You Always Have Value // Tea With Robin Episode 97

You always have value,

How do you know that you’re of value in the world even if you don’t feel like you’re doing anything valuable?

Your value is not tied to what you do, your value is about who you be. You exist. You have value. Your valuable contribution in life is your YOU-ness. Your shine is the essence you’re here to share. Your purpose is to contribute light in the world exactly as you are. Remember who you are, know who you are. Of course, this is not what the ego loves to hear! The ego is all about points, and evaluation, and recognition.

In this episode, I talk about what it really means to have value and purpose, especially now, even if you’re not working or famous 😉 I offer the encouragement we need now, our purpose is to contribute light in the world exactly as we are. We need you to be you. To be that essence you are. We need your reflection as yourself. We need that. We need you to be exactly as you are.

The inspiration this week is about clearing space for your own mental health and well being and finding and honoring time just for you.

Our letter is from #believingisseeing who talks about the coronavirus experience and wonders how to not succumb to her own fears plus, how does the law of attraction factor in?

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The Responsibility for Sight: “This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies:

I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”

Song: A Reminder by Trevor Hall

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at Robin Hallett calm, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, especially now in these times, how do you know that you have value that you’re offering value that you contribute value in the world, even if you don’t work, even if you’re not doing anything, even if you’re laying in bed recovering right now. How do you have value. And what is your purpose, our inspiration is about clearing space for your own mental health, making time and prioritizing that time, just for you. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag, believing is seeing all this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Hello gorgeous friend. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast, tea with Robin. This is Episode 97. I’m so happy to be back with you again I’m so happy it’s us, you know what I mean, it’s me and it’s you, and Hi, that means, whoa. We are amazing. We are on this journey, we are committed together. That’s everything. Thank you. So welcome welcome welcome. And if this is your first time listening. I include you in that. Thank you for being here. Welcome aboard. This is the love posse, you are now part of us. And I hope this is one of many places of spiritual sustenance for your own heart and journey. So my friend, I’m upstairs recording in my office today in the studio upstairs, and the weather is cooperating I just wanted to let you know that you might hear some outdoor noises made this only add to our ambiance and occasional quirky psychic ding moments. Because you know that happens around here, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on things lately. So, the house next door is being built now and so you might hear a few hammers, or air brakes, or who knows what. So my friend. How is the weather in your heart today. How are you, how have you been? Have you been being kind to yourself, gentle. Are you making a little space for summer or winter, where you are, are you making a little space to enjoy the time now. I hope so. Always My prayer is that, you know, you realize you are God in a body. You are a spark of the Divine in the body, expressing that creative energy through you, and you recognize that you respect that you honor that yes yes yes and hint hint, we are going to talk about that more today. Over here, the weather My heart is excellent. It is super,

super paired. And

yet feeling a little frisky even, it’s, it’s been a beautiful week, I would say if we were at Great America I would say a lot like the American Eagle. Anybody know that ride. The old wooden roller coaster with the huge huge dips. Yeah, that was me several times this week, walking around a little bit tearful a little bit fearful a little bit worried, a little bit wondering, and something I really appreciate about me is I can’t seem to ever separate the part of me in love with being on the ride and the journey from the one who suffers. That’s a good thing, too, because if I was only in the dips, with no memory of my practices or my spiritual identity, let’s say, I wouldn’t even be talking to you right now. I wouldn’t even be here. I don’t know where I would be but not here. So, whether my heart is good, it’s been a sweet week and I’m so happy to be with you again. Sometimes you think wow in the midst of this pandemic in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement in the midst of all the news events, all the private personal events we’re having. What else could there be to talk about today. Well, guess what, I have something else to talk about today, which is good. Right. So we better have a cheers before I get started, about that. Got some delicious iced coffee here in my little heart mug. And I’m raising my cup of tea to you, to me, to our families to our friends to our beloved’s to our fellow journey errs on this ride known and unrolled to everybody in the world. The universe the multiverse all around. May we remember and know who we truly are. Cheers. Yummy Yummy yummy. So friends. Before I begin today’s message. I wanted to invite you to morning magic every single day. Live healing support, love and kindness and encouragement reminders direct feedback to you direct offerings of inspiration and support, and the group that gathers there every day is some of the most heart filled awakened. Beloved, real down to earth people. I gotta say, like, Hi, we’re not floating on clouds, eating grass all day shaving our heads. We talk about real things real life. Real journeys. And we’re walking together and you are. So welcome, so invited. We meet every day on Instagram 9am Chicago time under my account at Robin Hallett, the links are below, or on the show notes here, Robin Hallett comm slash 97. We meet every day sometimes for an hour, and if you can’t make that time, the replays are on YouTube, you are invited, that is from my heart to yours. And this leads me to what I want to talk about today which is what is my value, and what is my purpose in life. What is Do you ever wonder that how do I have value. Now, especially now that there’s this pandemic on. Maybe your situation has changed quite a bit, how do I have value, how do I find my value, how do I feel valued. How do I feel valuable. And what is my purpose, what is my function, what am I supposed to be doing. And you should say it like that, especially if you’re getting hung up. Try and make yourself laugh alone What am I supposed to be doing. Every single person falls into this place. I, it’s interesting, I was looking back, I began seeing healing clients right after 911 right around that time. And it’s interesting that when I was starting to do healing. We were in the middle of a world shake up almost 19 years ago, we were in the middle of this world, shake up. Think about that. Do you remember that time.

