Be a Friend to Your Own Heart // Tea with Robin Episode 103

What to do when you're sad and down, and you cant get out. Be a Friend to Your Own Heart

For the times when you feel down on yourself. For the days when you suffer.

You fall into the pit and you’re being hard on yourself again. Attacking your own heart. Unkind, unloving toward the self.

What if you decided to be a friend to your own heart? Consider how you are evolving, changing, growing… consider that this is often how it feels in the beginning.

Today’s episode, it’s special and we’re doing it differently. I am sharing about holding space for ourselves, and not deciding we know what it all means…which is often such a challenging thing. Join me, won’t you? Let’s offer ourselves the love that heals, and let’s do it now.

May this go to just the right hearts today.

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What to do when you're sad and down, and you cant get out. Be a Friend to Your Own Heart

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What to do when you're sad and down, and you cant get out. Be a Friend to Your Own Heart

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. Today’s episode is a special. Well, we’re doing it different. I am sharing about how I’m handling my own heart day, my own heart time holding space for my own heart. Now talk about holding space for ourselves and not deciding we know what it all needs, which is often such a challenging thing. Am I right? Join me want to let’s offer ourselves the love that feels. And let’s do that together. Now. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well hello there beautiful friend. It’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 103 I hope this message finds you doing as well as can be holding space in your heart loving yourself practicing kindness with wherever you’re at. I really, really do. Thanks for being here. Thank you for tuning in. If it’s your first time here, hi. Hello, it’s me. May this be a space of love and support for your heart nourishment and nutrients you didn’t even know you need it. So, my friend, How is the weather in your heart today? I hope that, you know, like I said, you’re doing all right. You’re hanging in there. You are deepening and you’re watching deepening in your practice remembering what really matters. And, you know, being easy on yourself. I really, really hope that is the case. Over here, well, it’s a beautiful day. It’s a sunny day. We had a little gift together with number one kiddo. It was her birthday today. That was really fun. Got to see both the kids and the sun is out. And also, it’s one of these days where No, I just don’t feel like I’m doing my best. I know. And rather than canceling or not showing up you which I think would be so easy to do. I decided today I’m going to give myself a break. give myself permission and kindness and love and show up anyway. Maybe this will be a shorter episode, maybe, you know whatever. But I’m going to come here anyway and show up. So that’s what I’m doing here. I’m showing up.

And I did sit here for I probably been sitting here for 15 minutes just sitting here at my desk in the quiet like nothing feels quite right. So, um, feel free to take a breath with me right now and, you know, hold some space with me right now. This is a place where, you know, I’ve walked with so many people going through this in their Healing Sessions. You know, this is a place where the inner wild animal and us can come out because it doesn’t like to be seen in this place. It doesn’t like to be who we feel we feel like we need to protect ourselves in this place, right. So I have a little cup of tea here. I vote we cheers each other and dive on in. This is to help you brought a cup of yum yum. I’ve got a little cup I actually have a cup of tea cup of bottled water here. It’s hot today it’s about 88 and my office is not that hot but it’s warm up here. So I have some nice icy bubbly water topo Chico, but I have it in the tea cup. So cheers to you. Cheers to me cheers to this journey. Whenever comes, we’re present we’re here and all is still well. Cheers.

That is so good. So, this morning I woke up feeling so stressed out and down on myself. You know, like almost attacking myself. Not almost okay. Really, I was attacking myself just being so hard on myself. And, you know, it almost doesn’t matter what the voices in that in my head are saying, but I’ll tell you anyway because inquiring minds want to know, right? You know, it just feels like some combination of I’m not having any fun. I feel like there’s a lot of work. I don’t know if I’m going anywhere. And

I’m making things harder than they have to be. Something has to give, you know.

It just feels like a deep deep sadness in my body. I’m on And the thing is, you know, I listen to other people in their sections talk about stuff like this, and we’re so quick to pinpoint the reason. You know, maybe it’s something I ate. Maybe it’s hormones. Well, you know, it’s COVID. That’s, I mean, these are all valid things, right? But instead of looking for intellectual reasons in our minds,

and addressing our healing at the mental level, just in our heads. What we can do instead is choose to be present in our hearts. to come in and take a breath and put a hand there.

