Testimonials about Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer

Jan and Feb 2014

Hi Robin, Thank you for your email!  Your topics always come at the perfect time :).

Once again, you are right on target, my friend!  

Robin, Can’t wait to watch your video today!  Sincere love and appreciation for your very timely messages!  What a life lesson to love others without giving away some of yourself. Sending you warm thoughts. So excited about the retreat! Can’t wait to meet you some day!

As usual, Robin, your timing is impeccable J.  Thanks for reaching out and sharing yourself with all of us.  It’s an incredibly brave and generous and loving thing to do – and so appreciated!  (I’m forwarding this to my sisters next 🙂 )

Hi Robin, yes, just took the moment to receive the love and sparkles… 🙂 thank you! And thank you so much for the great read – owning your shizzle . I so needed to hear this today! This resonates!

Wow!!! Talk about an on time email!  I was almost in tears today and I never do that at work.

Love from the nest November and December 2013

Thanks! I needed this reminder today. I love your emails!! It means a lot to me to receive messages of love and encouragement. Thank you.   Very timely  newsletter.  I feel that this is telling me to embrace that one thing that came through and when I do, more will come!  Like a step of faith. Thank you. Thanks for your loving kindness! Sending smiles to you Good morning Robin, really enjoyed your last email it resonated so much. Wow. I am thankful for your e-mails and your adorable drawings! All the best! So much love you share! I’m very grateful for you. This is an amazing letter!!!! I love that PS. about the pushy sales person. There are so many times I want to write something like that. You inspire me to keep pushing me to be the best version of me. I’m learning so much from you! I’m so grateful, lady!  Totally awesome sauce letter! xo And I just LOVED that Thanksgiving post. I’m not feeling very thanksgiving-like since my life is a whirlwind right now. Thanks for helping me to enjoy what I have and see that I have such a good life. Woot! Totally what I needed to read today! Peace & love & joy to you, Robin!  Thanks for the love messages, your timing is impeccable 🙂 xox! Thank you so much for this, Robin! Practicing with the doubtful thoughts and redirecting my focus is already helping tons.Wishing you and your family lots of joy and love for the holidays!

Love from the nest October

Thank you, I needed this today !! Been a train wreck of emotions the last few weeks.. Taken care of me is difficult!! Smiled… You rock, Robin.  What a great email to read right before sleep!  Looking forward to meeting you someday! Hi robin, Just wanted to say thank you for sending me your stories…they always make me smile and I look forward to your letters! Xo I SO have been enjoying all of your videos and messages! You are the best Robin. Dear Robin, You have an amazing way with words and always know what to say. It is a true spiritual gift if I ever saw one. Thank you so much for all you do, for you have no idea the heartfelt impact of all you say and do! I love this…thank you! Hi Robin.. Thanks for all these positive words. Thank you

Love from the nest September

Oh Miss Robin, This hit a home run with me. I have a co-worker who is 100% mean girl bully and she loves nothing more than to throw others under the bus especially me. I have already started to practice your message and will continue to do so. THANK YOU!!! XOXO” Another great one, Robin! Not only do you always offer wonderful advice, and deliver it so well, but it always feels so authentic. You’re real and you show that you have struggles like the rest of us. It feels like we’re sitting together and you’re talking to me, offering encouragement. I love that. I always look forward to these letters and watching your videos. Thought you should know this! Thank you so much, Robin.I just needed to say – I love your Darth Birdie!  He made me laugh!  Hi Robin ! Thank you for “dropping in” to say hello today – I appreciate you and your artistryHi Robin, I wish I had your courage to tell it like it is & I envy how comfortable your words flow! Love your emails!! Hi Robin, thank you for including me in your party. You hit the nail on the head with your butterfly blog, as I am going through this transformation right now…So next time, when I feel I am going crazy, I will take a deep breath and tell myself that all will be ok. The light I get to shine will be so much brighter. Bless You. Thanks; your words are always so soothing.Hi Robin, Wow that was an inspiring email. I will watch those videos. Thank God for you. You are an angel.

