Re-frame Your Experience and Set Yourself Free // Tea with Robin Episode 101

On intentionally framing your experience now. Choosing the narrative. Reframing certain stories.

This is such a weird, wonderful, wild, wooly time! We do not need to scare ourselves. There is enough fear out there already. Our function as light sparklers is to choose to evolve and help our friends along the way. Today we’ll choose the reframe that sets us free.

Our inspiration is a beautiful practice for the most challenging people. And I celebrate a bit with you, thank you for the amazing love on Episode 100.

Our letter comes from #aftertheparty who struggles at times with overthinking things after the get-together. Do you ever do that? Go over what you said and did?

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Lesson 182: I will be still an instant and go home.

Chapter 26: The Transition
IX. For They Have Come

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light This is tea with Robin. On today’s episode let’s intentionally reframe the stories we tell the perspective we’re choosing last please intentionally reframe our experience. Now, our inspiration, something I like to call prayers up the most annoying person in your life, a friend of me to ever pray for them. Prayers up baby. It’s always the way. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag after party. Do you ever rehash what went down when you got together with the people and the stuff that God said, and do you carry it to go over and over and over it, in your mind, let’s talk about that, and so much more. come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Well hello gorgeous friend, it’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin. This is Episode 101. I may have to think about how I want to start saying this 101101 101. And it’s me Robin, just figuring things out over here. Good morning. I’m recording on an early Saturday morning, it is the Lions Gate today. 8am It is 8am happens to be. So welcome back to the podcast if you’re new here, this is me Robin, I’m so glad you’re here. I hope this place. This podcast is policy, our circle becomes part of your spiritual encouragement, upliftment joy, your process. I do, I do. So welcome welcome welcome beautiful friend.

How is the weather in your heart today. How you doing, how are you, what’s going on. Are you being kind. Are you being gentle. Are you loving yourself. I hope so. And I hope that you are practicing reframing the stories. Now, reframing the stories. now. This is what we’re going to talk about. Coming up, as well. I hope that you are wonderfully well that you continue to be at your heart vibes are good, and also I hope that you are offering this love that you have and know, and receive hope that you’re offering it on to people who need it over here. It’s a beautiful morning I. Gosh. Just My heart feels good. Even though, in a way, emotionally, I feel like I’m struggling a little bit too. I feel a sense of clarity and hopefulness and, You know, choosing my perspective. I’m looking forward to talking to you about that today. I had a beautiful day yesterday with number one kid oh it’s been a sweet week with the kids, because one of our daughters, had a birthday, just turned 27 Hi Kendra Happy Birthday again honey and 27. Do you remember. Some of you are down. And yesterday I went to the beach with other number one kiddo Elizabeth hi Lizzy boo. We had a beautiful time together and great conversation when you know just the water. There was another mom and daughter there but they were much different he was like five years old. And the mom, and it was just really sweet. The two of us, two couples there sort of two moms and daughters on the beach there. That energy and are Lizzy blue is turning 30 this month, and it’s just. Whoa. It’s beautiful. So we had a nice day we went out from Margarita. So, First time I stepped foot in a restaurant, and we said there’s no way I would want to

do this with by you, because she’s in the world doing her own jam and damping, and, you know, so it was fun, and this restaurant was all open air, which helped, because, you know, does anybody else feel like this a little bit scary, you know, what has really changed. Is it really okay to be out here. So, dipping my toe in, we each have little our little math fun and they were both floral, it was beautiful. And the restaurant hand. Hand Sanitizer at our table in the bathroom, you know, everybody was in mass but we enjoyed a beautiful time together and have a couple, just new, fresh margaritas together It was nice. It was really really nice. So the weather in my heart this morning. It feels good and sweet. And we’re recording this on the Lionsgate, I’m not a huge astrology person, meaning I don’t know a lot so I like to just tune to the energy myself tune in and ask spirit, and what I keep getting told back is it is conscious. It is a time of a powerful gateway, opening between you and the divine. And I’m going to leave it there. That’s what I want to talk about coming up so it’s a beautiful day to be with you and I have a couple of yum yum Did you bring something, I have a cup of coffee from this morning because it’s early. And I would like to cheers to fresh beginnings greater openings portals, opening between you and the divine. You and your manifesting potential you and seeing things differently, and the same for me, I put myself right in there as well. Cheers.

Drinking our favorite Trader Joe’s coffee, wake up blend it’s called and actually this week I guess a lot of firsts. Number one went to Trader Joe’s and went shopping, and there’s a lot of, lot of firsts and newness happening for us. It’s so nice to have our good old coffee back, we’ll see salt in there.

