We Are All Walking Together // Tea With Robin Episode 95

On the global events happening now, and the impact you may be feeling personally. Here is this opportunity for awakening… how do you want it to be for you?

In today’s episode, we’re going deeper inside ourselves and trusting that by staying on our journey and staying on track with our spiritual awakening, we are also impacting the world. The very work of waking up and being honest in our hearts is what helps us continue to make our way through.

This is your life and your experience… how do you want it to be?

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler Robin hallett.com, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, going deeper in staying on our journey, staying on track with our spiritual awakening, waking up being honest in our hearts, all of which is what helps us

continue to make our way through this time,

our inspiration, a complete


And we’ll have a letter from hashtag, the weight of the world. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

Well hello gorgeous friend, it’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin, this is Episode 95. Hi.


How are you today my friend. How is the weather in your heart. You know, I really hope that this podcast offer something to you in terms of solace, and a hug. And so much love and support and encouragement and just a big. We’re in this together. We’re staying awake. Together, we’re here together, and we are going to make it through together. So I really hope that however you are today that the weather in your heart is okay that you’re being kind and gentle with yourself and choosing to stay true to you. Be kind to you, love you, you know, choose you choose you love you be with you remember you, and keep showing up. I really hope that’s how you are over here. I’m in my office for change the weather is cool enough it has been very cool here and breezy, so I can be upstairs and I have the window open, it’s a little bit rainy, you might hear the birds singing. I even lit a candle for us today, and the weather in my heart is good. I’ve been telling friends. I do feel like I’m on the gravitron, which was not my favorite ride. As a kid, but at the carnival. It’s that one where you stand up. You’re all standing together in a circle and your back is against this wall and then the ride starts to spin and it creates the sense of gravity this centrifugal force. Do you know this ride and then it begins to lift off the ground and I remember as a kid it was very fun you put your knees up and laugh how you couldn’t get you get your arm up but then you couldn’t get it down and the sensation is being very heavily weighted and lately that is how I’m feeling like I’m so heavy. I’m so grounded or I’m so weighted. And I’m not talking about upset at all I’m talking about my physical body feel so heavy that I just am very still. I don’t know what else to do I have taken some bike rides and things and, but I’ve been in this place where I’m just very still. I’m feeling very heavy. Maybe that sounds very very weird, maybe you can totally relate. These are wild times. Every week, I come here and like more things have happened. We have more discoveries more awakenings around the world, especially in our, in the Black Lives Matter movement with our brothers and sisters as we’re awakening and witnessing more and more things happening, and more is on Earth, more is revealed more truths are being shared more people are coming forward. There’s a lot here, and I wonder if. Sometimes it feels like you, you don’t even want to look or know because it’s already one too many things that sometimes how I feel. So, I have been in a place of prayer, a lot of prayer, a lot of contemplative prayer, studying the things that helped me, I’m showing up every morning, offering morning magic live to friends. And you are wholeheartedly invited. You can find the information below and always join me on instagram the replays and everything, YouTube, It’s there. This is a time of such awakening and change, I’m. I guess I’m just feeling that very very deeply and the love is here. The hugs are here the Spirit, the Spirit. The spiritual support is here, and it feels to me that even though there are a lot of intense things happening. And there are, let’s not be I mean just everywhere, and globally everywhere. We’re moving through something at a warp speed.

So we’re doing something, it feels in a very, it’s about time I know, but it’s in a very fast pace and so you might be feeling like you know the paint is peeling off peeling off like things are coming apart. The wheels are falling off this thing. But we are being guided, we are being assisted we are being carried and never forget. Never forget never forget. That’s what’s going on. So, yeah, feeling kind of heavy and kind of weighted here but also the weather in my heart is good, really, truly. So did you bring a cup of yum yum with you today. I have some Earl Grey tea. jeffy and I, number one, husband, we just had a yummy breakfast together and I still have some tea in my mug with fried eggs, and some sourdough fry bread that I make from, like I’ve been growing my own sourdough starter. I guess you call it very yummy, but I haven’t baked one loaf of bread, at all. All I do is fry up the starter. As you feed it. You have to keep feeding your sourdough starter so I pour some off like a pancake and it comes out like a beautiful flatbread. So we had that and this yummy cup of tea here. So, what are we going to Cheers. You know, here’s to our awakening Here’s to the journey. Here’s to transformation here’s to global shifts and change and greater connectivity, all around the world. Cheers.