So I came into healing in that energy, or just before that time and people were going all around saying what. Now, what are we going to do what are we supposed to do things suddenly felt meaningless they once had a lot of meaning things felt empty things felt trivial and silly and you know not important and it left a big hole in our hearts, a big hole in our, the fabric of our beingness in a way like now what what are we supposed to do. What’s it all about. And here we are again. You know, this global time this global pandemic this love apocalypse has really done that work of leveling things out to a point where we can really sit with a deeper awakening in ourselves in the world and one of the things we’re asking is, how do I know that I have value How do I know I’m on purpose, and if I can’t be identified through a job or a bank balance, or a certain kind of social status or a following or, I don’t know, you know, fill in the blank here. I think it’s really honest to say yeah, I have strived I have strove, I have striven in my life trying to get somewhere, trying to be something, and have also felt really bad about myself because I can’t seem to figure out what the EFF I’m supposed to be doing. And it would be so nice to just claim the first principle. I’m going to share today which is I exist, I have value. I exist. And I have value. I am valuable because I’m alive because I exist. Slowly detangling the story that it’s what I do that brings value from, who I be is the value, and who you be is the value. It’s not what you do, that’s valuable, my friend. I’m talking about the ego mind versus the spirit. Knowing the ego thinks about its value and its contribution and it’s racking up of the stars and the points, and the fancy chemin C’s right. Let’s be honest. There was a time I thought I was supposed to become famous. It was the worst time in my life. The horriblest time in my life, honestly. Now, I understand the function is just be just be me, just be me and trust that that is the purpose. So the first principle is you exist. You are valuable. And your value is not tied to what you do, your value is about who you be. So you might say, yeah, yeah, yeah, but if I contribute nothing. This is what people usually say So you mean if I just sit around all day and do nothing. I have value. Yeah. Yeah, you do. And you’re thinking about this, you’re not feeling into the truth, you’re not knowing this as a spirit being knows you’re not knowing this like a spirit being knows. The second principle is. Where did I get these principles, these come from my own heart. These are Robbins principles, how I live my life. I’m offering them to you, they are definitely Spirit led principles from different walks of my life, and studies. The second point is, what is your contribution that gives you value your uniqueness is your contribution. You don’t have to do anything to be valuable. And still, there is a light you’re here to shine. That’s your contribution. That’s what you contribute is the shine, the sparkle. That is tied to the essence that you are which is really saying you are God in the body expressing yourself as you in this lifetime. That is your contribution. That is your contribution.

So yeah, if you were just sitting home watching Netflix tending your garden, talking to chatting with friends, occasionally sharing something meaningful with somebody to help them out. Yeah, that’s, that’s a life, right there. You may have heard me talk about Paul Selig and the guides here before. And one of the things in a recent workshop, I received was that the soul is here for its own joy to live her life, or a, it’s to live its life enjoy is enough. It’s enough. The ego wants to be all about accumulation and recognition. The soul could care less if we really sit with this we find that where does our suffering actually come from. It comes from the ego. It comes from the stories about how I’m not doing it right. Yet, and there’s a way to do it right and it’s all about striving, and that means I got to have value and purpose and know what that is and contribute something that other people recognize and value and want to pay for and right you’re off to the races again so first things first. You have value because you be period, you’re here, you’re valuable. And we all have a role to play. Every single one of us has a contribution to come tribute.