You know, sometimes in the middle of trying to slow down when I’m feeling upset or scared or like it’s all kind of meaningless. Do you ever get like that? I’m guessing you do. Because this happens to us and we go away ashamed and we hide it away. And we pretend it’s not happening. Sometimes we can bring it out with the right people. But today, we’re just going to be hearing this space. So I invite you to do it with me, you know, put it down. hand on your heart and just feel into whatever you’re carrying right now. There’s no order of the Best Worst upset, you know, like my upset, Isn’t that better than you’re upset? It’s just upset. We’re carrying upset. We’re carrying the heavies. That energy exists in us as well. So we could just bring your breath to it. And all the while. practice patience and love with ourselves, not frustration, you know, not rolling our eyes at ourselves. Don’t roll your eyes at how you’re feeling. Slow down. And be here with yourself. I’m looking at a little piece of art I drew a little like acrylic block with my art inside of it. It says Be Love now. Can we be the energy of love now? Even if we don’t like it we don’t like our feeling. We don’t like what we’re thinking about. I don’t like it. I don’t like it right now. I feel scared. I feel you know, I don’t want to. There’s a feeling like I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to record the podcast. I don’t want to do morning magic. And those feelings frighten me. They scare me because I have a plan right? The mind as a plan.

So we’re just placing a hand where it hurts, so to speak and taking a breath not judging it. not judging it. Being a friend to our hearts. This is probably something, this feeling is probably something all of us are in contact with now, on some level change is happening. The COVID situation, what is really shifting, you know what’s really changing. We’re having to more deeply embrace the possibility your kids are now going back to school. I can barely squeak that out, you know. We have to embrace the possibility of future change, more change. That might be bringing some fear a lot of parents I sat with this week the decision to go back to school or not go back to school, teachers, bus drivers going back or not going back feelings.

people needing breaks from their family. I’m talking to more people in the car right now than ever. There’s sessions in the car. for privacy in space, I think it’s a beautiful thing, by the way. But whatever. You know, I can only give so many examples, but whatever is happening for you now let’s take a breath together and let it out again. Just be honest about where you’re at with yourself honest about where you are. And, you know, allow some space to breathe. What if, however you’re feeling now, whatever you’re going through today or tomorrow, because maybe Today’s a great day and maybe tomorrow will be your hot day, your day. You know where you wake up and feel this way? What if we treated this day this feeling this way as our next evolution in our awakening? Learning better and better how to hold this Self containing the god the light, the light you truly are expressing yourself as you in this lifetime and also helping to understand the egos dark disco fantasies a little more learning to bring in the breath and breathe with some of these feelings we’re having. And I

I want to say it’s okay to have your feelings. It’s okay.

It’s okay to not cheerlead yourself out of this place because you’re embarrassed or You can’t imagine showing up like this wherever you’re going you know, I lead a beautiful morning magic today I talked about this there I wasn’t pretending Nothing’s going on by the way. I just held space for myself there and I showed up anyway. And then we sweet birthday get together with number one kiddo and I showed up anyway. All the while this well was there of tears that wanted to just come out. I want to at times I felt like a who just laid on the floor crying. Could I be in the mystery of that? You know, could I be in the mystery of that? Could I trust that something is happening. Something is changing. I’m learning how to hold greater space for myself. Is that a possibility?

I think a lot of us are, I feel it. A lot of us are. You know who are on this journey of awakening and also out in the world serving. in whatever way we are being the light shining the light helping helping each other out.