Love from the nest July & August

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Thank you for believing in me.  I think it has really helped me.  Sending love to you too, I love that you always say this! I know you mean it. Oh Robin, I do love you for the wise and loving woman that you are. Thank you for taking the time to uplift so many of us! I appreciate your never ending inspiration and creativity and light that you spread in your posts and blogs and videos so very much. Thank you for your outstanding work. Robin, another amazing letter. My hope is that we will have the opportunity to actually meet face to face sometime this  summer…Until then be who you are,  because who you are is a light and a blessing for so many of us. I’ve really enjoyed your emails. They always seem to come at the perfect time! LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing. I don’t know why it always amazes me that you always have new pieces on issues that I am currently facing. Hi Robin, thank you for including me in your party. You hit the nail on the head again. Everything you said is so true for me. I take a deep breath and tell myself that all will be ok. The light I get to shine will be so much brighter. Bless You, MC Hi Robin!!  I loved this letter and your video and blog post. It’s very true what you said. I’m trying to change my life and I’m still nervous and scared. So glad you send these letters! Keep ‘em coming! KC Hi Robin, that was an inspiring email. Thank God for you.  You are an angel. I love your message here J I am committed to not being so hard on myself!  I SOOOO appreciate you. I want to work with you to see if you can help me “light my way.”   Thanks for the sparkle dust!!  I can totally relate…I find that I am catching myself more & more with the self-criticism & recognizing it & then becoming more compassionate with myself!!  Thanks for the reminder!! I just  love your emails!! Hi Robin,  You are an inspiration – what a different perspective to have while being detained at the airport!! Thank you for inspiring us to think better about situations that happen.  Cheers to you!

Love from the nest May & June

I love your little messages to me. It seriously brightens my day. I just wanted to tell you that. I am super busy with my new company but I always take the time to read your email. 🙂 You give such wonderful advice. Now I know why I was drawn to you so much. Thank you for sharing with us what you do! I loved reading your thoughts and advice while spending valuable time at the airport. I will try to remember them during stressful times. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Thank you for believing in me.  I think it has really helped me.  Sending love to you too, I love that you always say this! I know you mean it. Oh Robin, I do love you for the wise and loving woman that you are. Thank you for taking the time to uplift so many of us! I appreciate your never ending inspiration and creativity and light that you spread in your posts and blogs and videos so very much. Thank you for your outstanding work. My hope is that we will have the opportunity to actually meet face to face some time this summer. Until then be who you are,  because who you are is a light and a blessing for so many of us.

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Love from the nest… April

Thanks for the reminder.  You are so spot on!  love u and ur message to bits! Thank you Robin for sharing the love. You have no idea how much I needed to read this.  I’ve got not only ‘yuk’ in my life right now, but a considerable amount of ‘ick’ to boot. Thank you for reminding me to not waste too much time sitting in self pity.  It’s kind of like sitting in your own crap (excuse the language); It’s warm and familiar, but it will eventually harden around you. I love this and love the art on your site. Once again you’ve made me cry healing, and happy tears.

Love from the nest… March

AHHHHHHH!  That feels good.  You are an angel Robin from above and I am doing much better.  As a matter of fact gifts from above are around me. xoxo Love this! I forwarded it to my man, too. I’m looking forward to discussing it with him. Have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo Love you! Thank you lovely Robin. I’m so happy that you share with me your love. Woot Woot! Cheers to speaking your truth and being authentically YOU!! 🙂 Whew.. this is really showing up in my life right now so this letter is so timely, Thank you thank you – 🙂 I’m so grateful for you!! I am so blessed to have people like you to learn from, good people like you who I have come to love, make a good circle for me. ROBIN thank you, I love you You have no idea how much I love your emails. I need you in my house on standby with hourly affirmations 🙂 Robin…thank you for BEING so upbeat and kind with me. Hi Robin! I like this posting– My conscious intention is to be the best I can be to myself, to my husband and children! Robin, what a beautiful message!  Thank you much – perfect timing for me. Love to you. Thanks robbie! What a beautiful reminder for being humble and grateful for what we create in our lives. Robin,  I sooo needed to hear what you said.  The final words made me cry in a good way.  I feel like I’ve needed to do it, but was trying to be tough and not.  Your life lessons are what I use to do, and somehow wondered away from it.  Thanks for not giving up on me by including me in your mailings.  I am locked and loaded, and so grateful for having someone like you in my corner.