So today my friend. This is a day. This is a week, I really want to give us this missive, those of you who are listening and loving and receiving making this part of your spiritual practice for the week to listen to this podcast. I’m really encouraging you and me. And the Friends of us who listen to us, people we talk to we can influence. It is a time to reframe the stories we’re telling about this and dynamic about the effects of the pandemic. I get it so I’m so used to saying pandemic of the pandemic. The changes happening in the world. The shifts going on, you know, it’s an important time to decide how we’re going to see this now. We see it, we knew it reintroduces it really reengage with it. Change your gauge. How are you gauging things, you know that’s what we’re what I’m talking about. Because the world is changing. We’re being invited to change as well. And a perspective is super key. Now, if you are observing everything that’s happening and you’re not keeping a perspective and you’re not choosing. Whoa. Right. I mean, look at just this week. I’ve, I’ve seen so many things between the COVID-19, you know, how do we reopen schools, how do we. Is it is it spreading more. Is it getting worse. There are people in blacklivesmatter, you know as the movement is moving into more and more education, explaining teaching showing sharing and that’s always been the case, but this week I’m noticing something new, where people who are posting, are they have a cover on their posts and it says explicit or trigger warning and click the button and then see the photo. And there are graphic images about what has been done to people of color. Forever. You know, opening our eyes more and more with a new level of understanding and perhaps ability to receive the gap isn’t so ginormous that we want to look we want to know we want to understand more fully. Then you have extreme weather events this week so many of you my friends are without power today. Some of you don’t have access to fresh water cell towers are down. You know, tornadoes storms. The President is issuing an executive order to shut down Tick tock, I mean things like that that I’m hearing. The Beirut explosion, you know, the things that are going on, and I know so much more. And these things, plus all the economic information going on. And I am not telling you all of this to be a bummer. Okay. I’m telling you all of this to frame what I’m trying to talk about. We’re in a new world. We’re in a new world. For those of you who like dystopian novels Cormac McCarthy’s the road. These kinds of books. This enter you know this energy that is here, it’s it’s creeping in look day by day by day, and if you are not practicing with me, if we’re not staying vigilant about the weather in our hearts, the perspective we’re choosing the light were

shining and receiving the light were riding and if we’re not saying on it. We’re not intentionally occupying, our conscious awareness. Think about that. So it’s like the squatters can move in, and by the squatters I mean the feelings QRP thoughts. You know, the scary skerries. Do you have any of that going on. There’s a big chance you’re feeling depressed, afraid, very pessimistic. Very hopeless. At times, and even if you are feeling that because I’m feeling some of that as well. You can you can use those vibes to practice, you know you can, you don’t have to just stay at the bottom of the spin and do nothing you can use that to remind you, my love. it’s just a reminder, find your center, and Trevor Hall, have fun. I refer to online. I’ll put any references today in the show notes. If you go to Robin Hallett comm slash 101, you will get there. Okay. So, you know, so many things happening that you find yourself saying what is happening, you know, and there’s a little kid inside you who might be freaking freaking causes you to sometimes look at your own life and start to freak. So today, let’s talk about your gauge. Let’s talk about how you are gauging your life, your good life, and how you’re choosing to see what’s happening in the world. I, I come at so much of this from a spiritual perspective. I do I look at this time as a great awakening. Not that there are people being punished. And people being exalted or well boarded. I look at it like it’s it’s time to wake up, it’s time to emerge out of this state of Sleepy ego. Mimi meanness and care. Understand, know that we are one. You and I share the same heart. You and I are one knowing. You and I both come from God. And our work here. No matter what, no matter what you’re doing, no matter where you are our work here is to remember that light and offer it offer it on that takes place in many many forms, you know, you don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to be spiritual. In fact, the best form is simply to be your awesome beautiful self practicing with your thoughts and your fear and your anger just know all the stuff that’s going on, I already named all of that, you know, do the work of helping yourself come alive. Even now, not even now, you know like, now this is you being aligned in your own life. Seriously, I cannot even tell you cannot even count how many people are telling me they’re depressed right now. And I get it. The thing is, we can help ourselves you know, we’re always choosing our perspective. And even with clinical depression, there is still a storyline that goes with it, that we’re in control of, you know.