And that’s how we express ourselves as ourselves.

We need you to be you. We need you to be that thing that you are. We need your reflection, as yourself. We need that, you know, have you ever looked at A. Have you ever gone to a carnival or a fun house where they have those funny mirrors. It’s so funny to stand in front of the ones that make you really tall or make your face explode or make you really big. Make you really wide looking or your nose is really big or something. But the best mirror is a clear mirror. The best mirror is a clear mirror, where I can see myself in you, and you can see yourself in me. And that’s because we’re one reflection. We’re both God essence, expressing as us. We’re going to have different tastes and likes and ways of saying things we’re going to have different ways of doing things. Still, when you are your truest you when you just be. And you know your value is being an ICU in that I feel even just imagining looking at you in that place right now. My whole body just softened. Did anybody else have that experience. So your value comes from being.

That’s it.

Your contribution. What you’re contributing in the world is your unique essence. Your I sometimes say your sliver of the universe your sliver of the diamond your stretch of this. Your expression, your unique expression. And so many woundings around expressing ourselves uniquely Am I right, have you had, have you racked up a fair share, or all the holes in your punch card punched on that one, because I know I have. If I were to sum it up. One of the biggest things I’ve carry this out it’s, it’s, I must be a weirdo. You know I’m different and difficult these are things I was told all my life but you know,

the greatest healing, I could offer anyone is the reminder that your way is the right way, and how do I know that so firmly in my bones. You know from being ridiculed teased hurt abandoned betrayed groups turning their backs on me. That’s how. And still, they’re feeling like I’m okay. I’m okay, this hurt this sting I’m actually feeling is because I went away from my center and tried to get somebody else’s way to override my own because I wanted to belong somewhere. And I let my mind my ego mine Take me away. You know we can’t do that, we’re here to be one of a kind originals because we are. So we got to remember who we are. And we got to know that our contribution is to be that one, as we are.

Ma’am, we remember that we have value because we be. We just be. We have value. And we know that our contribution is essential, as we be. So the way you say it the way I say it. Music We love the way we see things. It’s all necessary. It’s our contribution. Then you can say this is my purpose. This is my purpose to be me and express as me, knowing that who is me. Me, be gone in the body. I’m awake. Meaning, I’m not coming from ego. I’m working on my issues, I’m awakening, I’m choosing. I’m learning to say I’m a spark of the Divine and so are you. Even if I don’t agree with how you’re expressing yourself, your truth, your way. I still see you as the spark of the Divine. This is our purpose. The ego doesn’t like this answer the ego wants to know I mean the world if you asked me the online marketing world alone is built on ego, seven figure success schemes, I will teach you how to be a seven figure coach, I will teach you how to flip real estate, like a pro. I will teach you how to, you know, whatever. There’s so much built on helping you be

the greatest fictionalized version of yourself that your ego can muster in any one moment. And all of the suffering that comes is really about having gone so far from your center that there’s nobody home in your heart, you know be beautiful practice as you feel the pain pinging you to remind yourself that it’s just a reminder find your center, and thinking of the Trevor Hall song, my love. It’s just a reminder find your center. And if you’d like to listen to that song, the artist is Trevor Hall and it’s a reminder is the name of the song, gotta remember who you are and know that your purpose is to be who you are, which is you know you have value. Just by being here. Just by being. And you contribute your beingness your unique essence, spend a little time helping yourself. Appreciate your unique essence, it’s so important to know yourself and embrace yourself and understand who you are. Your purpose is to contribute your life, exactly as it is.

That’s it.