Love from the nest… February

I wanted to thank you for your letter today. And just have to say your blog is a daily inspiration. Today I was able to share your “I believe in you” article with my teammates here at work today after we received a really nasty email from upper management. That one article uplifted the spirits of many people today…Thank you for that. MUCH LOVE & HUGS Good morning Robin, As always, it’s good to hear from you. Loving your story and you. Oh wow, so glad I opened your email today! Beautifully said. 🙂 Hi Robin, you are light in our world. I’m so glad you send me these reminders, I am helped every time. Love you Robin Happy Valentine’s Day to you Robin! Love this, and thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for this message – it is one that I try and remind myself of all the time! Also want to make sure that my daughters know it too : ) I forwarded this letter to a friend of mine, turned out it was something that she needed at that exact moment! Thank you for you and all you share with us! Good morning and I always love receiving your letters and blog posts. Thanks for putting your intentions into sharing your thoughts. I become a better person because of you.

Love from the nest…December & January

Wow, this definitely hit home with me and I just know that there is something huge in store for me in 2013!!  I just love the emails that you send!! Your timing is always so perfect Hi Robin! Happy Early birthday, your birthday pledge was spectacular! Peace and love! You are too cute! LOVE you xx Lovely synchronicity because I was thinking that I needed to touch base with you and make an appointment. I’m doing some inner transformation work and it’s helpful to talk to someone engaged in similar work. I LOVE your newsletters 🙂  Great newsletter, Robbie. Well done! I’m feeling the goodness and love. I’d love a little light shined, Robin! Thank you for being there… xoxo Thank you so much, Robin! It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Wishing you all the best in 2013 and see you soon. Xox What a beautiful blessing, dear Robin. May it all return to you ten thousand fold. Love this Robbie and love you too!  Merry Christmas.  Xxoo Thank you Robin.  You are an inspiration.  Merry Christmas to you & your family. Thank you my dear! I needed this today and I love you and am so grateful to call you my friend. Xo I LOVE YOU ROBIN…I think of you often and hope only good things for you 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas.. Xoxoxo Thanks Robin,  Same to you and talk with you soon.  Keep up the great posts and emails. Hugs. I love being in your group Robin. You make a nice work dear. Thanks for your emails. With love! The way you articulate yourself touches my heart.. thanks Robbie. xo Robin…so sorry about the loss of your precious Rocky.  I completely get how ego shows up at the most inconvenient times…telling us that we should or shouldn’t be feeling the way we do at the time.  And thank you for your insights.  I’ll apply them to me life as of now.  Good stuff.  Take care of you…–MA

November 2012

You are the best…I just love getting these emails every week.  They usually get me teary eyed & touch me in some way or another! Robin, thank you so much for sharing this story about friendships.  It came at the perfect moment in my life.  As always your stories are so very healing.  Keep rocking and again…perfect timing. Ooh this one touched me today. I can really relate. I love your way of precencing the truth. So nice! Great letter! Your post was perfect for me today.  And I LOVE the picture!!!! :o) Robin! I appreciate and value your way of writing your heart.. xox Hi Robin, Thanks, so glad I found your website, I appreciate your time & help. I read your posts, thank you, I won’t give up. Thanks for sending some love my way. I need it!!!!!!  You are a SPECIAL person!!!! Many thanks for sending me the inspirational letter! I believe all things happen for a reason and I know I came across your website for a definite reason!  I feel so lucky to have come across your site.  I’ve been reading through a lot of your topics and have felt much better after every one. So glad I subscribed, love your letters! Keep them coming.

