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 Hello, sweet Friend! It’s me, Robin. 

Here’s a little info on my Businessy Alignment Love Strategy Sessions.

Phew, is that a mouthful, or what?! Read on and let’s see if this might be a right fit for you right now.

What I know for sure: There is a way for you to get to where you want to be and it does not involve you crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. The biggest breakthroughs come from the inside out, and that’s exactly what I am here to do with you — break through from the inside out. 

My wish for you is to have a heart-centered business that is not only successful but serves the world in a way you feel good about – one that’s on mission with your spirit and aligned with your purpose.

“Robin is that rare blend of deep intuition, joyous energy and truth-telling, street-smart bad-assery! She sees things nobody else sees, re-acquaints you with your inner voice and peels away the layers that keep you from realizing your potential. A powerful asset for personal and professional evolution.” –Jonathan Fields, Founder of Good Life Project™

The truth is, there is nobody else quite like you on the planet.

You are HERE to share your heart, your story, and your sparkle with the world.

You’re destined to do this in a very unique and authentic way.

You may already feel that special something calling to you or maybe you’ve been doing your thing for a while now. Wherever you are on the path, I am sure there are places you notice need a little tending. Maybe they’re roadblocks, maybe they’re little pebbles. Either way, I want to help you do the work to get free and go bigger toward what you’ve always known to be YOURS.

Sometimes we take our fantastic ideas, we let them inspire us into action, and then right around the time we say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could really make my idea fly?” that’s usually the time when the inner booger arrives, the inner voice that shows up saying, “Who do you think you are?” Or, “Nobody will want that, it’s gonna flop!” Or, “You’re NEVER going to make money doing THAT!”

And the more we listen to the inner booger, the more we believe the story it tells. So we get caught up in the questions and confusion, we say, “Maybe I need to wait a little longer… perhaps it’s not the right time…” Or we become overly focused on the wrong stuff, trying to perfect everything first, or we stay scared and afraid. Whatever your way is, with great love and kindness I say, it’s all a distraction.

Whatever your way is, with great love and kindness I say, it’s all a distraction. You are meant to shine, and only you can bring what is yours in your heart.

No part of your journey was an accident or a waste. Every minute of this ride you’ve been on has been valuable. Most valuable of all are the little pieces of your story–especially the tough ones–that have juice in them to fuel your passion and help you shine your light authentically.

Uncovering those little pieces and bringing to light what needs to be healed… ah well, this is how you’ll truly have an impact on the world. And that’s the sweet spot where you and I will meet in session.

In our time together, we will do the work to liberate the dreams and heal the obstacles. It’s that simple. We will address how you are likely holding yourself back, and plan a strategy to get yourself into alignment with your truest self. I want to see you shine like only you can. I have helped hundreds of people around the world do just that, and I cannot wait to help you too.

What I offer is unlike anything else out there. If you’ve tried therapy, coaching, and other healing modalities that have left you wanting, take heart! This will change your life.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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New to these parts? Welcome! Let’s set up a consult call to chat about working together. 

Kind words…

“Robin, thank you for being you. Thank you for your emphasis on love and gratitude and gentleness and art and joy and fun. For your emphasis on healing myself so I can be the best professional self I can be. I appreciate that you aren’t “pushing” a crazy lifestyle that we so often see people push online. Thank goodness being RICH and manifesting $10,000 or $50,000 clients isn’t your schtick around your work. Not that there’s anything wrong with being rich, but you teach of the richness of heart and that’s unlike any other teaching out there. Because of that, I’m successful, and more than that I love what I do and I’m grateful to know you and feel so much better to be in your love bubble.” — AM


“The reason most business courses sit inert on our hard drives is because they don’t address either the deeply-rooted fears that stop us OR the often unspoken heartfelt desires that pull us forwards. Robin’s sessions help you dive deep into this essential self-knowledge, offering a nourishing mix of practical advice, spiritual support, generous conversation, and her own fabulous humor. As in, snort your tea up your nose funny! One of the most potent philosophies I have taken from Robin’s “Businessy Alignment Love” is that “if you want to go bigger, you must go deeper.” — KC


“Robin helped me become brave enough to establish my identity, to say out loud, “I am a life coach and this is what I do.” If you are starting in a healing or creative field and are feeling unsure, you know what a big step this is. I highly recommend her. I have worked with Robin in all the wonderful ways that she helps her clients. With a welcoming and loving embrace for all, she teaches us, encourages us, and calls upon us to shift our perspective. I learned to accept myself more fully – the tender, fearful, overwhelmed little one who occasionally (or even regularly) needs a gentle acknowledgment and an encouraging nudge to keep moving forward. — CH

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