonfires…there will be morning offerings like gentle yoga and other magic opportunities. Time for you with new and old friends… There are places to explore and labyrinths to walk… Lots of love and kindness and gentleness and safety in my circles too, this is something most commented on by my students and clients.

And oh boy! The center has its own chef and will prepare us delicious, wonderful, amazing food 🙂 (and special dietary requests can be accommodated)

We will dine together like queens!

Dining 6Dining 7Dining 5dining 2

The reason we gather in circle is so that we can join with like minded, heart centered friends and go much bigger with our dreams while we liberate ourselves from the heavy energies that bind – we do this better in circle than we could ever do alone.

I am counting on you to trust your gut as to how it feels when you consider yourself there in our magical space.

Here are some testimonials from women I’ve had the honor to walk with:

Up against it? Longing for a reprieve? Dreaming of having space to loosen up, gain insight, stretch your muscles, laugh, love, and breathe into?

Have I got the retreat for you! My friend, Robin Hallett ~ Intuitive healer, creative artist, and gentle soul ~ is inviting you into an intimate healing weekend this April outside Portland, OR. She’ll create a sense of safety and belonging so that you may develop more compassion and acceptance for yourself. I think you’ll really like Robin. She’s one of the most gentle, loving, welcoming people I know. She’s incredibly talented at helping people connect with their inner knowing. Good medicine.  😉

Leave feeling refreshed, taken care of, and with unshakable wisdom as you deepen your relationship with the only guru that matters: you. — Kellie Brooks

Robin Hallett is an amazing human as well as an intelligent gifted practitioner of teaching individuals how to tap into their own inner guidance system. I have called upon her wisdom on more than one occasion and I have left stronger and more rooted and ready to do my own healing work.

If you are wanting to wake up a dormant part of you or if you want to be awash with witnessing and learning how to dive deep then I would recommend this for you. — Lisa Nigro

Still meadow buddha
Still Meadow Buddha

My friends, if you’re feeling called that’s the best guidance you could ever receive about whether or not this is for you… Please listen to your own heart and gut. Trust the inner calling.

There are more details for you below as well as the registration links. I look forward to our journey together!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome ArtistP.S. You are welcome to join us even if I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you (yet).

Please know in that case, I will be reaching out to you to plan a little time for us to talk first to be sure we are a right fit for each other >> request to join us here.


Kind words from women I’ve been journeying with…

“As I’ve traveled along my path I have read many books, studied with multiple yoga teachers, worked with several therapists, and attended many lectures and workshops. There have been many uncomfortable and awkward situations as well as some unsavory teachers along the way. Robin, however, is one of the very best teachers I’ve encountered. She is the real thing in the sometimes perilous world of spiritual growth and healing. I especially appreciate the care she takes with circle/group work. I feel safe in one of her circles: safe, seen, and heard exactly as I am. Plus this grace note: she has a fabulous sense of humor!” JoAnn

“Robin has a very special gift for making people feel safe, seen and understood.” Caroline

“I met Robin five years ago and have received a variety of her offerings including in-person and online meditation circles, online classes, a rock star reading, and healing sessions. Robin is so loving, nurturing, and authentic. When I interact with her, I feel cared for and really safe – as if I was back in a nourishing womb. She reminds me to be gentle with myself and that I get to decide what is best for me. Robin honors the pace by which I am willing to expand my awareness. She gently guides me to my truth with love and humor and lets the process unfold as it should without harshness, judgment, dogma or self-righteousness. Being in her presence or watching her videos, inspires me – and somehow gives me permission – to be my highest authentic and genuine self. Working with Robin helps me to release all the misguided societal, cultural or familial expectations that I’ve tried to live up to over the years. This process can be really frightening, because I’m stepping away from the known to the unknown. But with Robin’s gentle and loving support, the process is freeing and liberating so that I approach it with cautious enthusiasm instead of dread. Simply stated, I love Robin and her work and am so blessed to have found her. We’re about the same age, but on the spiritual plane – she’s the mother I never had.” Christine

“This sacred space you create, these bright, excited and responsive women we journey with, your insightful and gentle guidance, our respected and precious spirit presence… and the sanctuary of Divine Love surrounding us. Thank you for these gifts!” Elni

“Robin is such an amazingly open-hearted and compassionate guide and leader. I had the pleasure of being a part of one of her in person circles that she leads. It was really transformational for me. I went in nervous to show my true colors but I’m so glad I did because I met some amazing people and Robin’s loving energy truly created a safe and supportive environment for all involved. If you’re looking for a place to build a long lasting community of open-hearted sisters who are there to support you and help you along your personal journey, you should definitely experience one of Robin’s groups, retreats or circles. She is and has been such an important part of my personal growth. Thank you Robin for such a compassionate, loving and supportive environment you provide.” Maja

Main fire pitMisty Fall ForestcreekTrail to creek

We will be gathering at the beautiful Still Meadow Retreat Center in Damascus, Oregon (30 minutes outside Portland). Set on 60 acres of forest and meadow, this will be our sacred space to dream, receive, create, dance, celebrate and heal together.


