Sessions with Robin

Session + Booking information with Robin Hallett, Intuitive Healer

Healing Sessions with Robin / Intuitive Readings with Robin

Session with Robin / Intuitive Healing Session – an intuitively guided conversation focused on where you are now and what needs to be healed plus energy healing (virtual or in-person)

Rock Star Reading – an intuitive reading of your energy field, chakra function, and blockages. We’ll discuss your individual mission, lifetime themes, and soul purpose. Robin’s session notes and a recording is provided. This is often a great first session with me, and also clients enjoy having these yearly (virtual or in-person)


Single session with Robin $185
Rock Star reading with Robin $275

Wondering what’s the difference between the two sessions I offer? Go here.


10 sessions with Robin $1500 (10-month expiration)
18 sessions with Robin $2450 (6-month expiration)
1 Rock Star Reading + 3 sessions with Robin $725 (4-month expiration)

Subscriptions are available for packages. A $25 initial setup fee applies and the rates are a bit higher than if you were to make one upfront payment. In the event that all installments are not paid, the payments made will be counted toward sessions at the single rate ($185/hour).

All sessions must be used within the time frame specified in your package. In fairness to everyone else who honors this policy, I am unable to make an exception. Please schedule accordingly. Sessions are non-transferable. No refunds will be issued.

If you want to move forward but you have a few questions you want to ask first, book a 15-minute phone consultation with me. Click here to set up a consult call.

Kind words from friends I’ve helped

Thanks again for meeting with me today. You were right, I did and do feel better after our session. Have a wonderful night. ❤️

Hi, Robin, Thank you so much. I love reading these. You are amazing.

Aww, Robin,

I love, love, love getting your e-mails. It’s like having a warm blanket, a warm cup of tea and sunshine on a cold day. It makes me smile and feel warm fuzzy 100% alright!

As soon as I started reading I felt the warmth and love.

Hugs and much, much blessings to you.

THANK YOU, Robin. You always touch my heart and it means a lot to me. I’ve never really had people to look up to or admire who give me guidance of the emotional kind but here you are. I really appreciate you.

Hi Robin, I feel about 20 million times better after our conversation. You truly got me over a hump. Thank you for sharing your gift for healing with me. I am forever grateful and a better woman because of you.

Robin, I’ve experienced a big shift since our sessions began and I don’t think I would have gotten to this point on my own, or maybe not as quickly, no way. I’m so grateful and enjoying my life so much more right now, there is all kinds of ease and joy as you always talk about. Sending love and prayers your way. Looking forward to our next talk. You are a BLESSING!!!! So much love KP xxxxx

Thank you, Robin! I have been up to my neck in my emotional sewage this week; then here comes my friend Robin with ALL the RIGHT WORDS! (as ALWAYS!) I am so glad that in the middle of the nightmares you walk in with your Woo, Sparkles, High Fives, and words of WISDOM. Thank you for that! Love, Light and Awesomeness to you ALWAYS!

Dearest Robin, How I LOVE the way your words can wake me up from my crazy dream!! I am SO HAPPY to be a member of your WAY COOL POSSE!! Sending you love right back! –LP

Robin, I’m hanging on to your letter today. It’s real and it feels so good. It’s the first time that I can even remember feeling so good about being on my path. I’m hanging on to this feeling and making it stick and become stronger. Thank you for sharing yourself and so much encouragement; that helped to clear enough of the heaviness away that I could see the sparkle. Thank you for the hugs and love, — DM

Thank you for walking with me and being right here with encouragement and love. Love, Hugs, Sparkles, Laughs and warm sunshine to you Robin!!!!

Robin’s messages are so reassuring and ease my anxiety. She is my role model for how I would like to live my life but didn’t previously dare to even consider. She leads by example in a loving, nurturing, and quirky way which resonates with me. In a gentle way, she points listeners to powerful perspectives that help to heal old wounds and narratives. I am so grateful for the moments I have been with Robin or listening to a podcast and felt my inner trajectory shift. Thank you for being you, Robin.