We’re evolving. Our capacity is deepening and I’m gonna stay in the wonder about this place. But try this is my thing is I’m going to try not to fight it right now, which is really hard. You know, it actually is hard because I’m thinking at the same time this sucks. whatever I’m doing right now must really suck. But I’m thinking about something a friend said to me this week that the thing we’re afraid to share out loud is exactly the things someone else needed to hear at that moment. And, and that is the path hoping that that’s the case this week. You know that something here that’s being talked about will serve and help you. I’m getting ready to lead A Course in Miracles group. We’re going to be studying the rules for decision. It starts the day after this episode airs. So if you’re hearing this and you’re interested, just, you know, get in touch with me. But the point of that is to say, I have been studying the rules more. And it’s kind of like, you get up in the morning, and you set an intention for your day. You feel into how you want your day to go. And you meditate on that. You meditate on that. And that’s something that like, if you like the early news doc teachers of the early 1900s, like neville goddard, Florence scovel Shinn, who wrote, thinking Grow Rich Napoleon Hill, stuff like that, Mary Baker Eddy, this is right in alignment with that you visualize You focus how you want it to be. You’re not saying Dear Jesus, bring me a Mercedes. Bring, dear Lord, bring me. You know, whatever. You’re focusing on a feeling. How do you want to feel today? You know, I don’t want to be stressed anymore. I am. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s big, the stress. And then when I give my focus to the stress, I start to shame myself because somehow I’m not worthy of being stressed. I’m not doing enough to be to warrant being stressed. So no matter what, I can’t catch a break. So as I come, as I come back to this practice, I’m just going to turn to it here. That’s so fun. I just cracked the book to another. I’m opening it to the rules for decision and I cracks open to the responsibility for site prayer with something in that page there from a friend, you know, the miracles that come the reminders, the gentle reminders, if we’re being slow and gentle with ourselves, and breathing and holding on, you know, we’re not running around like our hair’s on fire, because we’re freaked or stressed or rolling our eyes at our own upset, disgusted with how we carry on about our day or what we don’t want to do. You know, the miracle is always occurring. There’s always an offering to shift our awareness, our perspective, our perception. Always, and so even that, you know, finding a card stuck in the page and the page that it’s on, which says I’m responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experienced. And I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me. I asked for and receive as I’ve asked, you know, and you might hear that and think, yeah, it’s saying it’s all my fault.

I’m just a hopeless turd. Can you believe I just said that word here. I have a friend who used to call himself that in sessions. You know, it’s like, how can we ever be a hopeless turd but I so get how it feels that way. Sometimes. I do this Feeling I’m responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings. It helps me to understand you know what I’m labeling all of this as that’s up to me. So maybe I can give it up to the mystery of it all. Give it over to the mystery. Let me not decide.

But at the same time trust that I asked to wake up. I asked to be awakened you asked to be awakened, right. You said to God, at some point. I want to know I want to know you. I want to know this.

I want to know us together. I want to know what it means, right? I want to feel better help me to feel whatever it is you have prayed for. We

we started something in motion there. And I know it’s hard but in a way, it’s like can we let that energy transform us? Nobody wants to get into the alchemical fire and have things burned away, but that’s what’s happening. We could go with that image. I’m evolving, I’m changing, I’m growing and sometimes this is how it feels. So I was talking about the rules for decision. You get up in the morning and you say, this is how I want to feel. Set your intention. This is very much the same way neville goddard would tell you to plan. visualize it like it’s already happened. You know, those, some of us love manifesting practices because we think about stuff. Personally, I would love to feel alive and excited, and energized. Period. You know, I can struggle I just don’t want to feel down. And actually all the stuff can really stress me out more things. It’s not something I’m really after. I struggle I want to be awake. I want to be alive. I want to be at peace in my heart. You know, most of the time I’m there. Just today, the last several days I haven’t felt that way. So my commitment, my non negotiable is that I am awakening. I’m doing my practices every day. I’ve been like since Christmas time in a cc. I mentioned this a few episodes back, I was really on my knees there, some stuff was going down. I was really struggling. And that’s when I made the promise to myself. No one else. In fact, I probably didn’t tell anyone that until like, just a couple episodes ago, you know, I’m not gonna set myself up by announcing anything, you know. So it’s like I’m waking up. That’s the deal. I’m doing the practices. That’s the Do so this is the kind of day I want. That’s my prayer. This is the kind of day I want. And then it says, tell yourself, there’s a way in which the day can happen just like that. All you have to do is write ride with spirits, ride with spirit. Try not to be the judge of how you’re feeling and what it means. Try not to be the judge of whether or not what you’re doing is meaningful, are helpful are important, you know, getting you anywhere on your journey. Try not to do those things. Because it puts us in a state of separation again. It can confuse us. The practice is to keep saying if I make no decisions by myself This is the day that will be given to me. And I want to tell you, as I’ve been practicing this more and more and more on a daily basis, especially leading up to offering this circle we’re doing next week. The miracles that are coming in are amazing. And you might think of a miracle in your own way. But for me, the miracle is I it’s like I’m getting support and structure. And I feel I’m being held because I definitely don’t feel okay. I’m being held. I’m being shown. I’m being reminded, even just opening the book and the friends. You know, a friend’s card is here. That’s a mirror Call. You have to be willing, you know, to see it that way I know. And if you’re somebody who’s still pouting over not getting a Maserati, you’re not ready. And that’s okay. It even says that here in the It’s so cute how it says it right here in the book. It says,

