Thanks again for meeting with me today. You were right, I did and do feel better after our session. Have a wonderful night. ❤️

Hi, Robin, Thank you so much. I love reading these. You are amazing.

Aww, Robin,

I love, love, love getting your e-mails. It’s like having a warm blanket, a warm cup of tea and sunshine on a cold day. It makes me smile and feel warm fuzzy 100% alright!

As soon as I started reading I felt the warmth and love.

Hugs and much, much blessings to you.

THANK YOU, Robin. You always touch my heart and it means a lot to me. I’ve never really had people to look up to or admire who give me guidance of the emotional kind but here you are. I really appreciate you.

Thank you, Robin! I have been up to my neck in my emotional sewage this week; then here comes my friend Robin with ALL the RIGHT WORDS! (as ALWAYS!) I am so glad that in the middle of the nightmares you walk in with your Woo, Sparkles, High Fives, and words of WISDOM. Thank you for that! Love, Light and Awesomeness to you ALWAYS!

Dearest Robin, How I LOVE the way your words can wake me up from my crazy dream!! I am SO HAPPY to be a member of your WAY COOL POSSE!! Sending you love right back! –LP

Robin, I’m hanging on to your letter today. It’s real and it feels so good. It’s the first time that I can even remember feeling so good about being on my path. I’m hanging on to this feeling and making it stick and become stronger. Thank you for sharing yourself and so much encouragement; that helped to clear enough of the heaviness away that I could see the sparkle. Thank you for the hugs and love, — DM

Thank you for walking with me and being right here with encouragement and love. Love, Hugs, Sparkles, Laughs and warm sunshine to you Robin!!!!

Robin’s messages are so reassuring and ease my anxiety. She is my role model for how I would like to live my life but didn’t previously dare to even consider. She leads by example in a loving, nurturing, and quirky way which resonates with me. In a gentle way, she points listeners to powerful perspectives that help to heal old wounds and narratives. I am so grateful for the moments I have been with Robin or listening to a podcast and felt my inner trajectory shift. Thank you for being you, Robin.

I love your letters, Robin. As ALWAYS your timing is perfect. How do you know
?? Hugs — CG

Wonderful Robin, Once again you are reading my mind. Thank you so much for your message today. Really touched my heart. Looove to you! –

Thank you so much, my beautiful friend. Your words are like a loving elixir for my soul. –LH

Robin, how important it is for me to hear your story and know I’m not alone. So, thank you for showing up so openly and being you! To talk about what has been hard from a place of love takes strength. Sending love — KT

Robin, Thank you for this. Bless your beautiful soul and for helping me realize I am not in that struggle alone and for helping it not matter quite so much– love you so much, spirit sister.🌸🌱🌺

My Beautiful Friend Robin, Thank you for writing your weekly letters. I get this beautiful gift from you every week and it’s like a hug, pat on the head, and “it’s ok, go out and play”, kind of feeling. Thank God for you, Robin! I feel SO MUCH better! Loving the Love Posse and Grateful for the all of it!! — LP