All the things that add up to you, making you you. And being in your unique essence. That’s your purpose that’s your value you know we can go round and round with these words but that’s it. And that’s all you need to be all the things that add up to you making you you and then your unique essence. That is not your ego stuff. And I know I just want to say, I get that that’s probably disappointing in a weird way, it’s initially disappointing to realize, Oh, really. I mean I’m not gonna be somebody. Well, you are somebody when you realize who you really are. You’re like, yeah, I gladly give away my ego story because I see what I’m getting in trade, when I release that story. I gotta be somebody, according to whoever’s version of the somebody Enos, I’ve been listening to. And then I realized who I really am. Who am I, I’m in my beauty. I’m in my essence, I’m in my flow. I’m in my ease. I’m in my delight. I’m in my appreciation, my acceptance. That’s who I am. We can be this way. Nothing is healed. In the darkness of our fear. And our worry, and our concern in our striving to correct or wrong that we’re listening to that’s not even real. Nothing is healed their friends, we try and shove things into darkness that we don’t want to face in ourselves and these are exactly the things that need to be illuminated now. We need to bring it out into the light, our fears our worries, because it’s really a denial of what’s divine in you. You may not have thought of it this way but it’s really arrogant, actually, to say it’s not good enough it’s not right. Think about it. The real act of humility is to say thank you. Thank you. I am who I am, and I love who I am I embrace who I am, all of it. Yes, even the belly rolls. Hmm, I hear these stories all the time. None of us is ever the only one feeling these feelings, by the way, as we continue to deny what we don’t like about ourselves, we’re trying to shove it in the darkness go and try and emerge into the light with, like, all this stuff about us, we can’t accept in the dark disco. I promise you, it only prolongs the suffering and you probably know this. It stays attached to you until you acknowledge it until you say, I see you suffering one. I see you worried one. I see you insistent one insistent that you’re not okay you’re not enough you’re not doing enough, you don’t have value. I see you, I see you, come here. Let me embrace you. Let me love you. Let me show you another way. Nothing can be transformed until it gets seen. You know, this is just me here but I really love the responsibility prayer in chapter 21 have A Course in Miracles. I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the goal I would achieve and everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for and receive as I have asked. And it goes on to say deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what’s being done to you acknowledge that you’ve been mistaken. You know, we’ve been mistaken.

We thought in order to be happy in order to be at peace. I need to make a kajillion dollars, I need to become thinner famous. I need to develop a cure I need to contribute to the social awareness, I need to address, you know, bring everybody into the light about equality and injustice, what’s going on, I need to be as in the know as i can be all these stories we create the ego comes with and it says good. This is something you know the stuff that’s grounded in our spiritual knowing to the ego keeps trying to glom on to the message, so that he can do, its dark. Crazy Train journey on us, but we don’t have to. That’s why this responsibility prayer is so beautiful I’m responsible for what I see, I choose the feelings I’m experiencing. I’ve decided on the goal I would achieve and everything that seems to happen to me I’ve asked for, and I receive as I have asked. So deceive yourself no longer that you’re helpless in the face of what is done to you acknowledge you’ve been mistaken. And all effects of your mistakes will disappear. How would it be to explore letting go of the importance we’ve placed on whatever it is and when you’ve probably connected some dots for yourself. I said to you, you know like when I came online. And I started my website and blog, I really thought my mission was to become famous. I own that now I see that and I’m so happy to know that now. There’s so much pressure off now and actually what it’s done is it’s allowed people to come in and actually receive and be part of. There’s no need for me to be seen in any certain way and I find that it’s, it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. For me it feels very effortless and easy but for others I noticed that they can really receive the essence of what’s being offered because there isn’t a big ego head, trying to become famous. You know, and I’m sure you know people you recognize this energy in people, you see online, and that’s okay, we are where we are, you know, but when we can let go of our own story of importance, and just show up and see what it’s like. I feel like, like I was saying before the trade off is so much better when you realize. Being in my unique essence could never be disappointing. Being in my beingness could never be disappointing. I am a spark of the Divine, that is, like winning the prize. I never could even imagine, feeling so good. What would it be like to know that the joy of living is enough to be in your joy to be in your joy. I say it all the time my soul is here for its own joy. And that’s echoed in so many teachings, our joy or joy, or joy. We came to be with our joy. We came to experience our joy. Let your eyes see a new today, you are responsible for what you see. Let yourself see my value is because I be, I’m here, I have value period, my unique contribution is that I’m awake and I’m contributing my light as myself in this lifetime. And my purpose is, all of that, knowing this is who I am, understanding. I’m here. I’m here doing this and that, you know, people need this, people will be sent to you because you are expressing your unique essence, as you people are sent to you all the time, who need your, your brand of how you say it and do it very, very important. So, May that serve you today. I hope it does really really friends before I share today’s inspiration. I’d love you to consider supporting the podcast, share this message on with somebody who needs it, share what sparks for you. Help your friends out so many of us right now are in that place of wondering when the world gets