if you find resistance strong, and dedication weak, you’re not ready. And then it says, do not fight yourself. But think about the day you want and try again. Tell yourself there’s a way in which you can happen. There’s a way in which this can happen. I love that, like you don’t have to fight yourself. When you’re ready, you’ll go when you’re ready. You’ll take this step when you’re ready. You’ll do the moves and then it takes us through I mean, I’m just doing with you now, I hope this is helpful to somebody today. I’m just taking you through this with me now. When we start to suffer, when we start to struggle and and, you know, everyday probably you have this little pit you fall into where there’s some struggle or some suffering or version of a story. You know, that’s creating some drama for you in your heart.

You The course has to recognize something happened that’s not part of the plan you initially stated in the morning, you know, I want to feel good. When I feel easy, I want to be of service want to help shine a light. I want this to be easy. I don’t want this to be stressful. So somewhere in the day you find yourself feeling those things, you know stressed out or put upon or freaking out or guilty or whatever you can say to yourself, oh, I must have decided wrongly because I’m not at peace. Look at me. I’m not at peace. I made a decision here somewhere. I have to do it this way. It has to be perfect. I have to do what I don’t know. I have to talk to so and so for an hour. I have to do this. I have to do that I have to write. That’s a decision we made ourselves. Oh, I’m feeling sad. I must be a total helpless loser. Or I’m a turd. You know. It is funny sometimes how you find words that just crack you up in the middle of you know, saying it. I love that too. You make a little list of things you’re feeling as you’re talking to a friend and it’s pretty comical after a while. See the humor in it? So the practice is to keep saying I forgot what to decide. I forgot what I was deciding here. Like, in a way it’s like I must have decided wrongly I’m not at peace and the truth is, I forgot what the plan was the plan was to kind of go with God today, go with my heart, go with my ease, go with the light, go with my gratitude, go with my joy. And instead, I got off on this little Eddy spinning around in this little place in my suffering. So I can decide, I don’t like how this feels. That’s a pretty easy decision for me to make. I really don’t like how this feels. I like literally do not like it. You know? I feel so vulnerable, so raw, so open and at the same time, like I could just keep bursting into tears everywhere I go. And on top of that somehow so unlovable just on everything, you know, that’s me today, the last few days actually. So at least I can decide that on like how I feel right now. And so I hope I’ve been wrong. I’m just reading you right from the Course in Miracles rules for decision. So I hope I’ve been wrong. Because I feel like crap. I don’t like the decision I’ve come to about myself right now and I hope I’ve been wrong. If you’re reading it’s a very short passage, actually. It’s like three or four pages long. You know, it’s so short, but it really takes you through step by step like hey, this is coming. To help you, let’s practice together. So then you get to say the cool thing. I want another way to look at this. I’m willing to come back to the willingness. Are you willing to look at this another way? Yeah, I am. I was downstairs talking to Jeff before I came up here and I said, I don’t have anything to say today. I don’t want to record today. I’m just like, now that tender place started activating. I felt all the tears coming and just wishing there was just this big cosmic flush. I could press this button I could press and he said, Just do it. Different. Let yourself do it differently. Make a short one. Just come and talk. Don’t worry about the plan. And that was like, yeah, I’m willing to see this differently. I’m willing to let go of my stranglehold on the upset, I’m willing to let go. Are you willing to let go sometimes? Do you recognize that? You know, my non negotiables I was saying this before our awakening.