That’s what I’m saying. So, you’re a teacher. As you’re practicing, you’re a teacher, you’re somebody helping other people and so many spiritual texts, say this, the Course in Miracles says it beautifully thousands are out, you may never meet, but they are out by you, teaching, what you are learning, and that means he stories you’ve got going on the stories you tell about yourself. The story, this stuff, the pockets you get stuck in as you witness what’s going on. Maybe things are shifting at work for you, maybe you’re not working at all. Now, and you tell a story. Natural to be afraid. Natural, of course, I get it. And you are somebody who’s like, Nope, I’m not going to rest here. There’s something in me that knows I can do something here. I can talk to myself.

I can practice, I can study. I can become aware of how it’s feeling in this body, and I can welcome in like a mother with a small child. I can take the hand of this small child and say here. Here, sit down. Come on. You’re scared. you’re worried. And before we decide this whole life. It’s all hopeless. We’re doomed forever It’s never going to be okay. Before we go down those roads. Let me welcome you in. Breathe with you. How would you do it with this smallest child you love and adore this could be a pet. Not every child has to be a baby, but a human child, of course, as I know that so well. Having had three dogs who I could always conjure up in these moments so much easier in a way than my own inner child, you know, or my kids, or our kids. It just is how it is so whatever you vision manager this little thing in your lap, playing with the chair. I think it’s for him, or gently stroking his forehead. It’s okay. You’re scared. Here’s what’s happening energetically speaking, you are lifting your vibration, you are changing your dance with the story you do. I love that car it’s. I’m looking out the window. It’s like an old beetle like from the 60s refurbished cute perfect timing and it is turquoise. I see this in our neighborhood every now and then, you know, there’s no accidents right divine timing is a real thing. So that was my slug bug 61 it was like in the 60s slug bug and turquoise blue my favorite color but also that feeling of. We’re leaving this place we don’t have to stay here we’re not grounded into the dirt with this story, you’re hugging this little child in you this scared one which means you got

to acknowledge,

someone’s in here and scared. So many of us are so defended. I don’t get it. You know, I mean I get it, but I don’t get it. You know I’m saying I don’t get it, because why do that. I do that to yourself. Um, there’s so much help to be had just by saying here. You know, I see how you’re feeling I get it, and it’s okay how you’re feeling, and we’re going to keep going. We’re going to keep moving forward. You’re scared. I’ve got you. And we go forward, we go forward. Since making sense today, are you digging on this because this is the answer. This is the answer. You’re looking for. Now, in how do you kind of re frame, the world, and everything going on, and how do you go in this new world, with different life or different things you know different experience now. You talk to yourself you help yourself you stay present with yourself. And you keep going. And, like I was saying before, this is you also being of service in the world. Being a teacher, even to those people. You constantly put yourself in the story as somebody else is better than you they’ve achieved more they’ve done more. They’re more successful. You know,

have you been here that but that was our slug bug coming back, coming back again to pick us up again, like don’t stay or maybe don’t stay here. Let’s go. But you know, isn’t this the coolest thought like even when people do you have anybody that you’re like god they’re, they have their stuff so together. They have the money the career the house. The they know what they’re doing. They have the physical health, they have the romantic partner whatever your deal is now and we all have a deal. None of us is that special we all have a deal.

You know, we’re in the club together.

You are a teacher to them. If you decide to stop using them in your game of. If you start being honest and saying, I use them to make me feel like crap. That’s honest Actually, I keep. I keep doing this dance and one of the things I’m not seeing is how I use them. So I can stay where I’m at. Whoo. I have people in my life who do that to me by him working hard to change the dynamic with where you know if I have a success. They’re like I feel jealous. I wish I had that, you know, it stinks. Let’s not do that if we’re doing that in our minds about other people in our lives or. We see somebody online that we wish, how come I’m not like that. Let’s stop doing that because we’re holding ourselves hostage right here and our job is to rise. Our job is to recognize our beauty and like Paul Selig says, I know how I serve. Meaning, I am me and I’m supposed to be me. And I’m supposed to be lifting the world as me, by being me. So let’s let me be me and let me not look at other people and feel bad, use them. I am intentionally saying it that way because that’s the truth about what we’re doing, you know, let’s rise. And yes, so those people who seem to have everything, even them, we can teach. By learning what we’re doing here and and evolving. We’re teachers. I like being a teacher, I don’t know about you but I feel good in my heart about honoring. That’s a refrain right now in this time where it is frightening and things are. We don’t know. I like this reframe. I’m a teacher, I am stepping in. Yes. What about you. This is us doing our work. This is gauged your success by this. You know, you’re elevating the energy. And as you lift their vibration. Now everything is energy. There’s an alchemical shift that happens, and people around you receive that everyone you’re connected to people they’re connected to. And this is how it’s easy to see them. Yeah, untold thousands, I get it, I get it, because it’s like, and they tell us to friends and they go to friends and they told your friends or that commercial. Was it gee your hair sounds terrific. I grew up in the state so I don’t know if you know that commercial. You know, it’s something right now. If this is the great spiritual awakening and you are somebody who’s choosing to do this, do this work to come into alignment, to be honest with the energy and practice now you are helping you are doing something, and going all the way back to probably my earliest episodes when I was really talking about abundance. And do you remember the three things, the philosophy of the three things. God gives you a gift must commit to your gift. And if you do this. Everything you need to stay on that trajectory will be provided to you, or in other words, abundance is the reward abundance is the return call and response, asking it is given, you’ll always be supported. When you’re doing your practice and you’re staying on track and. No, it’s true, it might not be your ego version of support. So if you’re living in a mansion in bel air, right now. You know, there’s no guarantees that you’re going to stay in your mansion in bel air, or, and most likely whatever this awakening is a lot of us are seeing how we never needed any of that, to justify who we are, you know, so it’s much more likely that we finally stopped comparing ourselves