that awakening pulse, the way it is now, like we’ve never seen before. Perhaps in our lifetime. It shakes us to the core, and we need to know we’re okay we need to be reminded of what we’re doing, and this message is for everybody. Now, so please share this on. There’s also some yummy courses, some beautiful art and coffee mugs and pillows you can purchase or you could make a donation. Buy me a cup of coffee. All the links are below. And as always I welcome a review, or if you see me share it online, give it a share, give it a thumbs up or a like that always helps somebody else see it in their feed, as well. And I thank you so much for that. So inspiration this week. I’ve been noticing how each of us has been experiencing our own form of transformational growth in this time, your personal landscape of stuff is definitely changing through these times our personal landscape of stuff just who we are, what we are. The way we carry things what we’re experiencing. It’s changing. And you know how I say the outer impacts the inner, and the inner impacts the outer, and I definitely am noticing that I feel like a broken record. That’s what I’m thinking about right now. I say the same things every week, but, you know, it’s not like something I can say once and be done, we’re going through changes. We’re going through transition transformation, and things that have always sort of been a bother. Things that have always been hanging there in the background for you. For me, they’re a little less background hanging, if you know what I mean. Things are more present. And now more than ever, the self care, the self love the practices are necessary. We need to be giving ourselves, lots of space to explore and discover and have quiet time on our own that’s different than the quiet time we usually always take anyway. So, this inspiration is really about your mental health. Your and my, of course, space to be space to unwind space to give yourself space to be with how you’re doing. Sometimes when I’m talking to friends. I see in sessions. I’ll say, you know what you are having feelings about that and are you giving yourself some space to process your feelings. You ever allow yourself to go there with your feelings. And they’ll say, Oh yeah, you know, when I was walking away I had this thought like FSU person, you know, like, and that, and that’s somebody else’s idea of expressing their feelings is they’ll have a thought of you person. That’s not taking space for you that’s not making time for you that’s not creating process time for you. I’m talking about time to get yourself back on track back into the groove, where you feel stabilized and adjusted. Have you ever been driving on the highway and you see a car ahead of you that has one hub camp that sort of like shimmering boots somehow. It’s wobbling something’s a little bit off. You know, it’s not, not a huge problem but if you don’t tend to it at some point it’s going to be. We’ve all had stuff where this time has just piled on the extra pile, it’s added something more. And I know for a lot of friends.

The issue around finance the issue around. How am I going to make things work in this new world again back to the issue of value and purpose, and I can’t stress it enough that you just give yourself some time for your own mental health. It doesn’t have to be any one thing specific. But it should be something different than what you usually do because our go to things are sometimes. Now don’t now stay with me. I was gonna say don’t get mad at me but I don’t want to assume. I don’t want to pad the nest to it that any of those feathers. But sometimes the same things we do day in and day out can also be a bit of a checkout item, you know where we can check out doing those things and I’ve got my checkout items, like, you know, the other day I was thinking, I am not working today, my work schedule too has been slower than usual. And I also am working on those thoughts around that the fear based thoughts and working with the energy of trying to flow with the new way and see the good in that you know which is sometimes a bit of a challenge. So I was like wow there’s more time around the house I can mow the lawn I can do all this yard work and I thought you know, that’s what I do though when I get stressed out. I toil, I rearrange, I clean, and I, I haven’t really cleaned but you know like I’ll rearrange stuff I’ll clean out clutter. Sometimes I’ll cook. And I just felt into that all of that, and none of that was helpful. None of that felt supportive so I just got in the car, and I drove to the beach. I have not been to the beach much this year. In fact, I did a few Episode A few weeks ago I talked about going to the beach for the first time and so, so I drove to the beach. And I got out on the water and just swam. It was the perfect day, we even had waves. And I just swam and swam, and swam, and

you know halfway out alone in the water I just let myself, relax, and there were some tears. And there were some giggles and there were even some of those FSU statements, because I’ve had some wack stuff going on too. These are strange times, if you’ve noticed that people are acting strange. And it’s bothering you. If it’s bothering you, I should say. Make sure you’re allowed to vent, make sure you’re allowed to blow off steam. I have an art journal book called venomous animals of the world that Jeff. Jeff gave me and it’s an old book of his big book and venomous animals of the world, and sometimes I open those pages. Right now I’ve got big one open, I’m just looking around the monitor I can see it, it’s a, it’s a tarantula II. And that might be the perfect page to unleash a bunch of energy to just say it how you want to, and then maybe paint over it, maybe leave it, you know I’m saying, it could be so so helpful so helpful. We’ve got to take that mental health day, you know, take that time for ourselves. If the pace has been slower and if it hasn’t I’m thinking of you Mamas and papas with young kids and it’s just like there is no break really it feels like there is no break. It still okay to carve some time in for yourself. I, I don’t know how, but I know you do. And it’s just applying that one ad in your mind and asking yourself what if this was easy.