October 2012

Robin, You manage to write the perfect thing that addresses my struggles – and I am starting to believe I am not alone! It often helps me to hear your words. Ah, to overcome and be at peace. Your words are very timely. Thank you very much. Thank you for your thoughtful, sincere e-mail message. I hope you’re doing well! Your words arrived at just the right time–this is me all over and the struggles I have with it…Amazing how that happens in the Universe Can’t wait to see what you’re going to write next! Thank you for your e-mail! I am thinking of you and want to express my gratitude for having such a thoughtful person like you- who takes the time to care… I am so grateful to get these emails, somehow, they are always perfect for what is going on in my life!! Love it, love it, love it!!! :o)  Thank you, you are so right on and full of peaceful wisdom-I look forward to your message every week! Hi robin:  you are very special and I love hearing from you and sharing with you. Thanks so much for sending me some light on this special day.  I am sending you a hug. Take care of yourself. Keep rocking it big time 🙂 Thank you so much for the positive message ! Many hugs to you, have a great week. Gooooosies! (aka goosebumps) I needed this today! Thank you thank you! Loved this one! That’s a mighty fine looking birdie, there. Your drawings ALWAYS make me smile.

August 2012

I enjoy receiving e-mails from you and you’re always so uplifting and positive. When I open your letters- it’s like hearing from a lifelong friend… I look forward to reading your life affirming messages. I think the one thing that I appreciate the very most about YOU is that you’re so honest and real. I relate to your feelings and how you’ve put words to my innermost thoughts and feelings when I didn’t know how to verbally express them. Pretty amazing! That was my first experience after discovering your website- I read and re-read your amazing words and thought: She understands! Its a great feeling to be validated and be understood. Keep up the great work and know that you are doing something that is so amazing- by just being YOU! Good Morning Robin: What an inspiration you are…..thinking of you. As always your sharing provides a learning experience for me.  I am struggling with forgiveness, not very easy, so your letter came at just the right time. Thank you for copying me on this email.  IT is a beautiful way to start my day! Thanks so much for this amazing email today.  It is “of course” exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much for the Words of Wisdom. Have a Great Week!!!!!! Hi Robin: I receive these wonderful emails from you always asking how I am and then you welcome a reply.  So, I am happy to offer one: Thanks for your heartfelt words.  They always touch me.  Love! Hi! I love all the inspiration you send my way. Hi Robin, Thank you for that- I need ALL the help I can get. Yeah what you wrote makes total sense to me….I’ve just got to “get there” now. Positive thoughts…..  🙂 Thanks again Robin, Thanks. This came at a particularly difficult time for my step daughter.  Have passed it on in the hopes it will help both of us. Hi Robin, This week’s letter was a good one. Always glad to hear from you. So, what you are saying is that I’m probably such a good listener because I don’t feel like people are noticing me or listening to what I have to say?  Very profound.  Thanks. Wow…you got me teary eyed on this one! I love your weekly emails!! Thanks for the positive & encouraging words. It’s appreciated. I would love to have a reading with you!!  I read some info., from people who had readings with you, sounds great!! Love this, thanks.

 Love from the nest July 2012

Dear Robin, I LOVE your latest letter! It completely resonates with me. And what perfect timing this message comes — as I just had a new gift come in a crappy packaging–and it revealed some old wounds that I’m still working on. But this time I received a new message and a new gift and the healing is taking a new direction! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

Thank you Robin! Excellent reminder, what I constantly need to be aware of and work on – correcting my thoughts. I think that will help motivate me. Sending well wishes and prayers of gratitude to you, Robin. Thank you robin. You’re my angel. Hi robin; thanks for the love… none of this could have happened if i hadn’t been taking your advice to heart and openly trying to learn and improve. Thanks for the positive energy and take care! You’re so awesome! I LOVE you!!!

I just love getting your emails!  I always need the reminder to stay in touch with myself! I will be in touch with you soon to schedule an appointment! Happy Summer!!I appreciate so much what you’re doing for all of us. The time and effort really shows, just wanted you to know. Think about you and your work often. Good luck on your journey.Thank you for taking the time to write me, right when I needed it the most. I will take slow deep breaths, I will look at Gods wonders, and I will be kind to myself…all because you took the time to write. Thank you Robin, for being you.Your words were cleansing and comforting. And you are right I have it backwards- I don’t have to have it all together, I can let people help me! You’re my Gem Robin, I so welcomed your prayers. Warm blessings to you!


How you are doing matters to me. If you are in need of support – or you have a question, know that I’ll be there for you. So, join my nest so we can be in touch 🙂