How to Get Through the Holidays Without the Bitter Pills (with video)

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HI sweet Friends, I am sending so much love your way right now. It takes a lot of courage to be on this journey of awakening and I really appreciate that you are doing the work! My healing sessions with many here in our Love Posse have been about the bitter pill we try and swallow around this time of year. (I’d describe a bitter pill as anything unpleasant we feel unable to change) Some of us have repetitive stories about the holidays — stories like people don’t care about… …Read More »

The Stupid Things People Say and How to Be Free of Their Opinions

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your way is the right way

Learning to walk away from the stupid things people say and not need their good opinions of me has been a huge challenge on my journey. There are times when I get caught up in feeling hurt and upset, but I disentangle myself again. My recovery time is quicker these days because I remember my practice and I get free. I am learning not to NEED anyone to love me or applaud me or give me their blessing for me to feel permitted to shine and sing my song. But… …Read More »

You Are a Good Person

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loving yoursef enough to leave the surface

Hello sweet Friend! Today’s meditation offering is this: I am a good person. This is such an important meditation for us all, isn’t it? So often we are going around affirming the contrary. Or we worry worry worry that we’re not! Or we defend ourselves inside our own mind to the people in our lives (who aren’t even with us when this is happening). Let’s practice together today. It’s good for your heart and spirit, guaranteed to bring you joy. You are a good person! You are totally deserving of… …Read More »

The Seven Figure Illusion: How to Measure Success by Your Own Metrics.

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Hello, sweet friend! Today I have a message about living the dream, baby! This one goes to the heart of the online messaging about a seven-figure income and seven-figure lifestyle and the false belief that we might not be rocking it if we aren’t rocking THAT. Today’s message is for you and for me and for all of us who want to live another way and ARE living another way and having a wonderful time doing so. May this serve you well! A transcript is below. Begin Transcript: I have… …Read More »

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

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manifesting your heart

  Hello sweet Friend! This is a little love bomb on manifesting your heart’s desires. As awakened peeps on the journey, it is important to develop an understanding of our own issues around manifesting. Do you believe you deserve the life you would love to be living? Are you living a day to day experience you feel proud to claim? Is it okay for you to put your needs first? Do you believe the blessings rain down upon you? These are just a few of the issues I help people… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: Forgiving Yourself

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self forgiveness forgiving yourself

Hello beautiful Friend! Please join me for a powerful 5 minute healing meditation on forgiveness. This week’s meditation focuses on self-forgiveness Forgiveness towards yourself. There are things you hold against yourself; ways you judge yourself so harshly; unkindnesses you continue to supply to your own beautiful heart. Please join me for this powerful meditation. Transcript is below.   This is a meditation for your own spirit. A forgiveness meditation for the things you hold against yourself; the unkindness you continue to supply to your own beautiful heart. Take a deep… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: How to Deal with Your Worry About Abundance

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worrying about abundance

Hello beautiful Friend! You may not know that I sit for guidance before each video I record. I ask what it is I can share with you that will best uplift and support your journey NOW. Two things came to me today: 1) the story of abundance 2) the story you tell about how you’re not okay Today’s meditation is about trusting and knowing that all is well; despite the stories around abundance and honoring your money, the story of you earning or not earning, the story of you being… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: Activating the Entrepreneur Heart Light

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How to activate the Entrepreneur Heart Light

  Hello beautiful friend the guided meditation today is going to be for you entrepreneurs and creatives and artists and teachers and coaches who are in business for yourselves and are searching for the center point in what it is you are supposed to be doing. May this offering go to just the right hearts today.   How to activate the Entrepreneur Heart Light Closing your eyes and turning to your breathing, imagine that you are connected to the center of the earth by an energy thread. It could be… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: How to Receive Guidance

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how to receive guidance

Hello friends! Today we’re talking about receiving guidance. How do you receive guidance in your own way? Each of us has an internal GPS–a guidance system–which guides us and directs us, and informs our best direction to travel. This GPS lives inside each and every one of us… it’s in our heart and gut. But if that’s really the case (and it most definitely is!) why is it so hard to follow our own guidance? If you’re like me, there’s been a lot of distortion in your life. The people… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: Dreaming Big, Dragons and Well Done

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dreaming big and calling in what you

Hello beautiful Friend! Today we’re talking about dreaming big and the dragons which show up trying to block the path. You calling in exactly what you’d love has everything to do with your ability to dream. You manifesting has everything to do with your ability imagine. Imagine for a moment what it is you want to create in your life. It can be anything at all. Whatever the longings are, this meditation is powerful and helpful for all of us. Close your eyes and go inside yourself and imagine what… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: All is Well

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Monday Meditation All is Well

Hello beautiful Friend! Today I am sharing my favorite practice of all: All is well. Perhaps we don’t always realize how much we affirm the exact opposite in our minds… we chant along how NOT well all is! When the truth is: all is well. Let’s practice together today. It’s good for your heart and spirit, guaranteed to bring you joy. This is really an invitation to drop back into your heart and trust… all is well in this moment. I am safe. I am loved. I am at peace.… …Read More »

Be Your Very Own Mama

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I am told I give amazing hugs and yet I still cannot comfortably imagine hugging my own mother. The limitations of our relationship were greater than great and eventually there came a time in my journey when I hit a wall which seemed to say, Robin, this is as far as you can go as long as you need your mother to stay “mother” to you. If you continue to need her to be “mother” then forever this is the “daughter” you will remain and the possibilities for your ease… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: What I Resist Persists

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What I resist persists

Hello Friends! This is a quick meditation on releasing resistance and loving ourselves more fully. We don’t always see that our resistance to taking the next steps on our journey hurts us. Once we do, it becomes easier to let go and allow a gentle opening to inquire within: Is there something I can do to love myself more fully? From this place of peace and ease and love, we can gently ask our inner resistant, defiant one what it is needing. We believe we will suffer if we have… …Read More »

On Healing Our Religious-Icky

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Healing the Religious Icky

Many of us left childhood with some seriously warped understandings about God. It’s hard when the early teachings of our little selves bump up against the infinite and timeless being we actually are. A spiritual practice is going to bring these bumps along for healing on your journey to wholeness and it’s important you allow yourself to heal the “religious-icky” (that’s what I call it) you may be carrying. We often find a curiosity at first about how this spirituality thing goes together with the limitations of our early religious… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: I Am Greater than the Sum of My Parts

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Hello beautiful friends!  This week the meditation is a powerful one. I am greater than the sum of my parts I am not only my history I am not only my mistakes I am not my limited, fearful thoughts I am not only my successes I am not only my creative offerings I am so much more. When you notice your suffering, affirm this: Spirit moves within me. There is something greater here. I am greater than the sum of my parts. I am spirit, stardust flows through my veins.… …Read More »