If I could allow myself to really explore what would work well for me, instead of always being there for the kids or being on call or whatever it is that you go through where it’s hard to have a mental health day for you explore what would make it possible.

Maybe on the weekend, you actually take a beautiful day for yourself. Instead of doing chores. Instead of doing laundry instead of doing the grocery shopping you do it a little differently so that you have that feeling of adventure, and some kind of vacation, feeling, you know this mixture of nobody, we’re not on vacation I know but you know how when you go somewhere, all new, and it’s all new and the energy is all new. That’s what I’m trying to describe last weekend, I had such a five star weekend, sitting out, you know just making ice tea for myself my special blend of ice tea and then extra ice, and sitting out and reading the paper and reading my books and really staying with it, letting myself stay with what I love playing music and sipping iced tea. It really helped and it’s really not until those moments like you’re out on the raft floating that you realize how heavy it’s been, or how much it’s, it’s just been a lot, especially if you’ve been carrying caregiving for people, especially for them working heavy shifts, and there’s that energy. Even if you’re home all day and you don’t work right now. And you feel like you don’t deserve it. You deserve it. You need it. So take it. Mostly what I find the Mental Health Day does for me, is it helps me lose that sense of. I’m just this one little peon in her one little life may or may not be amounting to anything may or may not be this or that, you know, it helps to shut off the shell of my smallness and helps me connect more readily with nature and more fluidly with nature and the trees and the wind and the, you know, the sun and the, you know, I’m saying, you feel more expanded and fuller and bigger in yourself, and that is so necessary now. It’s so necessary now so try it and see, I hope you love it I hope it helps. And again, for those of us who are like, I already do all of that. There’s still some wiggle room here. Let’s see what else could come, something that is different, something that is different. Shake it up a little. Yeah. Cheers. I lost my cheers and cup. Okay, I have a strong now. Cheers.

I went and got some bubble water on my break. So, it doesn’t slurp the same in this straw. So this week slider. I always love to read your letters. If you have something that I can answer for you. My email address is Hello at Robin Hallett Comm. I’d be honored to shine a little light for you. So this week’s letter. This letter is about our ongoing coronavirus experience, and how do we apply the principles we study all the time to this, how do we continue to move about in the world, and honor our spiritual truth but also practice precautions. So here we go. Hi, Robin. I love the podcast 79, how to stop thinking about all the bad things in the world. Wow. That seems like so long ago that was right at the beginning, wasn’t it. Whoo. Continuing on here, I hold beliefs like I create my own reality, and what we focus on expands. It seems like continuing to buy into the virus, which I acknowledge is happening is also me inviting it in. How can I be okay if everywhere around me. The numbers are climbing restaurants trying to open are closing. How can I be okay. If that evidence is there. How can I see these things happening, and trust my own belief system as well. I’m trying to let go of control and worries. I’m trying to trust that all as well. What ends up happening is I notice. It just feels like such a hard time. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. Thank you. Sharon. Well, Sharon. First of all, I think it’s important to acknowledge these are very intense times, you know, let’s let some of the air out of the bag here. It’s okay to acknowledge that these are intense times. Let yourself, acknowledge that this has been challenging. I am not a fan of spiritual bumper stickering, our way through this pandemic. I don’t know that it’s possible, because the things that we are actually feeling and experiencing but trying to shove in a sock drawer somewhere. They’re binding themselves to us with every second. With every moment, we’re trying to shove them away. They’re binding themselves to us even tighter. So, in my heart, what feels right for me is to acknowledge, I am afraid I am you know I’m experiencing fear and this body is experiencing you can say that way if you don’t want to say, I am, you know, I think there’s a real difference to letting yourself have your feelings and allowing the energy to dissipate. And coming back to a clear focus again. And then read choosing what your procedure is going to be what your policy is going to be. Does that make sense. I’ve been a little bit curious with the resurgence of in so many hotspot areas. What’s going on there because it’s not just people I mean I’ve seen videos of people partying in pools together and this and that. But you know, my feeling is that sometimes we get very willful and deciding that we can push something away by pushing it away in our minds, insisting that it’s not there. And I’m curious a little bit if we get ourselves into sticky wickets with law of attraction philosophies. You know, I’m gonna just go out, I’m in a law of attraction this thing and nothing is going to happen to me.