And speaking of greater connectivity, all around the world. I’ve been looking at this giant dust storm that’s heading across the Atlantic now, it’s amazing it’s minerals from the Sahara, making their way, it’s already made landfall here. How amazing is that that dust from the Sahara, traveling on the trade winds. I read an article in The Atlantic that said it was something like almost 700,000 semi trucks full of dust coming and. Wow, a great migration of minerals, making their way. Usually this lands in the ocean and, but this is kind of an unusual historic amount of dust. So, even that, you know, I think they said something like 50 or 60 years they haven’t seen this happen. Don’t underestimate the amount of shift. I said shift that’s happening now, and how you may be being impacted doesn’t have to be a bad thing. How can you use this time to go deeper, personally, because your personal work, your deep diving, your choices your transformation affects change upon the world, which is a beautiful thing. If we’re going deeper, if we are indeed in a healing, a global healing mind, heart set. And I do believe we are, I do feel that we are what’s here for you now to go beyond to go deeper with what is it that you need to be doing now. Such a good question, because, you know, this is your life. This is your experience. How do you want it to be. We’re in this period of. Maybe you call it awakening, maybe you call it unrest, maybe you call it, swirling changing unknown territory. I say it’s all of that and more. How do you want it to be for you. There’s this temptation to be the small one waiting for God to make God’s move, and let you know what you’re supposed to be doing, you know, I really get that. But the thing is that what’s going to get you through now is a strongly aligned intention to know yourself and to know what you’re doing to know what you’re here to do, to know what your journey is about the intensity of this time it’s unprecedented in my lifetime anyway, I mean I can remember lots of things for sure. But this is just such a time where it’s like the global awakening that’s happening the amount of people. Waking up doing their work, the language we have in common, in terms of trauma, and healing and choosing and consciousness, and you know I’m saying it’s unprecedented. And it is like we’re being turned upside down and things are just shaking out. You know this is this time where it’s time to step in step beyond go past where you normally let yourself, kind of languish. It’s a time to keep asking these questions of yourself. What do you want, what are you for what are you about what matters to you. Have you noticed that there are things situations. People conversations frustrations you’ve been having that continue to repeat themselves they keep presenting themselves. Familiar pockets. You seem to be encountering now. How are you, what’s happening for you. It’s this time, where it might sound trite but you are going to the next level you are leveling up now and you can’t do it carrying all your baggage. Some of you’ve been telling me you’re, you’re having to speak frank with people like you never have before and it’s been uncomfortable.

We really want to help ourselves out of those places where life can feel really sucky. It sucks it all sucks. It’s scary it’s uncertain, we don’t know what the heck’s gonna happen. How much worse Can this be that kind of thing. We want to help ourselves out of those stories. When I’m experiencing that energy and I do, I definitely most definitely do. It’s because I’ve been allowing my mental shenanigans to play out. I’ve been allowing the sucky stories to rule, I’ve been allowing myself to get drawn in allowing myself to be led around by the nose by sensational words sensational photos sensational heartstrings, all that kind of stuff but that’s on me. And I have to help myself out of that place sometimes by the hour sometimes by the minute. I let the sucky thoughts rule. And that’s why. That’s why they do more and more I see it so clearly as I claim kind of like saying I take responsibility for my journey. I take responsibility for my thinking, and my attention. And my choices. And more and more I see that I have the power to ride in the basement to ride in the dark disco to play there. To keep insisting, everything’s going to hell, the world as we know it is going to hell, kind of a thing. And the future is very uncertain. I can choose that and that’s a very low level energy, and I noticed then I attract more and more and more of it to me it’s like I just start seeing it everywhere, all I see is that, and I draw it to me, and I think that is how it is as creators as powerful manifester is what we focus on expands. And so, you know, it’s not like I can unseat the Sahara and dust storm, for example, I can unseat people being murdered in the, in the streets and no justice for our friends, I can’t unseat our American president at the rallies and unhear the things he has been saying. But I choose the perspective, I choose the way I’m coming at that. And

