It Is Okay to Be Enthusiastic Even If Nobody Celebrates With You // Tea With Robin Episode 75

On allowing the energy of enthusiasm to be present in our hearts and allowing our joy to flow.

Enthusiasm is a practice that helps us connect to and be guided by the highest light in our hearts.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler it Robin Hallett calm, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, how to be exuberant, and not worry if the world thinks you’re a weirdo. It’s time to let your freak flag fly and shine, regardless of what anybody else thinks does or says our inspiration today is from a favorite book, the abundance book, and we’ll have a letter from hashtag grateful heart. All this and more time grab a cup of yum yum, and meet me here. Well Hello beautiful friend. It is me Robin, your pal on this journey of love, and delight and sparkles and joy. Did they have to sound like a totally tear lady woowoo thing to say, well, that’s what we’re talking about today. Welcome to the podcast Welcome back. This is Episode 75. Hi. And if you’re new around these parts, welcome. It’s me, Robin, thanks so much for being here. So how are you today my friend and How is the weather in your heart, are you allowing yourself to be in your joy to find that place of your version of joy, you know, for me that is so many things. It doesn’t just mean skipping around or Goofy, are you allowing your joy to be here. I hope so, so much of the time I find that we are cluttering our heads with stories of just, they’re not important, you know. And so today, that’s my boat is we make a little space for our joy and delight and peace. And that’s what we’re going to talk about coming up over here it’s a beautiful day. It is snowing gently those feathery sparkly flakes. It’s a lavender gray day, we did have a few sunny spots in here, since I last talked to you so that was really nice. One of them happened on my birthday. Yes, and a birthday. February 3. It turned 51. It’s so awesome so excited to be, you know, be here and, yeah, be here in this year, celebrating the good, it’s really really wonderful. So, I’m doing really great. It’s a beautiful day out there and I’m so happy to be here with you woke up this morning. Really excited to talk to you today, and I love that feeling, there’s nothing for me there’s nothing better than that, than to be eagerly delighted about more, whatever is coming, and also satisfied, obviously right now. So big question the day is didja. Bring a couple young men got a lovely cup of yummy I’m here for me, Irish breakfast at sea salt stevia, and that touch of heavy whipping cream. So I’m raising my glass to you. Hope you have something yummy to tears. That’s hot. And I would like to say a special tears to our probably quite possibly our youngest member of this love posse to JC Allah. Hi JC on something you love and hug, and I’m tearing you sweetie. Cheers. And please say hi to your mama for me. So friends today. Here’s what we’re talking about. This is so funny thing this pulled up my phone to get to my notes. And this is not the notes that I was going to talk to you about but guess what it says. Joy is the answer. I swear to God I think my phone is in cahoots with spirit.

That is hilarious. Joy is the answer. And that’s the truth. So let’s talk about enthusiasm today, enthusiasm. If you ask me that word gets a bad rap. To me, this word is a description of the way it feels to be intentionally alive to intentionally channel energy of creation and creativity and inspiration. With you, and to decide, you are part of that flow. I was looking up this word because a lot of times I will just say spirit, what can I talk about today, tell me. And this was the word enthusiasm. I was sitting in the dark, laying in the dark I was laying in bed in the dark. And we will not discuss who was snoring. Next to me. Okay, but I was laying there, dark, just feeling that felt sense of enthusiasm. It started as a gentle tickling in my solar plexus, you know the way goosebumps sometimes begin and my legs, and it started rolling and I began to smile there in the dark just laying in the dark to singing. I love this. I love this. So, that was the only word talk about enthusiasm, and I was shown so many images of people I work with currently and in the past, situations that have happened and I gotta say that this would be if you’re somebody who’s interested in shortcutting your journey. In terms of the struggling and the suffering you do, and the upset you’re in and the complex you have practice a little enthusiasm. Today, practicing. Forget meditation to quiet your mind. Practice your enthusiasm. There are so many people who meet my enthusiasm with sarcasm or tempering down, or they’ll say, wow. We’re a little happy today aren’t we, you know, that kind of energy, and I get it, I have been there too. But you are not doing yourself a service. By doing that, by being choosing to be grumpy cat. sq this Grumpy Cat is, you’re not doing yourself any favors. So I was looking up the word enthusiasm and even the dictionary definition sounds like this is what crazy people do crazy people are enthusiastic and, really, this word has roots in Greek, all the way back, meaning you are a zealot for God. And so it was a derogatory word so I get, if we’ve got some energy against being enthusiastic. You know, religious fanaticism anyone, no thanks right so maybe there’s an energetic reason we don’t want to be enthusiastic who knows but I say who care, who care. Let’s jump in to our joy in our delight, trusting that anything we call in for ourselves anything we put our focus on anything we name or give words to or speak out loud. We are calling more of that to us. And so, if you don’t want more. I do not swear on this podcast, but you know what I want to say when I say shift. If you don’t want more of that. If you don’t want more of the carp. Then you’ve got to start calling in what you do want. And don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic to be happy to be lit up to be excited. You believe. I still get say that word but I love it. You believe I’m trying. You brilliant, to be jubilant, even if you’re the only one in the room,

