Hello, sweet friend! Here you will find my best videos to help you heal what is blocking your path and live the life you feel proud to claim. Video topics vary each week but all relate to helping you heal.

Most recently, I’ve shared about energy healing, body image, codependent relationships, chakra balancing, emotional freedom, and knowing whether or not you’re on the right spiritual path, and how to tell if you’re living your life right.

I hope what you find here inspires you and helps you on your path!

A little about me…

I’m Robin Hallett, an Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor in the Northwest Burbs of Chicago.

I help people all around the world get clear of the obstacles holding them back and living the life they feel proud to claim.

You are not the only one in the Universe who struggles, I’ve been there too. I won’t be preaching at you from some tight-butted mountaintop, I’ve got my own sweat equity to draw upon.

I eventually came to see that my own suffering stemmed from not accepting who I truly was. When we seek to perfect what was never broken in the first place we only harden the self-hatred on our insides.

What I learned along the way was that the real gold lies in seeing myself now, listening to myself now, loving and embracing who I am now. In our work together, I’ll challenge you to make that choice as well.

We will address what’s in the way so you can understand that what you always thought was wrong with you is actually what’s always been right with you.

I see people in my home in Arlington Heights, IL or online via Zoom. Interested in possibly working with me? Come over here.