At our Retreat, there will be:

  • Healing journeys
  • Gentle heart-centered teachings based upon guidance received and what is offered in circle
  • Sacred art creation time (it’s even awesomer if you aren’t an “artist!”)
  • Music and dance breaks
  • Contemplative walks through the woods and creek
  • Time on your own and time for us together
  • Time for a contemplative labyrinth walk
  • A bonfire ceremony
  • Delicious, locally-sourced, hand-crafted meals by Executive Chef Tom Weatherellis of Still Meadow
  • Gentle morning yoga offerings
  • Time to relax in the wood-fired sauna
  • Giggles and great big belly laughs
  • Sweet dreams
  • Full permission to partake in as much or as little as you like!
  • No weirdos (except for the very good kind).

Of course, I can’t plan the magic. That said, I completely trust in the mystery of it all… all the synchronistic things that happen, the moments of insight and healing, and the bonds that form as it all unfolds…

I have witnessed it enough times to know it will happen for us 🙂

And I promise I do know how to hold sacred space, and to create a safe container for our circle.

Self responsibility is important to me: I invite you to connect with your inner guidance, and see if coming to this retreat is right for you. I am intentionally cultivating this circle so please add your name to the list >> just click right here >> and I will send you your own invitation.

It is my prayer and intention that you will find yourself held in the most welcoming, loving arms of this beautiful space and our community–accepted, cherished, loved and wanted exactly as you are–and that you are nourished body, mind and spirit in all the ways you wish to be and even in some you didn’t know. 🙂 xxo Robin


Retreat Investment:

$975 all inclusive (except your travel!) based upon double occupancy. There are a limited number of single rooms available, + $100

Already know you want to be there?

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It's ok to want what you want and it doesn't make you bad or wrong

Frequently asked questions

What is the schedule?

The loose plan is as follows.
You can hold me to the times for sure – the program itself will shift a bit.

April 15: 4:30 – 9:30 Opening Circle, Dinner together, Special Sparkle Evening Celebration.

April 16:

8:00am – 12:30pm Gentle morning yoga, breakfast together, circle time, journey time, art + play time.
12:30 – 3:00 Break for lunch together, and then time for rest, sauna, wandering, art, journaling, time with friends.
3:00 – 5:00 Group sharing, sacred journey, dance + creation time.
6:00 – 9:30pm Dinner together, followed by a special sparkle evening celebration.

April 17:

8:00 – 12:00pm Gentle morning yoga, breakfast together, circle time, journey time, art + play time.
12:00 Lunch together followed by a closing ceremony.

For those catching flights, we will be done at 3pm on Sunday, please plan to stay for the goodbyes!
There will be plenty of time to pack up on Sunday before we finish.

Where is the retreat?

Still Meadow Retreat Center, Damascus, Oregon (30 minutes outside Portland center and PDX airport)

Who will be attending?

There is space for 21 women in our circle. Most of you are my personal clients, and students and friends from the Love Posse or you are friends of my friends – which I love! You will have an opportunity to meet everyone inside of our private Facebook group; this will be our space to meet and greet, connect, choose a roommate and organize travel, ask me questions.

What is the cost and what do I receive?

The retreat investment is $975 this covers your retreat, accommodations, all meals and snacks, and any sparkle magic I have planned for us.

What do I need to pack?

If I had my say, it’d be sweatpants and pajamas 😉 come casual, it’s all girls here. I promise you there will be NO strange rituals involving nudity. You will want to pack for Oregon weather – and have things for walking outside. There is going to be yoga offered, and we will have dance time too. Leave the Jane Fonda wear at home, we aren’t working out on this retreat.

How do I get there?

What airport do I fly into?


When should I be there?

Friday anytime between 1:00 and 3:00. (we will end Sunday at 3pm sharp)

Do I need a computer? 


Will there be WIFI?

Not really. This is a retreat center and we will be on retreat. There is some coverage at the place but it’s spotty.

Wondering about getting there? Here is the travel info you need.

About Still Meadow Retreat Center

Still Meadow is a sanctuary and setting for contemplation, group events and restorative experience combining the beauty of our rich old growth forest with leading edge experiential learning. We are dedicated to the evolution in consciousness and have been for over forty years with reverence for the earth and the sacredness of spirit in expression. Set on 60 acres of forest and meadow, with a year-round running creek, hiking trails and sauna, our lush setting provides a nurturing environment that inspires a deepening of experience.  Originally founded as an intentional community in 1976, Still Meadow later transitioned into a retreat and conference center. Event organizers and participants can immediately sense community atmosphere that has developed over the last 35 years

The Still Meadow sanctuary room is designed according to the proportions of sacred geometry. These proportions are found throughout all of nature, from the tree to the human body, to the solar system. Using these natural proportions has resulted in a space that both opens the individual and sustains the energy of a group in a remarkable way.

With its beautifully landscaped grounds, located in rural Damascus, Oregon, only a half hour from both downtown Portland and the Portland International Airport, the Still Meadow meeting facility offers a secluded and safe setting for retreats and workshops.

>> you can visit their website directly here

Our sacred space during our time together is called “The Sanctuary” and it was built with sacred geometry, using wood sourced from the property.

East wall of Sanctuary

Sanctuary Space located in Garden houseExterior of Sanctuary space / Garden houseMain lobby / Garden house

Why we gather by Robin Hallett

read a little more about our time together, and what calls us to gather together here

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