What is the difference between a Rock Star Reading and an Intuitive Healing Session?

What is the difference between the sessions I offer?

Rock Star Readings

Are straight up intuitive readings that map out your journey and give you actionable solutions to get you to where you want to be. In your reading, I’ll read each of your chakras and discuss your energy flow. I’ll discuss your purpose and life mission, your lifetime themes, and illuminate the obstacles and tell you how to clear them. You are welcome to ask me questions on anything you’d like to know. Rock Star Readings are sixty minutes in length. Great for anyone searching for answers, for those who wonder if they are really on the right path, for those who feel they are doing their thing but still feel blocked.

In addition to your reading, you will receive: 

+ a recording of our session
+ my notes for you received in meditation
+ a reading of each of your chakras in a pdf 

Readings are 1 hour in length. We can meet by video/telephone or in person in Arlington Heights, IL.

Intuitive Healing Sessions

A blend of intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, and energy healing. We are going to have a conversation about what’s happening in your life and together, we’re going to listen to your guidance system and take the steps to help free you up to experience life as you’ve always wanted it to be. I help you identify the patterns and whacky thinking holding you back from living your life to the fullest, and can help clear your energetic blocks too. Great for people already on the path, ready for some powerful intuitive insight, prepared to take responsibility for making a change. 

Sessions are 1 hour in length. We can meet by video/telephone or in person in Arlington Heights, IL.

My recommendation on which session to start with

Lots of people begin with the Rock Star and schedule an Intuitive Healing or package of sessions as a followup. And that is my own recommendation for you as well, start with the Rock Star Reading as it will lay out the map of where you need to go, and then schedule a series of follow-up sessions (either Intuitive Healing) so we can address your healing and get you where you want to be. I offer a package with a sizable discount to facilitate this.

Note, it might be better for some to skip the Rock Star and go straight to Healings. Trust your gut on this!

But the best way for you to decide is to sit with what first inspired you to seek me out. What is calling you right now to have the session?

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