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Ahoy, Matey! We’re Crossing the Bar Together

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Hi, gorgeous friend,

Sparkles of light I am sending from my heart to yours. How is the weather in your heart today?

This has been a wild week. Wild! Lots of energy moving. We are shedding the old energies as we cross the bar into new territories. There are energetic swells — definitely supportive, but not always the smoothest to experience. And we also had something called the Lion’s Gate portal on 8/8, which I continue to experience as a tightening of the gap between us and the Divine.

If you’ve been feeling tenderly, or like you’re shedding a skin, perhaps this is all helpful to hear. The thing is, we are on the ride whether we decided to be or not. None of us is excluded, we are all on this voyage.

This is a powerfully supportive time. None of us needs to fear being harmed or punished (my little ego-mind loves those stories, though!). We are being asked to say yes and make these shifts willingly.

So, I wonder, what needs to be released from your experience now?
Are there some familiar “hits” your inner worrier plays?
Some regular twisty spots you find yourself in?

This is a good time to release these…to not just say the words and forget it later…but to do the actual work of ponder and process. What do you need now? What does it feel like would help you? Ask your inner being. Your inner being knows what you need.

What I am seeing in the healing sessions I offer are the patterns of self-betrayal, co-dependency, caretaking, and especially not speaking up for ourselves coming up for release. Flareups can be seen as offerings for our own healing and growth instead of how we usually greet them.

Work through these energies because you understand that you matter and you want to evolve on your journey.

Even our physical clutter can be addressed.

Where are we not intentionally owning our space?
Are you keeping things around out of a sense of guilt or obligation?
For all the things we tolerate but never seem to liberate, it is time to say thank you and bye. Start there. Acknowledge what’s leaving. This alone is a powerful move.

You are deeply loved and supported in doing this work now.

Now more than ever, it’s clear that we are not in control of allll the things. But we can definitely control how we respond to this ride, right? And as I typed that, Sade started singing“You’re the one, the one I swim to in a storm…” Make sure you are remembering the One you’d swim to.

No matter what you are going through right now, know that you are also surrounded by love. You are remembered and you are being held. Here comes Sade again: “It’s only Love that gets you through.” Make sure you are remembering that love.

You are loved and wanted and welcome here on planet Earth, exactly as you are. Go ahead and see if you can allow the flow of love to come to you.

I am always here to hold your hand as we travel, in a session or an upcoming healing circle. I’ve got some upcoming goodies! Below are the deets.

Sending love and remembrance of who you truly are,

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