Lightworker LOVE Self-paced Course

This one’s for you, wooboo.

You’re a heart-centered coach, helper, consultant, or freelancer who’s interested in rocking the inner journey too.

You want to REMEMBER who you truly are

and FEEL GOOD about what you’re doing

as you GO FOR MORE of what you’re wanting.

You want to SHINE BRIGHT

and LOVE YOURSELF in the way that pierces the ups and downs

…and forever become YOUR VERY OWN LIGHT SPARKLER.

Let’s face it. You’re already pretty freaking amazeballs!

And I know there is more you are wanting for yourself too.

This series has everything to do with getting you where you truly long to be.

Those parts of you needing a bit of fine-tuning in order to get the signal crystal clear?

That’s what I’m here for.

I’ll help you SHINE as your truest self and RECEIVE the maximum juju.

Hi, I’m Robin.

Some may call me an intuitive healer but I’m really a LIGHT SPARKLER.

I help that light inside you burn brighter so you can SHINE.

I know you want to get to the place where you are living your personal dream.

Not my dream, not somebody else’s dream. YOUR OWN.

You want to do what you LOVE in the ways you love to do it.

You want to listen to your inner compass and honor your own knowing.

Above all else, you want to stay the course of your journey, even on the days when you wake up and feel like, What the hell am I doing?!

“I have learned so much from Robin and I count her as one of the finest, most powerful, and most truly transformative teachers I have been blessed to know. If you’re thinking of joining the circle, let me encourage you. In the light of her loving focus and X-ray beam of soul-knowing, you, too, will grow and bloom!” — Kate Chadbourne, singer, storyteller, poet, harper, teacher, scholar, and apprentice enchanter

Robin is a unique and gifted teacher and her approach is accessible, warm, and open. She fully shows up and shares her own experiences with courage and irreverent humor, shining a light on the dark places that may seem more difficult to heal and share. During my time in the course, I felt completely connected to the other group members; I consider them friends, colleagues, kindred spirits and mentors, and Robin engenders all of these qualities in herself and in all of us, helping us bring the best of ourselves to our clients and each other.” — Eithne Egan, Life Coach, Postpartum Doula


Lightworker LOVE offers you inspired encouragement and honest conversation on topics that help you embrace who you truly are and feel confident and clear about rocking your journey in the way which feels best for YOU.

This series offers you intuitive guidance + Robin stories + prompts for your reflection on these topics:

  • shining, being an agent of the Divine, & moving beyond your comfort zone
  • self-care, self-compassion, loving yourself
  • honoring your path, setting healthy boundaries
  • success on your own terms, going for MORE than the limiting belief of a “seven-figure life”
  • setting healthy boundaries and dealing with challenging people and situations
  • money, abundance, & manifesting
  • confidence, consistency, & impostor syndrome
  • staying true to you

What You Can Expect:

  • The transformation you’ve been seeking: forward movement + peace of mind
  • Love and support from a friend who is walking the path too and cares about you shining brightly exactly as yourself
  • prompts for your healing and growth
  • help with intention setting and healing inspiration
  • clarity as to who you are and what you’re here to do
  • accountability and encouragement – yes even in this format, you will feel seen and encouraged to go for it!
  • truly binge-worthy content! I didn’t make that up, this is what students tell me all the time 😉 they listen to these lessons again and again
  • all lessons in your favorite format, both video and audio
  • a handbook accompanying the course that offers extra prompts, related content, and even a few bonus lessons I share nowhere else

Lightworker LOVE Course $85

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What you’ll receive:

12 HD quality videos, 5+ hours of awesome teachings in an easy-to-watch (lessons are 25 minutes on average)

+ audio recordings for each video lesson

+ a course handbook with prompts for reflection and related content to help you

+ extra measure goodness like Artsy Craftsy Healery offerings and Magic Manifesting intention rituals (see the awesome handbook)

+ let’s not forget that you’ll also receive support and love and enjoyment from a friend who truly cares about your forward movement (that’s me!)

“Robin, Lightworker LOVE, OMG your words have brought tears -lots of good tears. There is such warmth and love in your words. It feels good to know I’m not alone. It also empowers me to hear how you keep going in the direction of your dream even when you are scared and it helps me to see that I can do this even when I am scared too. You are such a blessing in my life and by extension my family’s life because your lessons and stories get retold at our house. You have a way -your heart and your sincerity keep these lessons powerful yet gentle. No forced lectures. Hell YES! That’s your magic. I love that so much! From my heart!” – Shannon

The series:

Lesson 1: Everything You Want is Here Now
Lesson 2: What If It Was Easy?
Lesson 3: Invest in the YES 🙂
Lesson 4: I Know Who I am. I know What I am. I Know How I Serve.
Lesson 5: Shine On (and why that’s so hard!)
Lesson 6: You Matter the Most
Lesson 7: the Green-Eyed Monster of Awakening
Lesson 8: Be Intentional Not Laissez Faire
Lesson 9: The Gazinta Principle
Lesson 10: FOMO Is My Friendo
Lesson 11: MONEY = My Own Natural Energy Yield
Lesson 12: Set a Boundary, Save a Life

“Just finished watching lesson 4 again. It felt very healing. At some point during this course, I had an experience that felt like a karmic shift. I received a mental picture of sheaves of paper moving forward and backward, like a deck of cards being shuffled. With this came a sense of certain things falling away, and a changed path going forward. The biggest thing I’ve gained from this course so far is developing a dialogue with myself, where I check in and ask what I’m needing or wanting. It has felt great to develop more of a relationship with myself and let that run the show, rather than feeling driven by outer forces. Thank you so much for this. Robin, you are a gift!” — Mary

Ready to receive Lightworker LOVE for yourself? $85

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What happens once you enter your billing information:

  • My little robot will send you a confirmation email – to say hey and hi and confirm your purchase and grant you access to the course lessons and downloads
  • The videos are on Vimeo, and you can watch right there or from any app, even on your TV. You’ll be able to save them to your own playlist too so you don’t have to go crazy trying to remember where you put the launch codes.
  • The audio files are ready for you to download, so you’ll just clicky-clicky to download and yay, then we can go for a walk together and grab a Starbuck’s too. I am digging iced Americanos lately 😉
  • The course handbook in pdf format and can be downloaded from the email you will receive upon registration.