to people who have those things, and somehow say we are the have nots or the not good enough, you know, we’re going to stop doing those things to ourselves. Yeah. You know even Paul Selig I talked about his work and the guides. Just recently I was listening to the book of truth in the night. Sometimes when I can’t sleep. Now I just keep the phone, which is something I never used to do I keep the phone in my next to my bed on airplane mode, though. And I put in my head, headphones, if I need to. Sometimes I have anxiety in the night. Something I appreciate about myself, is I know it doesn’t serve me to allow my mind to just spin there. It’s like, it’s tried and true that experiment, every single time I am crashing and burning Baby, you know, so long time ago I had this amazing healer in the city. She was legally blind and deaf and see offers healing. Wow. Limitations right there a story too aren’t they. I have another friend who’s blind, and he blogs, he writes his own blog, by the way, he runs his own website. He makes videos he does podcasts. It’s amazing to me when we really work with our stories, but I am really digressing here, though it’s a good one. Right. It’s inspiring. And she said to me, Robin distraction, is your friend. This is what TV was intended for this is what movies were made for this is what audiobooks are made for music. Doesn’t always do it for me actually music. Because I can still think to all that but distract your mind and do something helpful for you know so Anywho, and I just listened, and it’s so interesting how last night, I got to the point in the book where they said the exact same thing about the thousand, how we help thousands around us, lift their vibration as well, just by being us by being in service as who we truly are, by remembering and choosing to ride to roll and then energy. Not taking to a podium you’re not lecturing people with wagging your finger in the air.

You’re just being you. And that means the true you are as oncloud Atlas they would call it the true true. I’ve been loving watching Cloud Atlas. This week, I’ve seen it like three times now, by the way, I don’t know why but somehow I really got interested in that storyline, you’re being the true true. You’re being your true you. Does it sound like that bird is saying true, true, true, true, I think so. So, if you have the book, it’s somewhere in day seven. A lot of his teachings are like days because he channels in front of live audiences are, but I wanted to end by reading you something from this book. This is the book of truth, my friend Paul Selleck, and the guides. And this is from the chapter called what you are, what you are. Here we go. Here, these words, because the Divine Self knows who he is. He needs no glory, from man. The Divine, as you knows who he is, knows what he is has no vanity and no need to be the one who is elevated in the sight of his fellows. Now the Divine Self, the Christ itself. The true self. That’s you, by the way, that’s the one of you, who is connected to the all that is the self, does not seek fame does not seek to be known as she knows who she is, she seeks to be in full expression, and to be in full expression means, I know how I serve the service that you each provide at this level of manifestation is in being underlying the word being what you do, informed by being at this level would be interest because you’ve aligned to it. And in this alignment. You are always called forward in service. What service means in our language is true, expression. You are expressed in truth, and whatever abilities you have been gifted with whatever you see before you. That must be done because it is being presented to you to do will be known by you. the divine self as part of your expression. Being in alignment requires intention, and agreement to be here. The work of alignment is brought to you, each day as you encounter yourself through your creations, how one creation may be attended to. May be quite different than the next. But the freedom you have now in this agreement, I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve. In truth, will do the heavy lifting. The wind of truth, blowing through every cell of your body will be your liberate or with the truth of who you are, and friends. I can’t say it enough, you know, even if just a little bit of this clicked for you or maybe resonated as I like to say, maybe this is something for you to start listening to the first three books of is starting with I am the word, they’re free at the library and you can get them on audio and. But, you know, practice, because it’s a time of great awakening you know so much is changing, and I know we’re scared. And I know. No sometimes people will who listen to the podcasts will say you know I’m not as worried about world events if you keep bringing up, I mentioned, I’ve got my own jam happening, but I’m worried about. But I keep saying you know what’s going on for you personally. It’s a heavier pressure right now, the pressure is on it’s deeper.