one of my greatest practices and it has taken me a very long time because I was raised in a household for time before my parents, my stepdad and split with a very depressed stepfather very very depressed down dampened energy. And that’s probably where I began to learn to tone it down to dampen it down. So, the practice has been when I, when I’m around people who are tend to be down or they, they’re toning down their light, the sensation of hopelessness comes over me. And I can feel very heavy. And I have learned that you know I don’t need to overcome that or change it I just need to treat that like a signal to go into my joy to go into my light to remember that we’re all free we’re all free to be, you know, Debbie Downer, we’re all free to be bad luck slapbox to remember him. Oh, from flim sound. You know we’re all free. If that’s how we choose to spend their time. You’re free. And I’m free to not feel hopeless and down and I’m free to not spend Great googly gobs of time with you. you know, because I don’t mean you personally, I’m saying you like you know you. The other you. Okay. Because I have a feeling we would love to be together, hang out and share some tea and hang out, right. So, I don’t mean you personally, But it’s like you, you get to discern. How do you want this day to go. And if you choose the day in flow. Then enthusiasm is the way to go. Don’t mind if you’re the only one at the office, who’s smiling today. Don’t mind if you’re the one at the party who’s not birching about politics. Don’t give in to the tendency to complain, as a way of connection. You are a light sparkler, you are somebody who’s on that leading edge, everywhere you go. That’s why you loved to be here listening because we connect at that level. So, do not put yourself backwards. In an effort to connect or to be loyal to old stuff. Today is a new day. And you get to be in your joy. You get to love what you love. You’re allowed to be excited about all the things that excite you. And how would it be to smile and enjoy. Even if you do look like a fool. I am sure there are people who look to look at me that way but I also know that when sincerity is backing up that energy that that outward appearance and and that energy is so palpable. Most people it’s undeniable, you know like, eventually, they either go away because they can’t take it or eventually they come in Hello closer, which I love. It’s so great. You know I was telling you. Last week was my birthday. Are you singing happy birthday to me right now. Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear, Robin. Happy birthday to me, MTU Is it your birthday too. Happy birthday to you. So many fellow aquarians out there and happy birthday. This is your month. I was outside on my birthday I was standing in the grass, we had one day of sunshine and guess what they had happened on. Isn’t it cool.