fear, and the dire stories fear towels, only has that access to me when I give it access to me when I give it the VIP pass to my awareness to my conscious awareness that that’s how it has hold of me. I allow it. So you can say, Yeah, but this stuff is going on in the world and it’s just terrible and I can’t help it and it’s just scary and everywhere I look it’s just bad. Yes, but you are the conscious creator of your experience. And the dire stories are horrible because we say they are, how are we going to walk in these times. How are we going to reorient ourselves in this time support ourselves in this time, and keep going because that’s what’s before us. You know, the situation with COVID. It was a big, it still is a big conditioner, helping us to release our resistance, helping us to soften and over the weeks and months of being home, and social distancing. I wonder if you feel that that’s happened for you that there’s a way that you are calmer and Stiller you know more still and more open. There’s a quietness, a quiet presence in your heart now that has probably always been there but now is allowed to be there, you know. So there’s this way this feeling.

So, that’s you. And that’s who you truly are. And so, this time we’re in now is the next phase you know how COVID in my town they’re calling it phase four right now as the restaurants are reopening and some movie theaters and while we’re in different phases with our transformation as well and we’re really moving through some powerful things now. There are parts of you waking up and aligning. I bet you would be nodding along when I say you’re realer than you’ve ever been real, You’re more true and alive and awake and real than ever before. The superficial pleasantries are not as easy to do anymore. You know, it’s just real. There’s a real Miss here. I feel it. I noticed that I see it to a person that I talked to in sessions, my friends, our love posse that gathers every morning at morning magic. There’s a deepening and an awakening happening, and I want to remind you of that, that you’re doing this and you’re getting through this and you are not the dark upsetting thoughts. It’s like a bird party out there somewhere. You are not the dark upsetting thoughts, you might be having some. But you need to bump yourself back in to the light and how do you do that, you’re not the dark upsetting thoughts. You are the light shining through them. And it is so it’s vital that you light yourself tuned to these places in you, the light. turn to the light filled one. Stay with the light build one. No, this is not you being a Pollyanna or some kind of ostrich pretending nothing’s happening. This is what it’s going to take to get through to stay strongly connected to who you truly are. Start you come from starstuff, you are a spark of the Divine You are God. As you in this lifetime. The separation is not going to help you. Not being connected to that not having a practice now is, is not going to help you. You have to remember who you are as you make your way. As you’re having conversations that are uncomfortable. As you’re living experiences as you’re witnessing things in the world that are hard to see that light filled one in you is a it’s required now, you need to have access to this one in you. That’s how you bump yourself back into the light. You stay practicing and remembering that you are light. We need friends who are like that as well and I certainly hope that this podcast, this time every week with with me, can serve as that for you as well, and other places and friends, I really do hope that you have some friends who are awake and practicing with you now. It’s not enough for us to turn off the TV. Because it’s everywhere, this awareness that the world needs to wake up and us to, you know, there’s no more hiding. I have to face it. And actually, I believe that that’s what we want to do. We want to be alive and awake. Each of us has a something asking to be seen and witnessed and revealed. Don’t be afraid to look a little deeper. Spend some time alone on your own. I can’t say that enough spend some time alone. Last week I told you I went to the beach for the day.

I’ve been taking some solo bike rides, just slow and leisurely bike rides digging in the garden, you know, what can you do to have access to your own heart. Help yourself, especially if you’re somebody who really gets freaked out with too much alone time, and you need to be distracted. That’s, you’re not bad or wrong. If that’s your experience but give yourself some increments of time then where you can practice. Just 10 minutes of puttering or 10 minutes of making art or something to help yourself get more access to the deeper wider light alive in you now, because it’s necessary. It’s necessary because there is so much suffering happening and it’s reverberating around the globe, and it’s reverberating inside of us as well. And it’s lighting parts of us up. And if you ask me we’re not always clear about what’s going on, we’re feeling this having this or this weighted eveness, or this gravity. And we’re not always clear. And so there’s a tendency to get stuck in the suffering. You know, so this waking up thing is so important, because you are not the suffering. I need to know and you need to know this. You are the observer. You are the thinker behind the thoughts, you’re the observer watching the play. And all of this is a play. It’s such an important distinction, realizing you’re the one watching it all means you’re in control. When you’re just in the experience as the suffering self, the one who’s just freaking out about the world and your personal life and the state of the future and all of that. You’re powerless. Aren’t you. You’re powerless.

When you remember your enlightened self, the one who’s connected to God. Now you have choices. You can choose to let the upset, be here. Or let it go. You can choose to say stop. If you know I tell you I put the finger up, stop it. Knock it off.

You get to decide how you want this to be. You’re in control. And no it doesn’t feel easy.

And yes, there’s uncertainty. But also, God exists in the unknown. This is something I posted recently and maybe I’ll read you this quote. God exists in the unknown.

And I can’t tell you what should matter to you now. But that really makes a difference for me that there is a cosmic force there is a benevolent force there is an intelligent force at play here at work here. And I can claim to my old stories and I can claim to my beliefs that are just basically thoughts I’ve thought for a very long time that’s all a belief really is. It’s just a thought I’ve continued to think, or I can allow myself to trust that there is an intelligence here, there, there is support. There is assistance, there is love, we are surrounded by it. And it requires going with that requires our letting go. Can we let go. Can we let go, instead of holding this thing up by our own two hands or clinging as tightly as we can. Can we let go.

You get to decide how it’s going to be and I what I know about that for me is that it would deciding how it’s going to be means, it gets to be good. It gets to be miraculous change gets to happen. wrongs become righted, you know, what’s been hidden in the darkness gets addressed and healed revealed and healed. Those are all miracles. So don’t forget that. Now as always knew this moment now if I can be in the now not be lost in my head. In my history in my fear in my dread. Who did I just find that miracles can happen. Love is here. Of course in miracles says love created me like itself. You are love in a body. And I bought we allow ourselves to live in that effortless place of awakened, love, it can be fierce. I’m not talking about romantic love you know I’m talking about the energy of light and truth, the way,

the PAP love.

So more of that today I vote. So let’s have a little more tea.

So inspiration today. I’d like to call this the one ad. The one ad. Very simply put, if you’re catching yourself in your fear based thinking if you’re realizing. I’m getting worked up here I’m getting upset I’m getting annoyed I’m feeling testy. I’m scared. I’m afraid. Maybe you start beating up on yourself occasionally I know a lot of friends will talk to me about how they’re very hard on themselves about the things they’re feeling they’re judging themselves kind of just mercilessly you know ashamed about past mistakes. There’s so much time to reflect right now. It’s so easy to be hard on yourself. It’s so easy to be unkind. So if you’re, to the point where you’re recognizing that that’s happening, you’re not just lost in the experience of that. You’re like, in there going wow I’m really being hard on myself or sometimes I can pre. How do you say it pre sense myself being testy before it comes out kind of bitchy cranky before it even starts to come out. If you’re to that point, then we can play with what I just called the one ad. Turn it around. Practice seeing what’s truer. So say you’re about to snap, same thing is happening that person is there or your kid is there or whatever is going on and you’re about to snap. And you pre sense it, I’m about to snap. Put the one ad on do the exact opposite and see if it’s true or truer. If it feels just as true or even truer to yourself.

And you might think, oh, if I’m gonna snap that means I have to be nice, that’s not necessarily it. Just be real. Just be honest.

If you’re judging yourself if you’re having thoughts about how sometimes people will say to me, I’ve wasted the last five years of my life in this relationship, or I’m, you know I’m out of work now and all this, all this hard work I’ve put in and now I’ve been let go because of COVID and now what do I have and you know these fears we have about not having the right earthly credentials. Turn it around, do a 180 on that. To help yourself. You could be saying, Wow, it’s so interesting how what I’m really upset about is having my security net my perceived security net taken away. I can’t I don’t I can’t count on being safe now because I don’t have a job at this same old job I had like that we could try these things. You know, stop and tell yourself that clinging to what was and lamenting what was just aligns that all poopy energy to you. There’s a whole world. Transforming right now and so many beautiful possibilities are coming into being. We just don’t know, stay open to the turnaround the 180 stay open to the flip flipping the script and see if it feels even truer, anything is possible. Anything is possible. Be honest with yourself Why am I going around gloom and doom. What am I getting out of doing that. Do I want

the security of clinging to an old job just to make myself feel safe, or do I want to practice something bigger and be open to something new and possibly more exciting than I’ve ever ever considered before. That’s the one ad. It’s like when the same old same old presents itself to you. Instead of responding in the same old same old try something new. See what you can do. It’s all rhyming here, see what you can do to bring something new. Now, the ultimate one ad. I was saying to you earlier that I made this. I posted this on Instagram too. I’ll link this up in our show notes if you go to Robin Hallett comm slash 95, you’ll find it there, Paul Selig at a workshop recently channeled this message, God exists in the unknown. Our fear of the unknown. Ultimately, means we deny the presence of God we deny that possible if God is like possibility or miracles or God is love or God is, let’s say if God is a miracle. If God is change if God is transformation the energy of that. When we’re afraid of what we don’t understand what we’re clinging to is the fear. And by doing that we’re saying, change can’t happen. Transformation isn’t real. Love does not exist. Does that make sense. We’re saying that denial, US denying God, because we’re afraid because we’re sure of our version of what’s going on. We’re going to be stuck there, friends, we’re going to get stuck there, nothing is going to change. So, to allow ourselves to say, God is in the unknown, I don’t know. But God is in the unknown possibility exists miracles exist. Transform transformation is possible, there is a way. There is a way. The teaching when I’m to say, if we can get that we’ve been denying God when we’ve been afraid, just by being fearful or, you know sure of our version of reality that’s another way of saying fearful, we’ve been denying the love, the truth, the way we’ve been denying the miracles, we’ve been denying the transformation that’s been right here all along. And it doesn’t mean we’re bad, doesn’t mean we’re dumb doesn’t mean we’re wrong, it just means we’re in denial. That’s all it means. The one ad is just to see it very honestly, turn it around and see. Oh, yeah. Being afraid clinging to my version of reality is being in denial that a miracle could exist. Being in denial that there could be a better way. Isn’t that good. I feel good when I consider it that way, even though it’s, I don’t like seeing this about myself sometimes there’s another way. So if we can apply the one ad apply this flip and say God is in all things. So God is in the unknown. So when I’m afraid of the unknown. If I could remind myself that God is there, God is there, then that means I can witness God. I can remember God in the unknown. And that means, now I’m claiming faith. I’m having faith. I’m having faith that something can be different I’m having faith that true change true transformation into something better than I can even imagine right now can happen. So we can say, you know, to stay in our fear means we’re keeping saying the worst is yet to come. It’s not gonna get any better. That’s us saying, God doesn’t exist. I know why it exists, I know what’s right. I know what’s what. And it’s the worst is yet to come, kind of a thing.

So, my encouragement, is to play I hope this made some sense here to play with the 180, apply the turnaround wherever you can. If you’re feeling upset with yourself. If you’re feeling afraid. How can I turn this around and remember possibility exists here to change exists. Miracles exist in the unknown, let me not know so fiercely. What I always think I know about everything. Let me stay open. Let me stay open. In this unknown territory. And something he pointed out powerfully in his workshop and hope I can do it justice here is, as we see this world that seems like it is going crazy, on, on so many levels. There’s disruption, and chaos unfolding, and it’s. There’s a level of intensity. You know there’s days you just don’t know what’s going to happen next, you wake up and you feel the heaviness again to see that God is in this mix to see that God is in these details to see that God is. And whatever you mean for God. You know, I should have said that at the start of course but if you’re here you know I say that all the time spirit. The Elegant Universe however you want to call it God, to see that there’s energy at play here that is intentional and bringing something forward to a new reality a new transformed world where we recognize each other as brother, as fellow sparklers of the heart, you know, where there is equality where there is a global citizenship or global allegiance or something you know a new world we can’t quite grasp right now. You know perceive what’s happening now, the disruption in the gas, God is in that mix. And it is not necessarily horrible and dark. It’s transformation, its birth ever been to a birth me die elaborate, and the old way is being released. It’s being let go. And what’s beneath all things is that one note of the universe. The Love is there, the miracles are there. God is there. So, you know, that’s the ultimate one ad. Right there. Change is going to come how’s it going to come, you know, things have to change. I hope that helped you. I encourage you to look into the work of Paul Selig, and the guides. I’ve been really enjoying a renewed study with him with the materials, since COVID began, and I mean I’ve been studying his work all along. Since his first book I am the word came out. Maybe 2012, but it is especially now. You know, I just don’t know how we come through these times without a practice of remembrance of this light, you know, it’s not enough to just tune out now you can’t get through it, tuning out the pain body is too loud. Now, the global pain body and your personal pain body is just too dang loud. So, May that serve you today. So friends before I share today’s letter. I’m wondering if you would help share this love on.

There are a number of ways to support this work. One is, of course, apply it in your own life, in your own heart. Take what I’m sharing and let it do you, as I like to say sometimes let it change you let it transform you. Let it help you let it support you. Another way is to help a friend, you know, make some of these moves with somebody, you regularly talk to. You don’t need to teach them I think it comes through you learning that you do the teaching you change yourself you transform and you help others. If there’s an opportunity to share this love, please do that, if you see me share this online somewhere or you get the newsletter, and you can forward this on to a friend. You know would be helped in this time, I thank you so much for that. Or leave a review and always I welcome your support in terms of buying a course buying a cute mug with my artwork on it and making a donation. I thank you so so much for that sometimes I am here feeling like I’m asking for a handout, and that’s not it. If you want to do something in exchange for what you’re receiving, I appreciate that. But the biggest thing is to let this love to you and change you. Because you matter, and you matter to me. So, let’s have some more tea. And I have a great letter for you this week. Thank you friends who’ve been answering the call for letters. I always need more. And if you would like to share one, have some light and inspiration. offered on your behalf and for everyone to enjoy. My email address is Hello at Robin Hallett calm can always use the show notes here there’s a link to go to the website if you would prefer that as well. So, this letter comes from Sarah. It’s a follow up, touching letter from another episode. Hi, Robin. I did Episode 93. Remember Episode 93, all those weeks ago, so many three weeks ago, welcoming in lingua franca, and hashtag, it’s okay not to be okay. And Sarah writes Hi, Robin. I just spent the morning at the beach and listened to the new episode on the drive there and back. The story of 12 year old Robin had me in tears. Thank you for sharing such a vulnerable story and being such a raw and pure example of how to be in the healing that kind of heartbreak. I also felt like I could have written the letter that you read so relatable. The world is shifting so rapidly, and the weight and pull of it all is truly exhausting. I’m glad I cried because I think I needed to. I’ve been feeling so many things that can’t necessarily be named, which makes it really hard to know what kind of care they need. Thank you for always being a lighthouse when things feel a little dark, love, Sarah. Thank you Sarah. Thank you for that kindness, thank you for the sweetness and for your honesty. It’s amazing what a big story that really was for me, and I still marvel at how it just all tumbled out I shared it on a live as well, that week. This is the story of getting beat up, when I was a little girl and running home to my mother for help and my mom basically pushing me out the door and locking it behind me because she was just so done so done so tired of having to be probably in charge, having to listen to it, I don’t know, you know,