Because the outer impacts the inner, you know, so what’s going on in the outer world as a press. It’s like you’re in a press in the Panini press my friend, you’re getting extra pressure because of that. So, how you serve is by remembering the true true. You are a spark of the Divine. All is always always well, you know, witness the small self, who wants an identity, oftentimes it wants to be identified with its suffering, so it knows it exists and suffering can be this seek of seeking anything that is just, causing a lot of pain, whether it’s pain or terror, you know, it’s all seeking. Keep practicing, I know who I am, I know how I serve, I know what I am I know how I serve. I’m free, I’m free, I’m free. Okay. And I hope anywhere. This resonated today. You know you are served with so much love from my heart to yours. Let’s have a little more coffee.

So good. So friends for inspiration this week. I wanted to check in and share something fun, you know, last week I had celebrated Episode 100, and I said, instead of, you know, my normal ask for the podcast sharing support or. Instead, I would love to hear some stories from you. How have you been impacted in this time, you know like by getting to know me how did we meet Where did you find and, you know, what did you learn. Tell me. And I’ve gotten some beautiful messages this week, so I wanted to say a big heartfelt Hello and thank you and I feel even more connected with you, and it was such a gift to hear your stories. So hi to you know who you are, those of you who wrote to me or messaged me. It has been such a gift to hear your stories, some of you who have been listening since the beginning. I’m so touched. I’m so touched. We’ve stayed together. All this time, so I thank you, and some of the things that I thought were so powerful, is the common energy, like, I don’t know what I would do in this time especially without listening to tea with Robin support inspiration. There’s a way that you feel like you get to know the community through my stories you get to hear what other people are going through see me for healings are the morning magic policy and you are invited to morning magic in their everyday lives on Instagram. Just come to my account there, it’s at Robin Hallett and 9am Chicago time 905. Usually, I go live there. You just wait for the little notification just hang on an Instagram it’ll pop up, or you can go to my channel there and. All right. Stop talking Robin, get back on the topic Robin, so anyway you like you said you really like hearing what other people are going through, and so I wanted to say, a lot of you have dealt with big things during the COVID time. Many of you have lost loved ones. There have been divorces, you know, lots of layoffs I know that, and days where you just feel like what is the point, you know, and I’m so glad to know that what I offer has been a highlight for you. And that you’ve chosen to step in and receive it. That’s everything. So kudos to you. kudos to you. And I wanted to tell you a secret, and this is the inspiration, really, is that I pray for you. I pray for you, almost every day. At some point, usually more than once a day. I pray for you. I wish you the best. I think about you, I pray for you, and you’re in my heart. And I care about your journey, and I want you to be happy and well in your way. And so, something I wanted to encourage you to do is to pray and not the religious pray more of an intentional statement. And this is something very powerful that you can do for yourself, to ask for your highest and your best. And then think of someone else and offer the same for them. It’s beautiful and powerful when you do it for your frenemy, you have any frenemies people, or family members who make you bonkers. You know, start to focus intentionally on their highest and best if you want them to shift, stop seeing them as the nightmare. They usually present as pray for them pray for them. May God be blessed last you duty. May you have a beautiful day may you see the light you truly are. May you shine may you know you are loved. You’re welcome. You know, make it up as you go and my friend offer some light for someone else. If you’re depressed if you’re struggling, if you’re scared.