And I was standing in the grass in the sun, just basking and just sometimes you know how it is where like all your memories hit you at once you remember, you realize where you’re standing like on your journey how far you’ve come. And how good it is to be you now, you probably have these moments as well you know where you’re like, Yes, I love my life. I love me. I love where I’m at. I’m so happy. Thank you, thank you. And you realize how far you’ve come, like how much of your journey you spent trying to get somewhere you never needed to go. We strive and strive and strive, none of that striving really brought me anything and I’m still here, feeling all of those beautiful things on such a deep level in my own way and it’s so good to be here today. And so I was standing in the grass and I was saying thank you. It’s wonderful. And what do I want this year to be about, truly, what do I want this year to be about for me. And I stood there breathing. Right there on the front lawn. Sometimes the neighbors are walking by. It kind of cracks me up. I just keep doing what I do. And I said, You know, I want this year for me to be about my joy to realize blessings to be in a state of love and grace, you know, to be an affirmation of all the things good, and lovely. According to me, according to me. Not according to the world. Not according to some expert. Some other guru who’s crunching it out there. Just for me. My own happiness. And who write them an Amazon truck pulled up. And the cutest guy. Can we say that the coolest guy, carrying a pile of birthday presents, which is so fun. Amazon guy comes up, biggest smile. I swear he had an aura around him and even was driving the white truck got off. There may have been harps, I’m not sure, but you know just have that vibe to him and he said to me. Hello, how are you on this Meg, like, I’m this fine beautiful day. Are you enjoying the sunshine, because Did I tell you, the only sunny day was that day. Like we’ve had a 15 day stretch of three days in Chicago. And I said yes I am and such a nice day. Wow, and and in inwardly as you often do you’re like oh my god this is so cool I was just standing here, affirming my year and I was saying I want more joy and blessings and you know picturing this and look at the guy comes in the band. So happy so joyful so loving says the exact words I was just saying, you know, that is the affirmation back to you from spirit, by the way. Let’s not call that cookie let’s just say, we could call it spooky. Because it is spooky good you know this is how it happens. It’s very, very, very normal stuff, it’s not. It’s not a cherub floating down from the sky, hitting you on the head with chocolates or something, it’s like that, the guy arrives, saying hello and he says the same words. So I said yes I am and, and it’s my birthday so it’s even better and I bet those are presents for me.

And he said, he put his hand on his heart and he said, Well, happy birthday. Something like he said. May you be blessed with joy in the coming year and I almost fell over, because you know, that’s literally what I was just saying. So I said, Thank you, I, I love that I will gratefully received and then I said, Give me a hug. Or can I give you a hug or something. There we were hugging hugging in the driveway, me and the cute Amazon man. Somewhere between us all these packages, but it was awesome. I mean that whole thing made my day. Isn’t that a fun story. It’s so great. You may have stories like that for me as well. And you might consider right now that that is an answer back to you from spirit, so full of love and light in doozy gasm, for you, enthusiasm for you. Another definition of that word is to have a belief in special revelations of spirit. And that’s exactly what that was a special revelation, you know, behold, here it is. So, again, I ask us why bother toning it down. Why bother answering in anything less than the joyful delight you truly feel. The next time somebody says, You look beautiful today or wishing you an awesome day, don’t answer with that, man. Wow. don’t do it. It’s easy to slip into that I know this is a complaining culture, this is a mean spirited culture in so many ways. I mean, you just have to turn on the TV you will find an example, I’m trying not to go there, but, you know, that doesn’t mean you have to be that way you know it’s okay to be the way you naturally are, and it’s okay to be that way without pushing off against anything else. Sometimes I see this where people will say everybody so crabby crabby. And that’s their choice but me, I’m gonna be enthusiastic. Just be enthusiastic. Don’t include the rest of that in your statement, because you bring all that energy with you. So if you talk about how everybody’s always fighting. But me, I’m enthusiastic, you know, guess what you’re getting with your enthusiasm. You know there’s some kind of resistance being built into that we can work on not driving the complaint further in. And the way we do that is by witnessing other people where they’re at. And just appreciating everybody’s free we’re all free to do as we feel we want to do. Just know that everything you’re saying, thinking uttering, you know, focusing on that you’re calling more of that in your including that in your energy field in the Bible it says let your yea be Yea, and your nay be Nay, you know, let’s be clear about it. Don’t let your Navy Yay, or your yea be May, you know, let’s just be sincere in who we are. And if you worry about people making fun of you, or teasing you. You know, this is the thing, let’s rip off that band aid let’s get through that layer, quickly, because there will be people out there that do that. And your interest in that unconsciously your worry is like being interested in it is only what draws it to you. Eventually people like that go away or stop you know they turn around they decide to learn from you they decide to be inspired by you or they go away. But if you’re in there, complaining about it worrying about it, triggering frittering away your time focusing on that. This is what what comes. So I’ve definitely had the person in my life who’s like wow you’re, you’re pretty excited about that aren’t you know with that sarcasm and that