I love your letters, Robin. As ALWAYS your timing is perfect. How do you know
?? Hugs — CG

Wonderful Robin, Once again you are reading my mind. Thank you so much for your message today. Really touched my heart. Looove to you! –

Thank you so much, my beautiful friend. Your words are like a loving elixir for my soul. –LH

Robin, how important it is for me to hear your story and know I’m not alone. So, thank you for showing up so openly and being you! To talk about what has been hard from a place of love takes strength. Sending love — KT

Robin, Thank you for this. Bless your beautiful soul and for helping me realize I am not in that struggle alone and for helping it not matter quite so much– love you so much, spirit sister.🌸🌱🌺

My Beautiful Friend Robin, Thank you for writing your weekly letters. I get this beautiful gift from you every week and it’s like a hug, pat on the head, and “it’s ok, go out and play”, kind of feeling. Thank God for you, Robin! I feel SO MUCH better! Loving the Love Posse and Grateful for the all of it!! — LP

Hello Robin, Just wanted to drop a quick thanks for the reading. Wow. I don’t know how you know, but you do. Eerie but I so appreciate how kind you are, I feel like you are somebody who really gives a care about me… this is so good to experience. I am allowing the new to come in like you said 🙂 I appreciate your light and what you do for the planet. XOXO BL

The rock star reading was extremely helpful.  It was very grounding and helped make things very clear. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future! Love and light, Z

What a super duper time I had last night! I listened to the recording again today and it’s just so amazingly helpful, exciting and supportive. I don’t think it’s even sunk in yet….gosh. Mind officially blown. You are the best and you have the most amazing gift. It’s quite spooky that you have me so worked out! — SJ

I really love the sparkle and joy you bring when I can’t find it myself. Truly incredible. You have really helped me get through this. — AM

I love your fresh, deeply caring, unconventional approach to healing. Life is amazing and fun, why shouldn’t we be? This world would be a sadder place without your goofy-greatness, Robin. Thank you!

I am very grateful for your awesomesauce exciting stuff Robin. And for the way you do things – It really sets me free and gives me the courage to find my unique experience expression in the world too 🙏🌟

I am a #truebeliever in you. My life has changed dramatically since I found you. ❤️ In so many wonderful ways! This work you do is EVERYTHING.

I have loved every moment of this course, even though it has been a tough roller coaster of emotions at times, but I feel like I have come through something big, something life-changing – as I’m sure we all have – and I really want to see it through and prepare the way for my future journey with this practice. My outlook has changed so much in the past few months that I am determined to nurture and grow this new way of being so that I can live a life I truly love ongoingly.

“One of the things I love about being on this journey with Robin is that she does the work right along side of you. And she offers encouragement and reinforcement to the whispers that long to be spoken out loud.”

“Thank yo, Robin, for your wisdom and truth in answering, and for seeing us exactly as we are.”

“Your gift is incredible, Robin.  I thank you with all my heart for this wonderful opportunity to spend this time with you and the circle.”


These 21 days flew. I was so thrilled, I opened myself up to water coloring, reaching inside and pulling emotions to the surface. Robin’s videos were amazing with beautiful meditations. Thank you! Excited of your next course. It’s been wonderful…relaxing and full of personal discovery. – Lori

Robin your sweet voice and loving presence have been such a gift. I didn’t do all the practices and you made me feel SO okay not doing so. I know I can always go back and revisit this when I feel prompted. Thanks love! – Jill

Robin’s words go right to your heart and prompt the joining of dots so that I better understand myself. Thank you, Robin

“Thank you Robin. I have needed to hear what you are saying, for a very long time xoxox” — Glenna

“I joined the 21 days course being new to the world of healing and I find it fascinating, helpful and encouraging especially at times of big change.”

“Your 21 days offering spoke to me and my situation so directly and has challenged me in interesting ways. Your offering is kind and direct and honest and that really shines through – thanks again Robin. It’s been wonderful :)”

“Thank you, Robin for holding such a beautiful space for us all!”

“Robin…I’m so so grateful to be here. Grateful you’re offering such a wonderful course.”

“Just finished Robin Hallett’s course with a live session this morning — she offered me of the most powerful inner teachings I’ve had. Came at the perfect time in this little world of mine. Light Healers are holding hands, reaching out to continue our work for the months to come. It’s OK to honor your own way, she says. Thanks Robin for your loving light.” – Janice


“Thank you for yesterday’s healing, Robin it was easy and perfect.”

