Courageous Faith

courageous faith

I have always been someone who writes myself little notes.

I keep them around the house and sometimes I even write them on my hands.

The little notes are my reminders, they help me remember and keep me on track. When I get lost or scared I am pretty much guaranteed to find a visual reminder of The Truth somewhere here at the house.

Right here at my side are words from Wayne Dyer. I have had this note with me ever since I began my journey of having a healing practice and being online. When I was scared shitless when I had no faith in my ability or I felt lost in “Loser Town,” I would re-read his words along with the powerful affirmation I wrote for myself:

Birdies Desk

“If I want to accomplish something I must first expect it of myself.

Love is my Dharma. There is nothing to fear.

Forget the evidence that the website isn‘t written.

Forget the evidence that I have no clients.

I am writing this website.

I am an accomplished healer.

I am easily and effortlessly helping the world with my gifts and the love I have to offer.

I am here to do this.

I am accomplishing it now.”

There has hardly been a week since I’ve been on this journey where I haven’t listened to Wayne or read something he’s written – he has been and continues to be an amazing light in my life. Thank you, Wayne, for your unwavering love and commitment. For your fierce love and courageous faith.

This journey requires your courageous faith.

courageous faith

You don’t have to have 100% courageous faith, all it takes is a baby sliver.

You just have to be willing.

Even a sliver of willingness will help you remember The Truth: You are loved and you are not alone. You are a spark of the Divine. A child of God.

You are so much MORE than this one thing your small puny mind is trying to sell you. Even the current Big Ticket Item in your life, the one that’s driving you away from the Truth, isn’t the reality.

It takes courageous faith to remember this.

I know how hard it is to remember in the absence of visible evidence, especially when things seem to be spiraling.

If you had little notes to yourself posted around the house or on your phone or on your hand, what would they say?

What message would you help you stay on track?


Would you be willing to write yourself a little note?

There are so many pitfalls in a day. One moment all is going swimmingly well and then out of nowhere something bonks you on the head and you forget yourself.

How about a baby reminder?

Here is a little note I made when I was thinking about you:

courageous faith

You are amazing dear friend, yes you are.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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