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Learn to have a healing practice or other service-oriented business you feel proud to claim as your own.

Healing Practitioner e-course with Intuitive Healer and Teacher Robin Hallett

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“This is such a lovely course for anyone in a healing profession…for anyone at all, really. Robin Hallett is such a luminous soul and teacher. Here’s an opportunity to work with her!” –Molly Larkin, Life Coach, Writer, Mama

“I highly recommend this class for holistic healers such as reiki, energy healers, yoga instructors, masseuses etc. I participated in the series earlier this year and found it very illuminating. I’m going to take the class again because I love Robin and I enjoy her honest and intuitive approach to guiding her students and clients.” — Tammy J., Artist

The lessons in this course are like no other learning I have had anywhere, ever. Uncovering layer after layer, and being seen, held and supported all the way. Thank you, Robin.” Mary McConnell www.startherapies.co.uk

“I haven’t found this kind of personal/heart and soul content inside of other courses and that is what made it so useful in a very practical, very real sense. Thanks again Robin! So much love to you” –Angie M. Your Organized Guide

“Just spectacular Robin, I really enjoyed the class your videos, the insights, your cute birdy drawings, the poems, your honesty. Love and hugs x infinity”

“Over the course of the 6 weeks, Robin shared a video weekly that covered areas that were specific to those of us on our journey to be good Healers.  I was blown away at the first video!  My first impression was “WOW! This woman is so accessible and so real!”  I honestly don’t know when I’ve ever encountered a person with so much presence.  I could see all this love and light radiating from her eyes.  And her words also were full of so much love and support.” –Martha Montour, Writer, and Coach

In this course, you’ll learn how to rock your own healing practice — whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned healer, I’ll be sharing important tips from my own experience.

I’ll share with you my biggest successes and my worst mistakes as an Intuitive Healer.

My wish for you is to have a healing practice that is not only successful but serves the world in a way you feel good about – one that’s on-mission with your spirit and aligned with your purpose.

No slimy tactics here! You are going to learn to deeply honor your craft and calling and share this with the world in a way you feel good about

I am counting on you to get out there and shine and join me in helping others wake up.


love from the healers who’ve taken the course…

“I was introduced to Robin‘s site when a friend sent me a link to a blog post. I loved the post, I read other posts, and it felt like they were speaking my language and speaking to my heart. I felt at home like it resonated, and I signed up for the Practitioners Course. I’ve taken lots of other courses, from many other teachers and when I watched the first Practitioners course video I felt an immediate sense of yes! because it resonated (what was said, how it was said) so much.”

“It was great to connect with you again via the e-course, I wanted to say THANK YOU for your energy, time, thought, and personal care in putting that together. I definitely got a lot of value and many useful Robin tidbits! I found little nuggets from your course that helped me make a few more connections and ‘aha’s reminiscent of our earlier work together.” Dan

“I’ve been watching/rewatching your videos…you speak right to my heart Robin, you are warm and true, and tough when you need to be. I feel far more enlightened and clear about where I’m going and how I will get there, and what I need to do first, then next, to get there. I’ve loved having your voice in my head all day <3” Mary McConnell

“True story. Your videos make me cry in a good way. I am beyond grateful for this course this opportunity. What a beautiful gift. I feel so blessed for your offering. Xoxo”

“This was SUCH a wonderful course. I’m inspired by your big heart, Robin, and how much you shared with us. I’m happy to have been on this journey with you!” Angie Mattson Stegall

“This class is so special to me! I’ve learned, I’ve connected, I’ve opened myself up, had clarity and questions and joy but mostly love! Thank you so much!!!! I am sad it ended!”
“Thank you for this class. The videos are awesome and you give such excellent encouragement and I so appreciate your examples. So good. Thanks for being you. Big hugs and love.”

Learn to have a healing practice or other service-oriented business you feel proud to claim as your own. I’d love to have you join me!

“Dear Robin-light, Thank you for your loving and sincere message 🙂 I’m immensely glad for the chance to be at a place where I receive tangible guidance in doing my healing and growing work. It would be more than alright if life got easier 🙂 I’m very thankful for the sense of community and acceptance that comes from your Spirit Bubble and I do wish to be a part of it. I too feel the enhancement which comes with sharing practical knowledge and deeper wisdom in such a mindful and pragmatic way. Thank you for all you invest in your offerings!”

“I wanted to let you know… these lessons have helped me feel more comfortable about taking the step to offer my services to the public.” It’s been such a block for me, and the healing videos you offer have helped transform this. I did a short one video yesterday (and I offered a 1-card reading) and posted it on fb, my youtube channel, google+ … and although it felt scary, it didn’t feel *nearly* as scary as it once did. Thank you for helping me be more comfortable about video – and about letting myself be seen in that way.

“You mean a lot to me. This course has been so good for me. You were the reason why I had the courage to finally offer a course face to face in person with others. I had a huge phobia about that till I began your course. You have led me to a place of self compassion and appreciation towards myself and full forgiveness towards my mom too. Thank you. Love you very much. Xo”

“Dear Robin, I have been quietly receiving the gifts and the wisdom in each of the lessons. So much gratitude for this beautiful offering. The courage and growth I feel is wonderful. The lessons have prompted me to expand and reach out beyond my usual bubble and I feel truly blessed. Thank you Robin”

“You give me a sense that YES, I can do this too!”

“I just finished listening to Lesson 6. Wow! As always it was just as though you were speaking only to me! Even the point about asking a 6 month commitment from a prospective client resonated so much and helped me realize a key problem in why I’ve had a hard time moving forward with a client; I don’t want to ask people to commit! In the past 6 weeks of this fantastic course I feel more prepared to move forward in a way I have not before. I am eternally grateful to you Robin!”

