Monday Meditation: Dreaming Big, Dragons and Well Done

dreaming big and calling in what you're manifesting

Hello beautiful Friend!

Today we’re talking about dreaming big and the dragons which show up trying to block the path. You calling in exactly what you’d love has everything to do with your ability to dream. You manifesting has everything to do with your ability imagine.

Imagine for a moment what it is you want to create in your life. It can be anything at all. Whatever the longings are, this meditation is powerful and helpful for all of us.

Close your eyes and go inside yourself and imagine what it is you’re wanting to create – it can be anything at all you want to call in. Use a deep breath and a soft belly as you see this. See the dream, the longing. See the issue. You may notice right away there is an obstacle that appears. Maybe it’s a worry or fear – some part of you which says, “This is stupid!” – know that this is your dragon which is blocking the entrance to the cave of knowing. Go ahead and see the dragon – say hello dragon, thank you, I am glad you showed up now and give the dragon some cookies and move forward into the cave.

Abundance Series

Imagine you enter into this cave of knowing, it’s a beautiful crystal cave. Sit down and let yourself know exactly what it is you are wanting. Deep breath. We don’t want to know the obstacle or the problem or the history of how it’s failed for you in the past—this is outside with the dragon. What would you love? What is it about this thing that you really feel excited about calling in? We’re looking for something very simple here: it’s a feeling, a vibe… maybe its one word. And when you have that word or feeling, make it bigger. One thing I know that’s behind this is you want to have a life you feel excited living, one you feel proud to claim, one where when you hit the pillow at night you feel a sense of ‘well done!’

We can pretend right now that we feel this sense of ‘well done!’ as we imagine what it is we are wanting and all of this can serve to give us information as to what needs to happen for you next. Watch your objections, watch the dragons… but all of this can serve to inform what needs to happen next. When I feel the sense of well done as I imagine my head hitting the pillow at night, this is what it looks like as I imagine the day happening. Let everything that wants to come to you to come to you… you can listen and receive this message again and again.

Dreaming big usually leads us to this place of contentment happiness ease and peace and repeatedly it requires us to ask the dragon to sit outside the cave. It just does. We all have this part that shows up trying to stop us from entering the cave of knowing.

I am sending you so much love, remember that your life is precious and beautiful – please let it be this way for you also!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist