Epic dreams cannot flourish in an unwelcome environment.

Love Sheriff and Darth Birdie

You are NOT a loser. I don’t care what your dark side says.

You are here to do something important. The dreams you have for your life are good ones.

Epic dreams cannot flourish in an unwelcome environment.

So if you really want to do something epic with your life, you’ll need to embrace your fear with love.

If you don’t deal with what’s on the inside, you’ll share a stinky message on the outside.

It’s like that because we’re sharing it from a place that’s 40% unaddressed stuff and 60% power, guts and push.

We need to pluck the judging, condemning thoughts…the criticizing ones which over-perfect us to the point of being crippled beyond measure.

Our dreams don’t die, but they do get buried.

Underneath the layers of stories and hurts, they make us somewhat awkward on the outside.

When we’re awkward, we’re out of alignment with what it is we are HERE to do.

You have a light to shine in the world, a message that only you can deliver.

And the only way you will truly flourish in your life is by honoring not just that message but all of yourself. That means you gotta deal. So deal with the stuff.

Don’t just bring your bravado. Bring all of you to the stage of your life.