Take that moment to be of service. That’s what I do sometimes. During this pandemic. you know, my healing practice has definitely slowed and ice, it took me a little while to come out of just being worried about it, to saying you know I never really needed to serve for payment anyway. You know what I mean like, I would do this no matter what, it’s what I always do and let me continue to do it and that’s how morning magic started for me. So every day, I basically do a free healing session, every day on Instagram for anyone who wants one. You know, there’s a way that you can move into service if you’re really stressed or worried or afraid move yourself into service for someone else and your life is going to change in ways you won’t believe, you know, yeah, you’ll be like I always thought, but I never really believed it. Here it is, baby. So, just wanted to say, you know, a special thank you to our friendly to those of you who took the time to reach out and share, and I welcome you do that still there’s a post on Facebook, on Instagram for Episode 100, just go there and leave a comment. I love to hear or message me. It touches my heart so much, because this is how I serve, I show up and be me here. This is how I serve more and more in this time I’m learning if we can serve without, you know without having to say how it needs to look or how I should be paid for this. We’re going to be all right. We really really are. As we choose to lift each other and remember each other. You’re going to be fine. Better than fine. This transition will be quicker if we step in sooner. So, May that serve you, beloved, and thank you so much and I hope you like knowing I pray for you. I do, I do I do, I do. Yeah. So, if you are loving this episode and you enjoy this podcast, there’s a number of ways to support this work. First of all tell a friend, create a post, I love saying the posts you guys create or your stories on Instagram and it’s fun because I always reshare them then and hopefully you’re making new connections as we do that, you’re meeting new people by sharing. So, make a post and share it, or write a review for iTunes or Google Play wherever you listen, it really helps out, and always I welcome you. To make a donation. There’s a link below Ravenel comm slash donate. Got some beautiful courses and I am offering him sessions, too. And always, that you’re doing the work is everything that you’re doing, putting it into practice what I’m sharing is everything. So thank you.

So this week flutter. I have a good feeling you’re going to relate to this. This is from a friend who wants to stay anonymous anonymous. Thank you. And anytime, my friends, you don’t have to say your name. I understand what courage and bravery, it takes to write a letter here. It’s not like you’re asking for. It’s not like you’re calling in to ask about the spare parts for the carburetor. I probably didn’t even get that right but, you know, it’s not like you’re calling and asking for cooking advice. Hmm. So I get it, and always totally fine, just to say, Please don’t use my name, or give yourself a name. And if I can read a letter for you. The email address is Hello at Robin, there’s a link below this podcast in the show notes episode, we’re having our comm episode one on one. As always you can message me on Insta or Facebook. Okay. Hi, Robin. Hi, Robin. Congratulations on your upcoming episode, 100 I don’t know how these last many moments would have been the same. Without it, tea with Robin, highlight of my week. No rush to get back to me on this but I wanted to ask a couple of things. We had a family get together last Sunday, and he went okay. There were a few things as usual. You know how it is, family members, friends, etc. Things get said some point it’s usually a little awkward. So I wonder why do we rehash and reanalyze things in our heads for hours after events. I know you know what I mean. Something happens. And then for hours and maybe days after I will replay what was said and what had happened over and over in my brain. Sometimes I beat myself up. Sometimes I wish, so hard. I haven’t said what I said. Most of the time. I find myself vowing. I’m never going to do that again. So I wonder why is that. Am I not learning my life lesson correctly. Am I not working on something the right way. Is this energy that somehow gets stuck. Am I infected somehow by the interactions I’m having their energy stuck in the love to hear your thoughts on this, maybe for an upcoming episode. And again, so much joy, listening to your podcast, I wish you all the best. And hopefully, another hundred episodes of anonymous. What a beautiful letter. Thank you so much, and I, I am guessing. Lots of our friends all around the land, are nodding with you now, including me, I have to say, I mean I could have written this letter. There are so many times going back like the last 24 hours, or 48, hours, two weeks ago, where I met a thing. I went to, I went to the thing, you know, and then this stuff happens, the same things with the same players the energy comes up. And there you are. And the same goes down a lot of times, I’m feeling it with you, people around you say what it was. You didn’t do anything wrong. I can hear how you’re hard on yourself I can hear how you examine your own words and deeds, way too closely under a certain kind of scrutiny that is really born out of old ways of surviving going all the way back when you were a small one. When you were a youngster teenager young person in college. Certain things happened and shaped you and formed you and

here you are still worrying about everyone else, making sure everyone else is okay, happy and condemned and somehow you carry the bigness of, you know, let’s say Aunt Bertha poor Aunt Bertha sorry and Bertha you always get such a bad rap. You know the one person is so difficult is the challenging one. The dawn on the stem. You know, just difficult. And we have to leave room for the mystery, my friend. The mystery of how you don’t remember everything that you lived through that you experienced, especially as a wee, wee one. You didn’t know. Think about stuff like when I was studying early childhood development and learning how early babies learned to turn over, because they don’t feel safe. They learn to roll away from the noise. White. The movement. They learned to start circling their own fingers, their thumbs. I was a thumb sucker By the way, and stuck my thumb till I was 12. What else needs to rub the bridge of my nose to soothe myself. At the same time, find that perfect corner of the blanket the silky corner, before the two edges together and Robin it’s so silky, we learn how to soothe ourselves.


we should only think, wow, I am a survivor. I’m resilient. That’s agency agency of a small one, a small child. Wow. Behold, you know, look at that. And then you get older and you know you can’t go to the party sucking your thumb. You can’t. So we do other things that mask our anxiety mask our nervousness, of course this is a. I’m not saying all of this straight to you anonymous. I’m just speaking to what is coming to me right now as I tune into this.

