The Intersection between Love and Fear

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What if we could learn to let our fear (and any other negative sensation) be the signal to breathe deeply and re-center in our hearts? Spoiler alert: I am upset a lot. I have been practicing long enough that even when I am lost in the belief of the moment and my face is so squinched and my butt feels tight, somehow even then I will hear a little gentle bell in my mind signaling me to wake up and remember to breathe. And right then, I remember this isn’t… …Read More »

Embrace your fear and claim your belovedness

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embrace your fear and claim your belovedness

Eeek! There I was. Seriously contemplating quitting. After all the hard work. Even though that brave and courageous part of me applied to the program. Now that the time had arrived I was wishing I had stayed home. For a while, I hid out in the bathroom. But eventually, I pushed myself out there to go make the rounds and introduce myself. We spent some time that first morning going around the circle, getting to know each other. We shared our ‘why’. Why were we here? As my turn came… …Read More »