“I needed this letter today and I was so inspired to journal the prompts you gave us, loving this course xo Robin!!!”

“I am feeling empowered through the lessons – I have learned a lot from Robin and the others on this course, I have discovered new areas where I needed to forgive myself and others that I hadn’t found before–this is illuminating more patterns of similar things too, where I can let go. I am so filled with peace and hope about things I never believed could change.”


“Blessings to you dear Robin! Your healing meditation is a true gift for me today. I feel so much lighter now.”

“Robin. I loved the videos this morning and the healing felt especially powerful. Thank you for all you do.”

“Robin, just watched your healing video and I LOVED it. Love love love love loved it. I feel grateful, I feel your healing energy in my home…thank you.”


“Robin, I just read today’s lesson and tears well up for each paragraph. The way you acknowledge what it’s like for us and then remind us that it’s all going to be OK was so powerful. Exhale and breathe. Thank you for the reminder to be gentle with myself…. this has been such a helpful course.”

“Thank you, Robin Hallett! I am appreciating your journaling process… I am enjoying watching and learning from you, you share so much. Thank you for the patience and kindness you show, it moves me and inspires me to do that for myself and others.”

“I so appreciate the love and the light you shine out into the world! I love this course!!”



“What can I say, Robin! Tower of power = Simply magical.” –GN

“During our call, you spoke about asking for guidance in the form of a sign, well I got a huge sign and have been seeing it for days afterward. I realized that I had been carrying this certain burden and the message is that it is time for me to let that go. It was pretty awesome. Thank you. There were a few days there of shifting and releasing and a lot of sadness.” –CB

“Something called to me to join Robin’s Virtual Healing Circle so I did. After joining the group, I felt a connection immediately. There was something that felt very real to me about Robin and her words and the support from everyone. I also felt that I had a deep personal healing in the company of safe and supportive people. Thank you!” –GV


“Thank you for the time, the healing, the wisdom, and most of all, the love. You have mine, too. I feel so lucky to know you.” –KC

“This is my second time to do Robin’s Virtual Circles and I love them because it is real, authentic, no-bullshit and manageable for me in terms of size. And I love Robin for her authenticity and humor.” –EB


“I went on to meditate after the call, and low and behold, a new word popped into my head for my business. One that never even crossed my mind before! I’m moving forward with important pieces, and I know the Universe has my back! I am DOING this thing!! Thank you Robin!” –RN

“The group call was actually perfect timing for me, last night marked the 5 year anniversary of my mom’s passing…and while I do ok most of the time, she was on my mind a lot yesterday and I was feeling some grief and missing her smiley face. I know she’s around, and it was good to feel that connection. Thank you for helping this to happen Robin.” –NB

“I just wanted to say THANKS for a BEAUTIFUL call last night. I really felt your love, and I pictured us all in a circle holding hands and that the energy was lifted. I was so touched by the person who asked about the little guy (Robby) and his struggles, and I sent him a TON of light and love too. We are so powerful together. And, that chalice had a LOT of sh*t in it!! 🙂 🙂  Loved that visual!! –CH

“Once again, thank you for sending loving healing energy to us, it does have an impact and an aftereffect. When you emphasized the point of us all receiving and softening, I felt the first tears rise up… as there is something deeply moving about being in a place of allowing just that, without needing to reciprocate…I love these Tower of Power calls. Thank you!” –VC

“Thank you for tonight’s circle. It was so nice, comfortable and inviting.  It was much more comfortable to stay comfy at home with you and the others on the journey.  Thanks for rockin’ it, Robin.  It was just right for me.” –MJ

“I must compliment you on your skill and aplomb–you were so facile and compassionate to deal with seven different people at the same time while somehow making us all feel cherished and important…wow, awed!” –GP

I received so many gifts from you as answered the others questions.  Great healing. – Val

Last night really was quite magical! Your presence sends little energy sparklers throughout my entire being. It’s similar to the feeling I have when in the presence of the Buddhist monks or gurus. Just lovely…….I so admire and honor your grounded spirituality and wisdom. A perfect mix of woo-woo and “grit.” – JoAnna

I just want to say that my life has become a lot more happier since I met you in 2013, by doing personal work during and after the sessions and by listening to you on your writings or your videos. REALLY THANK YOU!!!