sort of like telling you you’re not okay and you’re a bit weird and you’re not like all the other horses in the stable. But you’re a unicorn so it doesn’t really matter. And I answered that yes I am. I sure am, I love this. I even take it an extra step because I know I want to claim my delight, you know I do love this. It’s so much fun it’s so great, it’s whatever. And those are the people. It might be months later, it might be a year later, who will come to me with some kind of request or ask or compliment or comment. That’s like, I love your enthusiasm. I love the way you’re inspired. Let’s ask Robin she’s the one that knows about manifesting. I heard that not too long ago from somebody I thought would never even know what that word meant. So you staying the course of how you truly feel and who you truly are. It only brings so much more to you. And it how it helps other people to. It changes people on the journey and you know at some point on this journey you realize service is your calling. People ask me all the time what is my purpose why am I here. What am I meant to be doing, and you’re here to serve. You’re here to serve, and the sooner we come out of all the shenanigans You and I, we each get caught in these things I know but the sooner we realize I’m coming out. I want to be out I want to be free. The banner. Let your yea be Yea, and your may be May, you know, not the other mixture. It’s okay to be lit up and happy and excited, and you brilliant and jubilant. And if nobody else around you is that I’m here with you. I’m here riding with you. So you and I are in that together. Keep that in mind. And I bet you know at least one other person that’s interested in being lit up and smiley laying there in the dark excited for the day to start. You don’t have to begin with grumbles and stress. That’s a choice. It’s a decision, and you can make a new one in any moment. You get to choose differently. And so today, let’s choose that. Let’s choose to believe in the light of awareness of spirit of of revelation of spirit. Okay. That’s what I say. How many rhymes Did I make today, I don’t even know. So, it’s just part of my flow, apparently I can’t stop doing it. So, we better have some tea.

So good. Still so hot. So inspiration today. along those lines with me telling you, being enthusiastic and how we create and expand and call more to us from that place of light and joy. I was thinking about abundance, and in particular this little book called the abundance book by john Randolph price. If you do not own this. It’s one I recommend highly highly highly it’s the tiniest teeny his book. I believe you can get it on hoopla. One of those free library apps for free so you can just read it there. You don’t have to pay money to have it. I just heard that free app for free. Okay, so this is the coolest prayer. I may have told you this a while back, number one and I did the practices in the abundance book 40 days, 10 practices one a day for 40 days. And it’s the most beautiful gentle beautiful invitation to receive abundance and receive your worthiness to remember. You are blessed and loved, and wanted and welcome. And just to be mindful of. I am sewing what I’m reaping. And what I’m reaping I am so you know like this constant flow of energy maybe an infinity symbol of in an hour whatever I am putting out, I am getting back and the stories I tell you know I tell you this all the time we’re just creating from that place. Just a little side note about how cool this book is in the back of the book, there’s a little chapter called you are your own money there is a section there called controlled visualization, I thought it would be fun to just take you through this if you’re curious. You can look it up yourself. He tells a story that he sat down and he was like, you know, spirit. I am ready the last few episodes I’ve been telling you, we need to put our stories down. We need to make space for the grace that wants to flow in to allow ourselves to receive support from a power greater than ourselves. However, that is for you to open ourselves to more and to receive. And so he tells a story that one day he sits down and he’s like, you know, I invite the Spirit of God to think through me, and guide me direct to be. So, this I’m going to start reading this too Okay, here’s the answer that came to know that I am with you always. I am all you seek seek. Therefore, me. I am the spirit of the invisible and the visible. I am the substance behind all things. I am the energy of creation. Do as I say do, and all will be well, and then come to this direction through meditation, gain the consciousness of the planet fullness of spirit substance flowing from the center of your being, which I am constant bountiful force, without and embody the infinity, of that flow, and then release its fullness into the world to prosper, all, including yourself. See it C is a light stream, connecting you with all souls on Earth. See the light radiating from you. And in circling the globe. The light stream is now the bridge on which the visible supply will travel to you.