Every day I’m doing this practice of waking up and service every day. somehow, some way I’m serving every day. And it’s hard. Sometimes I believe it’s hard sometimes, you know. So, perhaps there’s another way to look at this. And what can I lose by asking it says

this is now my friend who has I was just telling you about whose name I found in the book here. texting me, we are here together. Isn’t that good? We’re here together. You and I are together. We’re here together. We are here together. It’s gonna be okay. Right? It’s God texting you by the way, you know, we’re here together. What can I lose by asking? And you might be wondering, so what am I supposed to ask? You know? Just notice how much our ego grasps. Oh, there’s a right question to ask. out, I just hurt myself. Um, but notice how you might be grasping. Notice how you might be saying, What can I lose by asking, What am I supposed to be asking? Because the next line here says this. You can now ask a question that many Makes sense. But what it’s saying is the thing you want to be asking is perhaps there’s another way to look at this. I am willing to see. And by the way, that’s the juiciest thing you could do in a stressful moment, is to say, perhaps there’s another way to look at this. That’s exactly how the Course in Miracles came down and schucman By the way, the person, the scribe of the course, who channels this channel, this beautiful course, this book, and all the workbook lessons. I’m willing to be open to another way, help us have another way. I feel like it’s more important to realize how many decisions we make on our own that are not separate. IV kind, loving, true based in reality, am I right? Do you ever do it? Don’t tell me I’m the only one booboo. But there’s a lot in there about making our own decisions. We’ve made our own decisions. We’ve made up our own mind. We’ve talked about if you really sit with it, how much of your suffering is because you’ve made a decision that has brought more even if it’s hard to hear, like it’s hard to decide that’s a decision I made is I can’t decide because it’s hard to describe, you know, we brought some stress in. So I love this one at the end. I must have decided wrongly because I’m not at peace. I made the decision myself. But I can also decide otherwise. I want To decide otherwise, because I want to be at peace. I do not feel guilty because the Holy Spirit will undo all the consequences of my wrong decision if I will let him I choose to lead him by allowing him to decide for God for me.

I must have decided wrongly because I’m not at peace. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It means I interpreted how I’m feeling. So, you know, I hope well, there’s a lot of things I’m hoping right now like that you don’t run for the hills in the middle of my hiccup, I hope you’ll stick around for the next episode. I hope that you will Say a prayer with me hold some space with me. keep showing up with me. Things are changing in the world. I know and they’re also changing in you. The inner always is reflecting the outer. Hold yourself tenderly. make space for yourself care. be of service to your friends, to others now show up, you know for your other for your friends. It will help you so much. Show up for your family, you know, and serve and so much love. I’m sending so much Love, you know, it’s okay to make space for us. It’s okay to dive in a little more to the sacred now we’re going to need some existential support here. We’re going to need we’re going to need our peeps on the other side now. I mean we always have so this has been me Robin. sucked kitty. Remember? Soft Kitty, anybody like to watch? Sheldon Cooper and Penny singing he liked the soft kitty song, Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. When he was feeling tenderly he liked the soft kitty song to be seeing them. That’s me Robin soft kitty alley. So much love I send from my heart to you And I’ll be here again next week. Or in a few minutes if you’re listening to other episodes. lol, that’s my friend again. You know, it’s God calling really. But she’s tested. She’s texting about a miracle gift. I wonder what our miracle gift is today, my friend. I wonder what your miracle gift is today. You know, this time with you has been a miracle for me. I’m definitely having one right now. I feel so much better. And it’s through that practice. And it’s through sharing my heart with you that it happened and your love and support and my unwavering decision to show up and serve and to stay true in my practice. So make all of that serve you as well. So much love I send from my heart to yours. See you next time. Bye bye

is very short let’s make the very most of you are a precious gem and

do doo doo doo

doo doo doo doo doo doo We are here to shine shine bright You are a jam man.

Life is precious and you are spark so shine like you know it like you mean me a minute mean that you that you are you are. You are You are Thank you Money

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