Healing Practitioner Course

“This is such a lovely course for anyone in a healing profession…for anyone at all, really. Robin Hallett is such a luminous soul and teacher.” —Molly Larkin, Life Coach, Writer, Mama

Hello, sweet friend! It’s me, Robin 🙂

My wish for you is to have a heart-centered business that is not only successful but serves the world in a way you feel good about – one that’s on-mission with your spirit and aligned with your purpose.

In this course, I will give you the foundation you need so that you feel empowered, aligned, and ready to go!

I’ve been working as a healer since 2001, both on and offline. In that time, I have learned how to have a business I feel so proud to claim as my own.

In my practice, I see other healers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries… I help people get to where they most want to be by addressing the obstacles and challenges we all face on the journey. I see my work as a deep honor and privilege.

“In this course, Robin shares video lessons that covered areas specific to those of us on our journey as Healers. I was blown away at the first video! My first impression was “WOW! This woman is so accessible and so real!” I honestly don’t know when I’ve ever encountered a person with so much presence. I could see all this love and light radiating from her eyes. And her words also were full of so much love and support.” —Martha Montour, Writer and Coach

Course Information:

In this self-paced e-course, I will speak on topics vital to the personal and professional life of anyone on the heart-centered path to supporting others. Whether you are a healer, coach, artist, teacher… therapist, bodyworker, or a creative… this will support you in ways you’ve known you needed and those you didn’t 😉

My utmost priority is your own healing journey, and I really want to support you in shining and shining brightly.

I want to see you rock your dream like you really mean it!

“I highly recommend this course for holistic healers such as reiki, energy healers, yoga instructors, masseuses etc. I participated in the series earlier this year and found it very illuminating. I’m going to take the class again because I love Robin and I enjoy her honest and intuitive approach to guiding her students and clients.” — Tammy J., Artist

“I haven’t found this kind of personal/heart and soul content inside of other courses and that is what made it so useful in a very practical, very real sense. Thanks again Robin! So much love to you” —Angie M. Your Organized Guide

“Just spectacular Robin, I really enjoyed the class your videos, the insights, your cute birdy drawings, the poems, your honesty. Love and hugs x infinity” — Jelly G.

“I’ve just watched the first 2 lessons of your healing practitioner course and it is so helpful, so incredibly helpful. I felt your warmth coming through. I kept thinking about what you said about being authentic and consistent and shining your light, I want to be that way too. So much about these lessons has made me see new possibilities that I wasn’t believing were possible, till now. Thank you thank you.” — KG

“A heartfelt thank you for this beautiful course. Each video was a precious gift wrapped in your radiant presence. Not only was it inspiring, it was also entertaining.” — Jemma

Healing Practitioner Course $55 [gumroad id=”OSkKE”]

You will receive:

6 HD quality videos, 3+ hours of awesome teachings

+ audio recordings for each video lesson

+ prompts for journaling

+ let’s not forget that you’ll also receive support and love and enjoyment

Here are the topics I cover:

Lesson one: Who is a Healer?

Lesson two: On value and the Three Things

Lesson three: On Receiving, Setting Expectations and Better Affirmations

Lesson Four: Gratitude, Guidance & Authenticity

Lesson Five: Our Personal Money Stories

Lesson Six: Courage to Shine, Charging for Services, Money

Ready to receive the Healing Practitioner Course for yourself? $55

What happens once you enter your billing information:

  • My little robot will send you a confirmation email – to say hey and hi and give you the secret launch codes so you can watch the lessons and download the audio and read the prompts for journaling.
  • The videos are on Vimeo, and you can watch right there or from any app, even on your TV. You’ll be able to save them to your own playlist too so you don’t have to go crazy trying to remember where you put the launch codes.
  • The audio files are ready for you to download, so you’ll just clicky-clicky to download and yay, then we can go for a walk together and grab a Starbuck’s too. I am digging iced Americanos lately 😉

Testimonials from students:

“Your program has been a wonderful inspiration for me! Thank you so much…each one feels like you’re speaking right to me. I’ve very much enjoyed each one.” — Tara

The lessons in this course are like no other learning I have had anywhere, ever. Uncovering layer after layer, and being seen, held and supported all the way. Thank you, Robin.” Mary

“This course is teaching me all the inner stuff that has to be dealt with so that I can be of service to others and not let my own stuff be in the way. Spirit keeps showing me again and again that if I want to have a business, I need to heal my relationship with money. You give me so much hope. Thank you and God bless you, and I love your course.” – Brent

“I just finished lesson 6 and started watching from lesson 1 again. Robin, they have been so healing for me, insightful and genuinely loving. Thank you!” – Coreen

“Thank you again, sincerely, for the work you do, and this wonderful course. None of the coaching I got really covered any of these ideas. I admit at first I worried this would be another one of those ‘how to market ourselves’ classes originally….but this was WAY WAY MORE VALUABLE.” – Keri Constance, Reiki Healer and Blogger


“The personal connection with Robin was so spiritually deep. It opened places in my heart I had not touched before. All the positive lessons are amazing. Thank you, Robin, for touching my inner self and holding my hand on this journey… blessings.” – Lori

“I am beyond grateful for you and your videos. Thank you for your blessed presence in my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts, so I could learn to share mine. Bowing in deep appreciation and reverence.” – Carrie

“This program gave me the parts I never knew I was missing. So much heart and soul and gentle loving guidance and support offered by you Robin, and yet the most direct and honest advice about stepping up, about authenticity, and commitment/discipline. I cannot thank you enough for stripping it right back and taking your time with the truly important stuff ~ ourselves, our beliefs, our approach to our business, our own self-esteem and our own healing so that we truly do build strong foundations for our wonderful new or growing businesses. You have changed the very way I live my life on a daily basis; the way I schedule my time, the way I approach my work times, what exactly I do now schedule into my days and weeks, and heck even the way I write. I have never before mastered frequency and consistency in my business, and whilst it’s early days, I feel I am finally walking my talk and I am so excited about what is to come. Thank you so so much Robin for the safe container you offered, for your loving support and guidance throughout the course, and for how tenderly you delivered each class, and any guidance you gave us on Facebook, and thank you for not holding back on that guidance and calling forth our best and most pro-like selves! :o) Eternally grateful” – Joyti

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