After the light connection is made between you and all the world. See that visible supply returning to you and waves of good rolling flowing to you from every direction. Back to the center that you are that I am. Let the waves and Gulf you then see yourself using the supply in peace, love and joy. The lightbridge must be continually supported with, and by love. Therefore, your thoughts, emotions, words and actions must be loving. So that’s a practice play at your mind of your own thoughts, tune to the energy, which you truly are. And you are beyond, beyond just a human being so tuned to that highest potential highest light however that feels right for you because if you make this your own. You are home free. And that’s it. We each have our own way of seeing and knowing this, so I cannot stress that enough. You see this, you see yourself as connected to that, that consciousness you remember that that’s who you are, a bountiful concept for without end. And you give yourself a moment to embody that it could just be a moment, it doesn’t have to be 98 minutes, standing on your head. On top of doing a full lotus position, no has nothing to do with any of that, because you’re already amazeballs connected. Source Energy right now, as is no change these required. And you basically invite that consciousness in, you know that you do the sync up and then you send it out you sent it out to the entire world. And you imagine, then this flow coming back to this flower connected to light and joy and love and delight and excitement and what is our word for today, enthusiasm. Wishing everyone well. And then of course, this energy boomerangs back to you as well. This is how we do it. And really, like I say his book is so beautiful and it’s literally this little one. It’s just like 79 pages can read it in an afternoon, and you’re free to not do the practices, I just wanted to share that beautiful visualization with you that just basically lunch tank up our hearts and minds with who we truly are and be of service in the world, find this light out and trust that as long as that’s what we’re doing what we receive back, we can only expect more sparkles more light more love It’s like the Amazon man will come and say the literal words to you because that’s really just your blessing the world in the world is blessing you you’re realizing the light of spirit and the light of spirit will recognize you. So, I hope you love that too. It’s just, you know, it’s just so beautiful to me, I could do. but you know me I could do this all day long. This is really my favorite thing. So, May that serve you. I hope you, I hope you love it. Let’s have another sip. Just purple water. So good. I love sparkling water too. And then there’s something so decadent about that. Huh. Okay, so today’s letter. This is, I think last week I read a message from Instagram and that’s what this is again this week. Thank you so much for sending me without you writing in friends, I would have nothing to share, which is not exactly true but I think it’s good to hear from you in every episode, too. So this letter, this note comes from you, Helen, and thank you again so much for being willing. This goes back to Episode 73 reaction distraction. Helen rights.

Reaction distraction, it’s so pertinent to where I’m at now. Thank you. I’m struggling with compulsive eating after about two years of huge freedom, using a weigh and measure sugar free plan with this bouncer in a 12 step fellowship in the last four, four to five months, I’ve lost my footing and started to eat sugar compulsively, and to put on weight, again, I’ve tried reaching out to fellow 12 steppers. I’ve tried to get back on my plan, but it hasn’t worked. What you spoke about rang true for me. My focus is increasingly on what I’m doing wrong, where I’m failing and not on gratitude for where I am, or even on the wonderful things that are going right. The gentle love that is in my life, the people, the places for spirit. So thank you again for your work and sharing it with us. Thank you for that Helen. I know, I know what you’re saying you follow this system, you follow this plan you recognize you’re powerless, I mean that’s a 12 step, we recognize we’re powerless to do this on our own, and then this thing goes and happens where something goes down you get back down to sugar a little bit. And it’s like, all of a sudden you’re this double whammy failure to yourself to the club you’ve joined so to speak to the group you’re in to the system, you belong to suddenly you’re this failure, and I mean no disrespect to the 12 steps, anywhere. There comes a time where there is a little more needed. It’s kind of like a system can no longer support us because we’ve done the work we’ve done the transformation and at certain point, there is a little more needed. There’s a bridge we’ve been building to God to spirit outside of this circle we’ve been that’s carried us and helped us and reminded us and we’ve stayed strong inside this circle and then one day poof. We’re beyond it. And that is a good thing. That is a thing to be celebrated but I know for a lot of us, it can feel like a failure. So you eat some sugar again. And then the mind says, you know, and this isn’t just for Helen This is for all of us. I have been here too. Oh my god I was doing so well. Now, look at me what happened. And just with that process of thinking and forgetting who we truly are we go into separation. We forget our connected place we forget that we’re already inside the kingdom of heaven. You know we’re already here, perfect and beautiful, and we’ve got this. Because we are this we are connected. So absolutely, the answer is always gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. I think I was telling you a few episodes before that about the body love somewhere in the 60s that I know all about locking yourself in the bathroom and bending on the donuts, you know, and what’s totally great. Yeah. But, you know, so on some level, could we just learned to say so what seriously, I ate some doughnuts in the bathroom. Should I go out and just like back myself over with the tractor now. Should I wear a hair shirt. My healer used to say Robin, the days of having to wear a hair shirt and beat yourself are over, you know, you don’t have to do it. You’re still awesome, you still beautiful still wonderful still the same sparkle nothing’s changed. So this when you feel like you have falling off. You know, keep in mind, this is not the end of the world, perhaps, it’s time to get on that bridge and go across it and find the next piece for your journey. Lot of us know what it feels like to outgrow something without realizing that’s what happened. And again no disrespect