and I’ve had this whole lifetime of healing from stuff like that. And it’s amazing to realize how you’d never really done. There’s such an urge and that really feels like this time to me there’s such an urge to be able to shut it down close it down. Just decide I’m, you know like, I’m gonna end like COVID is over for me I’m just gonna go back to the way everything used to be. That’s it, I’m done. And, you know, no, we can’t push this thing we can’t force this thing. It’s an energy moving its way through, through now transformation is happening and in so many ways. I keep saying with the analogy of labor or giving birth. We only know what’s happening. And at some point, something’s coming out. And we don’t know you know we don’t have a lot of control over a lot of what’s going on and it does make us feel vulnerable and powerless, in some ways, and so, yeah, you know the world is shifting so rapidly and the weight of it all can be exhausting and this is why. On the one hand, you’ve got to have your morning. Morning care yourself care your rituals, your practices, your policies and yourself love, it’s got to be really in play now and you have to be fierce with it. You have to be fierce with it. I’m thinking about this course in miracles line, my. Well, I’ll just paraphrase it. Where we are protected is by remembering the truest truth. and that is, we’re sparks of the Divine. This is what I tell myself, you know, and this might not be a comfort for everyone. There are so many things happening. But the certainty comes from knowing who you really are and practicing that Pema chodron talks about groundlessness being the only safety. Learning to practice. Where are you home, you belong to yourself you’re one with God. We are going to do so much better with a practice that is helping us appreciate and sync up with spirit. Every day, every day. And this comes from Paul Selig and the guides again to take time to say to yourself, you know I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth, and I know how I serve in truth, I am free. I am free. I am free. And what that is really talking about is, I’m a spark of the Divine and how I serve best is by knowing that holding that realigning to that, and serving from there. Helping people from that place, that’s exactly what this podcast is about, and you know it’s frightening, some of the changes, but who is frightened it’s a little self it’s a small self, or. Yeah, like I was saying on that episode you mentioned, talking about seeing all the violence happening and remembering that time that I was beaten up. I ran for help and I was beaten up. Instead of protected, every time we watch more cases in the news and. Something is also reactivated in the body something you’ve gone through personally gets reactivated in the body and can we be with that and acknowledge that and let the vibration. Let the energy loose and and release. This is how we do the healing for ourselves and also in the world and I gotta say. So, a lot of it feels unpleasant, it’s unpleasant feeling. I don’t want to be here talking about it in a way because I don’t want to seem like a downer. But you know what, that’s exactly the problem, not talking about things gets us in trouble. So, I’m going to talk about it, I’m going to share about it because I care about that helping you and helping me with the weight of the world, that is on us the weight

and encouraging us to cry when we need to. And you mentioned the letter it’s okay to not be okay. You know, our friend who was wondering why am I so snappy Why am I snippy Why do I, I’m doing all these practices and it’s almost like nothing’s really working because at some point we have to allow ourselves to be allow ourselves to breathe, allow ourselves to matter as much as, if not more than everyone else around us. So, you know, for whatever this is worth, you know, hang in there with yourself. I also really appreciate the love you offer back to me. And I really appreciated the hug. These are wild and wooly times we’ve not really been the year before but you hang in there with yourself, and every day you are new, and one step closer to your spirit self. And it’s okay to want things for your life and keep navigating that those two spectrums keep navigating that it’s perfectly okay to want a life that’s lovely. As you continue to make your way. So stay focus there, and I love that you go to the beach and make time for yourself. That’s really, that’s the key now more time for you. In this time, especially if you’ve been feeling afraid or stressed out, it’s so key I can’t even begin to describe how key that is. Take good care of you and thank you, Sara, lots of lots of love. Well friends, yes if you have a letter you’d like to share. You know what to do. I’d love to shine the light, or just expand the conversation a little bit. Well, it’s Friday. I have a lovely zoom date planned with a friend of mine, somebody, I look forward to talking to and seeing, and it’s so nice. If you have a friend right now who adds to the ambiance in your heart, adds to the sparkles. Hang Hang tight and make sure you’re spending time together, so important. And, you know, remember to take good care of you in these times, and cut yourself some slack. You know, it’s okay. If, at times, you find that you’re a little bit checked out more than usual. It’s alright, be easy on yourself okay and never forget that the love is viral too. There may be lots and lots of things, sand, dust, virus. You know, all the news. In the Black Lives Matter movement, the trans Lives Matter, you know, all the rights matter there’s so much happening. But don’t forget Love is the love is viral to. And God is in the mix. So, this has been me Robin, God is in the mix Hallett, that is a wrap for Episode 95, I’m sending you so much love and I’m going to see you here next time, or in a few minutes. Bye bye

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