“I am so excited for our upcoming session, I have been taking your Healing Practitioner course and it might sound silly but I keep saying WOW! I just know that we are going to do some magic and the work I do is going to help propel me out of the stuck place and into one of helping people, and being rewarded for it! I am sending love and sparkles and am receiving all your love and light!”

“Thank you so much for your graceful and gentle yet very powerful input in lesson #5, Robin. For me, this continuous awareness of breaking old limiting patterns came across very clearly, and I can see that it does require time to UNlearn tripping over them, left, right and centre *lol*. It needs a deliberate focus to move towards a clearing, an opening, and get a better-centred footing. I’m deeply appreciative of what you have shared with us and I’m letting it all sink in.”

“I am just so moved and even more grateful. My heart is full. I feel in my bones the invitation to stop holding that broken wing, to let that old stuff be healed. This feels so timely for me – right in time for the work I’m doing to heal and release the old hobbling beliefs and to step with fully-awake love into what I’m here to do.”

“I love that Robin invites us to step away from the baffling advice to “charge what you’re worth” and to instead simply charge for our time (and if you’ve been kicking around on the internet, you’ve heard this advice and scratched your head, wondering, “Why is that person worth $5000 a month? Why is that one worth $200? Who decides these things?”). Charging for our time turns out to be both deeply practical (what do I need to support myself?) and deeply spiritual (I trust that I’ll have what I need if I show up as I’m called to serve with love). There’s great subtlety and responsiveness in that approach, mutual honoring, and honestly.”

“One thing that really moves me in my own journey is the feeling of being trained and supported. This beautiful offering from Robin, coming along at exactly the right moment for me to to fully receive it, is a shining example of that. Thank you, dear Robin, for your radiant generosity, kindness, humor, and wisdom! I hope you know how much we all love and appreciate you – and also how the work you’re doing with us has such far-reaching and generative effects. I also see that other work opportunities keep flowing in just when I need them. It really does feel like my commitment is met with a corresponding commitment: do your thing, learn, receive, keep the channel open, and honestly, you’ll be OK. We’ll look after you.”

“I really needed the reminder that only loving thoughts are true. A few months ago I got a response to my monthly newsletter that stung: “Look at you, Fairy Queen,” wrote this woman, “wearing your shining cloak of Ambition.” Ouch. It took a while to metabolize that (and I know the writer and how much she longs to be sharing her own gifts). But my point is that statements like that can tempt me to draw back lest I be accused of ambition, capital A. Remembering that only loving thoughts are true invites me to meet a thought like that with blessing for both of us: may we both shine. May we both enchant and adore and dance and enjoy and flourish!”

“…of course there is always a good laugh in these lessons: “Take the squirrel off the bike.” Gigging into my smoothie! :)”

“I just want to say thank you so much for offering this, for sharing with us, for presenting this content and for all you do. I wrote the affirmations you gave to me, and it’s been fabulous to have them so clearly with me every day. Mostly I’m writing because I want to say thank you. Thank you, thank you. This has been wonderful and eye-opening for me, and has helped me do some much-needed shifting (and I’m sure the shifting is still evolving).”

“Robin you have changed the way I feel towards myself and yesterday at the festival I went to, I encouraged each woman to feel into her heart. The tears started rolling when they did this. It was beautiful to see and feel. And I could encourage them because since meeting you I do that with my affirmations each and every day throughout the day. The guidance from Robin is so powerful and nurturing and helpful beyond measure and words it feels at times. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!”

“Your program has been a wonderful balm for me as I’ve negotiated the last few weeks of my mother’s life. Thank you so much…I still have one to watch, but each one feels like you’re speaking right to me. Your presence is so loving and kind. I’ve very much enjoyed each one.”
“I am beyond grateful for you and your videos, I will be returning to them. I intend to build my business. I intend to give a voice to the powerhouse that lives inside of me. She wants to be heard. She is demanding a platform. And I am at long last ready to give her one. Thank you for your blessed presence in my life. For your acceptance of my quirkiness, my sarcasm, my off centered humor, and my bluntness. Thank you for sharing your gifts, so I could learn to share mine. Bowing in deep appreciation and reverence. Xoxo”

Robin your week 6 video spoke straight to me and my heart. Money stuff has always been something I have carried around with me – about charging and seeing myself as someone who could earn a wonderful sustainable living with my business is something I want to step in to. I have recognized through this course, that first I need to take myself seriously. Since starting this, I have booked these treatments, and am not stressing out about working all the hours. My connection to Great Spirit is returning, in little bits of lightness and I am doing what I can to nurture that. I am inviting money into my life in the way of clients. I can see that I am aligning more and I want that to continue. I started watching week 1 video again and will watch them all through again Robin as they have been so healing for me, insightful and genuinely loving. Thank you.”

“Robin! A heartfelt thank you for this beautiful course. Each video was a precious gift wrapped in your radiant presence. Not only was it inspiring, it was also entertaining. Your sweet straight to the point and say it like it is words made me giggle many a time. I love that about you. It felt like you were here with me having a chat over a cuppa. I’m still unsure where I’m going with my healing practice, but I trust that time will do its thing. I feel that the journey with you does not end here. Much, much love.”

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Learn to have a healing practice or other service oriented business you feel proud to claim as your own.

Healing Practitioner e course with Intuitive Healer and Teacher Robin Hallett

Access the Course >> HERE