you know anywhere to 12 steps or any kind of support system not at all what I’m saying. I’m saying, we’re still amazing, and what else could we be needing at this point, and Ellen. Nailed it. The one thing we need to do is, honor and recognize how good we are how okay we are. Let’s keep it in perspective, you know, and in every moment, you get a do over in every moment you can begin again. All we have to do is decide. That’s it, and agree let’s start be mean to ourselves. Let’s be kind. Let’s love ourselves like nobody ever has done, like all the stuff we’ve always wanted to hear from those people who couldn’t give it. Let’s do that for us now. And, you know, reach out to a power greater than you and just say help me remind me of who I truly am, you know, and this prosperity, sort of meditation that I was just sharing. We could be still and connect to the to that flowing, energy, connected that, find your peace and stillness, and nothing is lost, nothing is ever hopeless. You’re just finding a new moment to discover yourself again. Your truest heart. How loved you are how cherish you are exactly if you are eating sugar or not. People who fall off the wagon drinking or not people who, you know, can’t get their finances together or not. We are never ever. Without the love spirit without the love of the universe. The sun is still shining on you. So, yeah. Gratitude is where that Thank you, thank you for this awareness thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for this practice, thank you for the reminder. When we only focus on what’s wrong. It is that reaping and sowing thing you know i’m i’m putting this out and this design getting back and talk about gentle love in your life, you are. You are that for so many people. And don’t forget that, that we can always you know I have this too when I’m feeling a bit low or feeling a bit down or. I know we can we can be so hard on ourselves Me too I can feel bad about something I said or. There are days where it just feels more intense to be gentle in my own heart, and that those are the days where I say get out there and serve, and it helps me so much to shine a light for someone else to remember this is bigger than just me me me me me me, and.

So, I hope that helps, and I appreciate you sharing with me, and allowing me to share with all of us here. So honestly and openly and, you know, friends listening I hope this reminds you you’re never The only one you’re never alone. And we are so much closer and more connected than you might realize. So, yeah, friends if I can read your letter. It’s as simple as messaged me on Facebook, on Instagram, or email me Hello at Robin Hallett. COMM And there’s also a link in the, in the show notes or on the website to do that. I love to read your stuff your stuff. I want to read your stuff, you know what I mean. So that wraps up another awesome, amazing episode friends If you liked this if you felt good about what you heard, if you were helps today, I’d love you to help the podcast, share the light on share it with somebody you care about who you know will get this. Another way shed some light to the podcast that this energy. And this work in the world continues on to the perfect places it needs to go. That would be so beautiful to leave a review, press those five stars, and leave a review. And there’s even now, a Donate button in the show notes, and on my website if you want to support the work you know that would be amazing too. And I’m always so glad you’re receiving. Thank you for that. That’s another way that you serve the light by sharing on what you’re receiving here. So make sure you are sharing your heart sparkles with someone else. The dots you’re connecting share it on, you know, help somebody else out so they can shine brighter too, that’s so beautiful. Well friends, that wraps a gorgeous Episode 75. Wow. 75, I love it. I still remember the days I was like, I’m not sure, this thing’s gonna fly. And look at it now I can’t wait to get up and come and record. So good love to see that progression. So it’s Thursday night. Number one has been this off to play medieval Barbies with this friends. I think it’s Dungeons and Dragons tonight, actually. So I have the house to myself. I love it. I don’t know I was thinking about an Epsom salt bath, but every candle I could find, and then all the lights off, that sounds kind of cool to me. But we’ll see. There’s also a great series we’re watching on Netflix called Messiah. If you haven’t seen that wowzers. I’ll just leave you with that wowzers. And we’ve been enjoying the expanse if you like sci fi on Amazon so you never know there could be some popcorn and one of those in my future as well. So, this has been me Robin sparkle hurt palette and I’m going to see you here next episode next week or in a few minutes, and thank you so much love. See you next time. Bye.