It’s like a whole body awkward experience, you know, anxiety, nervousness worrying. At some point, these things are building building building. You know, it’s just little things like you’re setting up. You’re decorating, you’re getting ready. It’s building building building whatever that is, those feelings. I really believe it’s a myth that everyone everywhere, is always happy. And always excited to get together and entertain with family. It’s always hunky dory, and it’s always pleasant. It’s always easy. It’s always wonderful, it’s always perfect somewhere inside of us, there’s an expectation that that’s the way it should be. You know, I wish so much I could press the button for all of us somewhere somewhere press a button that says, All as well. Exactly as this is now in the safety, the ease in the body, always comes from. Just deep pure acceptance of what is, you know, Bertha. We love you, and you’re challenging pain in the butt. Right. Mom, you. We love you, and you Meg, and Meg, and you don’t have to say these things to their faces, obviously, the one person who’s always the thorn on the balloon at every party. It’s for you to know. It’s for you to understand. I don’t have to like what you do, or what you say. And I also don’t have to take responsibility for you, and hold it, take it on and hold my breath, waiting to see if you’re going to do the thing you always do or say that then you always say, I have other moves, I can make the beauty is we’re all free. Everybody is responsible for themselves. I mean everybody above the age of, I don’t know what that ages. You know what I’m saying. Not little kids. So that we go home, or that people leave our home and we are left in a certain kind of state of energetic. We’re grants. We have seen, or energetic review. And we’re rehashing what happened what was said what was done. There’s sort of a purging of. Why did I say that or, you know, oh selling towel, they said this again and they can’t believe she didn’t say thank you. She didn’t like my tuna salad. Still naked. Now we just go on and on and on.

Remember, why have it all is so less satisfying. And it’s the egos favorite question. It’s why is never going to lead you anywhere, helpful. However, I will say, we learned to be caregivers, we learned to, you know that saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease, we learned to take care of the biggest pain in the arse around the biggest fear. The biggest challenge. We learned to dance with that because we have to. And we’re still maybe carrying some of that as we go forward. Me too. I’m in so many situations like that where I go away and I’m very tender hearted. Are you super tender hearted anonymous, because I think we carry it really big time. So maybe we weren’t taught our worthiness. You know, maybe we were, we had to self soothe very early I don’t know your story I know mine, and I get why I learned to be super self sufficient and suck my thumb I prefer to be alone all the time could stay in my room, not eat, not need to leave not need to do anything. occupied, but inert in so many ways, you know, I know why that happened for me. And so, it’s such a courageous thing to choose to be a social beam. After a life like that growing up. So maybe some of that in there will help you understand. Look at your own history. Last week I did a beautiful in inspiration section on a timeline. The week before I offered a beautiful one on creating looking at the landscape of your life. These might be worthy journaling exercises for you. You know, because it’s not fair to just get upset with yourself about what you carry after it’s over. The way you reanalyze and rehash things and why did I say that, and I wish this hadn’t happened and why did she say that to me, you know of course my perspective is I’m hard on myself for saying things and doing things. And usually it’s being too nice not stopping a conversation or not redirecting the topic or saying yes when I mean, no, no. But maybe for you it’s like your feelings are really hurt by what other people said or did or didn’t do let yourself have some time to purge that write it down, and then get to look at why is it not safe. Or comfortable to be you in the moment, at the party you in the moment at the event, just to be yourself. This is something I have been working on. I’m in a blended family, and that specific piece is something I have been working on for 10 years at least maybe more like diligently because, you know, things happen and you wake up and you realize like, I can’t keep throwing myself under the bus just to make nice with all the birches who are at this party. At some point, I have to be myself and let it go. And understand. We don’t all have to be best friends. I don’t have to be dying for you to like me, I can let it go. I can, I have no idea in the phase of just be me, just be me, no butt kissing. No caretaking and Bertha, you go figure it out, you know, the 31 at the party. You know my dad said it best. Ignore and reward. My dad was, was an amazing teacher, and he was an amazing teacher, and he worked with kids who had a lot of challenges and who needed somebody who really got it. And that was my dad because he had challenges