“Each offering of this class brings numerous aha’s, light bulb moments and practical action steps to move me forward in my business and in life. Robin is an amazing teacher, healer and guide. She is open and honest about her own life lessons, and always comes from a loving place. If you crave a deeper connection to yourself and to your business, then you are in the right place. I can’t recommend this class or Robin highly enough. Count me as a “Robin Lifer.” — Liz Murray, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

“I have learned so much from Robin and I count her as one of the finest, most powerful, and most truly transformative teachers I have been blessed to know. If you’re thinking of joining the circle, let me encourage you. In the light of her loving focus and X-ray beam of soul-knowing, you, too, will grow and bloom!

After six months in Robin Hallett’s Love Posse, I have come to the conclusion that Robin is a kind of human “grow light.” Everyone in the orbit of this loving, brilliant, wildly intuitive woman seems to flourish! With skill and tenderness, she guides us to put down deeper and sturdier roots in the truth of who we are. Her faith in us helps us to unfurl and open to new powers and possibilities. We begin to believe that we deserve to live in the sunlight – and with Robin’s encouragement, we bloom!

One of the most potent philosophies I have taken from Robin’s Lightworker LOVE course is that “if you want to go bigger, you must go deeper.” The reason most business courses sit inert on our hard drives is because they don’t address either the deeply-rooted fears that stop us OR the often unspoken heartfelt desires that pull us forwards. Robin’s course helps us dive deep into this essential self-knowledge, offering a nourishing mix of practical advice, spiritual support, generous conversation, and her own fabulous humor. As in, snort your tea up your nose funny!

If you don’t know her yet, you might be stunned by the time and care Robin invests in the Facebook group, reading every comment and offering help, solace, cheering on, and great ideas in response. If you are willing to share anything – a question, a comment, a request for support – you will be heard and loved and answered. In short, you will have access to an expert business woman, a spot-on intuitive, and a loving friend all rolled into one.

The process she teaches is organic and gentle – but make no mistake: it works. I have been inspired to act more courageously, to look more honestly at gaps in my boundaries and in my full responsibility for my life and business, and to take real-world steps that have resulted in a more joyful and yes, more prosperous, experience in my business.” — Kate Chadbourne, singer, storyteller, poet, harper, teacher, scholar, and apprentice enchanter

“You speak right to my heart Robin, you are warm and true, and tough when you need to be. I feel far more enlightened and clear about where I’m going and how I will get there, and what I need to do first, then next, to get there. I’ve loved watching/rewatching your videos…having your voice in my head all day <3″ — Mary McConnell, Massage Therapist and Reiki Healer

“Simply put, Robin rocks it like she means it and helps guide those she works with to do exactly the same in their own true way.

After Having participated in a number of Robin’s offerings I have to say I look forward to participating in many more. The beauty of Robin’s guidance is she approaches everything from a holistic point of view. Building your business is about healing yourself and healing yourself will directly correlate to building your business.

Robin directs you to get to the “why” of anything that you do by presenting big universal questions but distilling them down to an accessible and understandable level.” — Cassia Cogger Artist, Author, Teacher, Creative Explorer

“I was blown away by her videos and content. It was as if she was in mind, speaking directly to my vulnerabilities and fears. I felt helped and held in a way that I hadn’t quite found in other business mastermind groups. Her content and approach gave me permission to feel, be and do what felt more aligned with me and my heart’s desire.

It’s so much more than business – it’s about making the long trek between your mind and heart. But before you think her work it’s all ‘lovey dovey’, think again. She’s able to call you on your ‘song & dance’ when need be, without making you feel that you don’t belong. Her work is to help you grow and be courageous, not hide behind your the trance-like music of your old record playing. If you feel called, join the Love Posse be ready to dance to courageous tune – wholeheartedly.” — Vanessa Couto, Astro Coach & Artist

“Robin, thank you for the amazing work you do in the world, I hope you know how good you are at what you do, how the waking up and the work and the transformation that you foster in others is The Best. It is all there is. There is no other work. It is so important, and so spot on, and so miraculous.” – Lexie Oneca

“This course gave me the parts I never knew I was missing. So much heart and soul and gentle loving guidance and support offered by you Robin, and yet the most direct and honest advice about stepping up, about authenticity, and commitment / discipline.

I cannot thank you enough for stripping it right back and taking your time with the truly important stuff ~ ourselves, our beliefs, our approach to our business, our own self esteem and our own healing, so that we truly do build strong foundations for our wonderful new or growing businesses.

You have changed the very way I live my life on a daily basis; the way I schedule my time, the way I approach my work times, what exactly I do now schedule into my days and weeks, and heck even the way I write. I have never before mastered frequency and consistency in my business, and whilst it’s early days, I feel I am finally walking my talk and I am so excited about what is to come.” — Carol C.

“Thank you so so much Robin for the safe container you offered, for your loving support and guidance throughout the course, and for how tenderly you delivered each class, and any guidance you gave us on Facebook, and thank you for not holding back on that guidance and calling forth our best and most pro-like selves! :o) Eternally grateful.” – Bernadette N.

“I haven’t found this kind of personal/heart and soul content inside of other courses and that is what made it so useful in a very practical, very real sense. Thanks again Robin! So much love to you” –Angie M.

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