How to Manifest Everything You Want

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On how to manifest everything you want by paying attention to what you’re putting out or, how to take your amazing life by the reigns and live like the unicorn you truly are 🙂 This is what we are talking about today, sweet friend! Sometimes friends in the Love Posse will write to me looking for support. They’ll speak to their fears around not finding or doing meaningful work, or they’ll tell me their money stories, or it’s a product launch they’re crossing their fingers and hoping for the best… …Read More »

How to Get Through the Holidays Without the Bitter Pills (with video)

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HI sweet Friends, I am sending so much love your way right now. It takes a lot of courage to be on this journey of awakening and I really appreciate that you are doing the work! My healing sessions with many here in our Love Posse have been about the bitter pill we try and swallow around this time of year. (I’d describe a bitter pill as anything unpleasant we feel unable to change) Some of us have repetitive stories about the holidays — stories like, people don’t care about… …Read More »

What to Do When You’re Feeling Unsure of Yourself? Open Your Heart to Love.

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What to do when you're feeling unsure of yourself. Open your heart to love.

  This goes out to everyone who struggles with trusting their gut and believing in themselves. There are times when you just KNOW what to do, but many more times when you feel so confused and you worry about giving in to the fear again. This is for you 🙂 What to do when you’re feeling unsure of yourself? You open your heart to love. “Hi, Robin. I am about to take a new path and I am feeling unsure about myself. Will I cave in and be who “they”… …Read More »

Hello from Tranquility Base

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hello from tranquility base

Or How to Not Crash and Burn During Re-Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere on Your Way Home from Mars… Hello sweet Friend! I am gently re-entering my home world after hosting my first ‘sleep away’ Sacred Circle retreat. Together we journeyed, invoking the blessings and support of the Universe. Together we shed the cloak of what no longer serves in order to embrace the joy and peace that is our natural birthright.   Image credit: Amy Bruce Mixed Media Photography & Creative Exploration   It was amazing and I am forever changed because… …Read More »

There will be dragons

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there will be dragons

 On loving yourself fiercely and staying present with what you really want instead of getting scared and running away. My client called in a panic, “Every time I make a little headway with this project, I hear a negative voice in my head saying I can’t do this, I’m gonna fail… and then I start to feel panicked and then I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to make it happen and then I think maybe I need to get a day job… It’s getting harder and harder to believe… …Read More »

You are the perfect mix, so are you representing?

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abundance you are the perfect mix

Hello! A little note: Most of you here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind… you’re healers, artists, writers, teachers, coaches…you perform a service to the world. But no matter what our profession, we all struggle with stepping out fully and allowing ourselves to shine. This Abundance Series is really about that: Your purpose here is to be doing what you love (whatever that is), in a way that shines your heart light authentically and unapologetically. You are a spark of the Divine and you need to represent… …Read More »

Set a boundary, save a life: how to set boundaries and conserve your energy (with video and audio)

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how to set boundaries and conserve your energy

Do you ever have the situation where you want and need to say NO to someone but feel the difficulty of it weighing you down? How do you handle setting boundaries so you conserve your own energy? My friend recently said to me, Just finished a call with X. I love him, but I’m exhausted. He seems lonely. I need to protect myself from the drain next time. I too had a call from our friend X yesterday. Yes, he was lonely. And yes, I could completely understand the drain and… …Read More »

The Ego has landed! How to stop feeling upset and wake up from the nightmare

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There are days when I just want to yell it from the rooftops: the ego has landed, people!  I had a late night call from a friend over the weekend. She was coming unraveled. Telling me her story, I could hear how it made sense… and yet, she seemed wild, outraged, ready to lynch someone. The level of her upset did not match the situation she was describing. The ego had landed. We all have an ego. Nobody is exempt. Except maybe Jesus or Buddha. Just kidding! They talked about… …Read More »

2014 Intentions and blessings (with video)

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2014 intentions and blessings

Woo hoo here we go 2014!! This could be a most fantabulous year for you. You might be wondering how you can make sure you have the fabulous wonderful year you’ve been praying, hoping and wishing for. January is a cleansing month. Those who get to work on shedding the old will be most successful in welcoming the goodies in 2014. It’s not about slapping a resolution on it and calling it done! Before we set our sights on calling in the new, we need to shed the old and… …Read More »

What happens when you force an epic dream? Tales from the World Domination Summit 2013

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World Domination Summit 2013

Last year, I didn’t even know what the World Domination Summit was. My friend said, “OMG, you have to go! Last year, Brene’ Brown gave this inspiring talk and then she sang ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ with Chris Guillebeau right there on stage!” But by the time I decided to attend, WDS was completely sold out. I set my intention for getting a ticket and in three days, I had one. When the day finally came to fly to Portland I was beyond excited. Little did I know that in 24… …Read More »

How to Create an Abundance Mentality

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How to create abundance

How to create abundance? “Hi Robin, how do I create an abundance mentality? I have been unemployed for a while now, and I am going through most of my savings and I know my fear isn’t helping the situation. Thanks so much!” Be a vibrational match to abundance. Any time you’re in fear, worry, stress, or strain, you are not a vibrational match to abundance. Your worry and anxiety will not bring you closer to it. By focusing on what you don’t want you cannot attract what you do want.… …Read More »

How to Avoid the Crazies When the Circus Comes to Town

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Does a three ring circus take you to crazy town?

I once had a client who had the kind of energy reminiscent of a three-ring circus. Forget the cotton candy and popcorn… this circus was about drama, stress, and chaos. And because of it, she frequently took her “audience” to crazy town. Picture it: Three different events happening in the three rings, AND somebody let the tigers loose. Her style was chaotic, to say the least. A call to schedule a session might last 20 minutes because it was hard for her to finish a sentence, and the topics kept… …Read More »

Truth Telling, Bad Reviews and Unsubscribes

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Without a doubt I’d say my best super powers have to do with speaking my truth and keeping it real. My friends call me a truth teller. When things are being swept under the rug, I don’t stay quiet. True story: I once ripped the toupee from my stepdad’s boss’s head. Ok, I was 5 at the time. But, boy do I remember THAT… (my poor parents!) I just HAD to know what was happening underneath that rug 🙂 Curiosity and clumsiness are understandable in children, but as adults that… …Read More »

Staying Afloat in Troubled Times

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SS Birdie by Robin Hallett

Wow, are there ever times when life hits us with some rough waves! Whether it’s a personal issue, or more of a global one, it can feel challenging to stay afloat in troubled times. How do you make space for what is happening? How do you allow for life to happen as it does, even though you’ve got other plans? Hi Robin, I am going through a pretty traumatic break up and the holidays are coming. There is not a lot of energy for decorating, or gift buying, or even… …Read More »

Do You Ever Feel Stuck? Here’s How to Truly Change Your Life

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How to Change Your Life

Robin, I am stuck in such a familiar rut. I’ve had a dream for the longest time and I am not getting there. Every time I start to take some action toward making my idea a reality, I begin to hear the negative voice in my head saying I can’t do it. I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to make it happen. It’s harder and harder to believe I can do this. What am I doing wrong? Sometimes it really does come down to you paying too much attention… …Read More »