And it doesn’t work because if I should say if you have some fear underneath. If it doesn’t feel safe and you’re not listening to your inner knowing your inner knowing, or your inner being or the Christ light within you however you your higher self is always there at the ready, and what we need to do is quiet ourselves down. That’s why what I was just saying about the mental health days so important. Taking some space to be alone with our energy and our thoughts.

When we quiet ourselves, and we listen for that voice. We will understand precautions are necessary. This body, you’re in needs TLC. It needs love. It needs protection, you wouldn’t go out when it’s minus 20, and struggle against the elements without a coat on. Would you.

So, do what feels right and good for you. You know you can consult the experts, that’s fine. If you have somebody you like to listen to for the recommendations on how things work. But really it’s about being in alignment with your inner knowing if you’re having that congruent by that congruent sensation where you and your inner being our one, then it’s not like you’re going out in the world and pretending nothing is happening, be in alignment, be in alignment. It feels good in your bones what you’re following, and you’re doing what’s right for you. You’re asking how can I be prepared how we continue to prepare every day is just to be present and be ready for the new day, every day, something new is happening. This virus is not a imaginary thing, but it is look at it as an awakening. A great awakening, an opportunity to wake up and what it’s helping you to do is to learn to listen to your body to learn to honor your own philosophy to learn to honor your boundaries to learn to speak up. There’s plenty of times where we’ve, we’ve all had to say. Whatever, like you’re not wearing a mask you you know I’m not coming in and closer, or no we’re not getting together. No we’re not gonna spend the weekend together, you know, whatever it is. We’ve all had little conversations like that. I want to, I just want to be so clear. It’s really about being in alignment with how you truly feel, and if how you truly feel is afraid that needs to be dealt with and addressed it needs to be sat with, and allowed to be breathed allowed to be present first. I keep coming back to how can I be prepared. The best way to be prepared is to plan to be here now plan to be here, just present with yourself, knowing how it’s feeling for you, knowing what you need to do, reminding yourself that you’re doing those things. And if there’s fear. If there’s worry presence there for yourself and take good care of you. That’s really the answer. There is a lot of uncertainty, none of us really knows what it’s going to look like. As you try and let go of control and your worries. Me too. I’m right there. All I can say is I’m right there with you and so are so many of us, for the time being. We don’t know what it’s gonna look like. But are we willing to trust that on the other side of this could be something better than we could have ever imagined. What would it be like to trust in all is well. Even if I don’t know exactly how it’s gonna turn out. And, you know, you did say I hold beliefs, how can I be safe but uphold my belief. And then you said, My belief is I create my own reality. And what I focus on expands exactly i mean that’s just the law of energy. So, are like the responsibility prayer I was talking about before. So I want to be responsible for allowing my feelings to be here. If it’s uncertainty if it’s fear I want to give some space to that knowing it’s like I’m taking out the garbage that same feeling or I’m clearing out some clutter or I’m dusting my cupboards that feeling like this isn’t who I am. This is what I’m doing, to process, allow some time to process. So, you know, we’re together. Let’s not forget, there are many of us, riding together in that and sometimes. That gives me a lot of comfort, even though I don’t know who that is, you know, you might not see a face or no name, you know, it gives me a lot of comfort to know we’re riding together we’re walking together we’re making our way together. Each of us is showing up inside a difficult time right now in our own way, and we’re all working together.

There’s a lot of strength in there for me. So, I hope something in there, helped you today. And, again, friends. There’s something I can speak to for you. Do let me know. Hello at Robin Hallett calm. Well friends, that wraps. Another episode. It’s Friday night Martini night in our household we’re going to be celebrating at 7pm Chicago time. Rituals now some important. Maybe now more than ever. Never forget that your value comes from being here. Being here, just because you be. and your purpose is to contribute light in the world exactly as you are. If you’re ever afraid if you’re ever worried if you’re ever stressing tune into the one in Yoo hoo B’s right in your heart. And so much of this is about quiet time for you connect in and ask for guidance, ask for a sign. Show me the way you will be answered. Trust in that. So, wishing you a beautiful week, and never forget that the love is viral to, no matter what you’re seeing in the world. Love is powerful. And it’s ever present. The light. The Love is always here. So this has been me Robin light sparkler hallett, I’m going to see you next week, or in a few minutes. Bye bye!

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