But he would always say Robin ignore and reward. Ignore the stuff you don’t want to get, you know, you don’t want it to become bigger, you don’t want to give it your, your attention and reward the stuff you’re about you’re interested in giving your focus there. Obviously, it doesn’t work everywhere, but it’s, it helps me to remember that and I hope you’re helped to remember what I’m saying here too that you replay things because you’re good kind and tender hearted person you care. You replay things and rehash things because stuff went down in your life and you came out somewhat kinked from those experiences. and those bent parts of you. Those kinky parts of you. They don’t dance with reality quite so good. And we need to help heal those parts, and that’s why you must sit down and take a look at what happens for you write it out. I write some mornings I sit down and write I start with a sentence like something like you said here, you know, why do I rehash and reanalyze things in my head for hours. in my heads, because you have to write in my head for hours after events. So and So said this to me. And I said this, and start writing from there, put some music on. That’s what I love to do listen to some music and write and see what comes, and you don’t have to write. This is not a one size fits all solution, you know like, but find some time to let yourself be. Should you find feeling fair. Let yourself breathe them in and out and release them. But know this, you’re a good person. Your heart is good as they saying in the Golden Girls. Your heart is true. Your power, and a confident. And if you threw a party invited everyone you knew you would see the biggest gift, would be from me. The card attached would say, thank you for being a friend, you’re a good person. Obviously, I know you. You know, we’re saying anonymous for the podcast, but you’re a good person. And the last bit I’ll say is you need to start holding up your finger to yourself in the dark and say no. Stop it. Don’t do it. Don’t go there, girlfriend must begin the training process. It’s like the gate is open, and the dog keeps getting out, you know, you must start to close the gate. That’s the next piece of work here. Stop. Analyzing stop allowing yourself to analyze, let yourself be free to say like I say, so and so, for any personality, so and so. Painting is difficult, difficult. You’re not doing something wrong. There’s never anything wrong. If Jesus was here Jesus would say, and Bertha pain in the ass, and spark of the Divine. that’s all. You know, it’s like, it’s you’re not doing something wrong, to name it like it is. Maybe we’re doing something right. Maybe finally somebody is going to help her liberate that energy liberate that stick from her but, you know, her sense of entitlement her sense of, it’s all about me. Maybe that’s what it’s gonna take. Do you ever think about that. So, you’re not doing anything wrong. The practices to know we’re all walking. We’re all filled with life. We all have Buddha nature, and some of us need to wake up. So if you’re carrying things that belonged to someone else. I vote you send them back. And, you know, be a little tighter with what you’re allowing yourself to do after the party and try. This was a beautiful day. This was a beautiful night, I loved how my kids were I love this I love that, I love this I love that try to play the game, I do that.

I do that, because I do come home and I know all about staying up half the night over a stupid thing somebody said no. The thing is we deserve more. And it’s up to us to take it. We have to do it. We deserve more. You deserve more. And you’re a good person. And for anybody else who needs to hear them. I give you all the same. And my blessing to call it like it is. and stand strong in your truth. And, you know, don’t be afraid to call yourself out, you know I can be a bit of a, you know what, I can, I can be difficult and challenging. I can get a little pissy sometimes. Don’t be afraid to look at that stuff in yourself and just say do better do better kid, because you deserve better. Right. It’s not a big deal. All right, my friend, so much love to you, and thank you so much for sharing so we can all receive and friends again you know please. I love to read your letters. Nothing too small, nothing too big, could ever be the case, always just right. Well, that wraps Episode 101, one on one, I’m going to have to decide how I want to start saying this now. I do know when we get to 111. I already can hear myself something Allah, Lord of the Rings. Yes, yes. Mr Bilbo had a birthday, you know. So friends, it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m finishing up the day before you get this, I kind of love it. It’s so fresh and new. I hope you feel my hugs right now. It’s a beautiful warm day The sun is shining. The leaves are doing their thing, casting shadows on the deck and in the backyard. you can see everything so beautiful, and I’m gonna get outside and just enjoy the day. Lovely Day. Lovely Day. Lovely Day. Lovely Day. Right, to remember something from last week. Yeah. So thank you always keep this love sparkling in your heart. Remember you’re a good person. Remember you’re worthy of this reframing that I’ve been talking about. You get to tell a new story, you get to do the work, and it’s hard. I know, but you get to do it so that you feel better and more excited and delighted in your life. This has been me, Robin hearts. I’m sending love, and I will see you on the next episode next week for a few minutes.

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