The Three Things Philosophy

the three things by robin hallett

One day #1husband said to me, Robin, you need a philosophy.

Something you can stand on. A firm foundation. Something you believe to the core and won’t waiver on when the Hollow Yogis come preaching their One True Gospel.

Because Hollow Yogis. Ugh. I’d been getting my fill of them at the time (and I suspect #1husband was getting his fill of hearing me complain…)

The thing is, without your own philosophy to guide your life by, it’s pretty hard to feel guided in your life 😜 …and that’s exactly why we seek for answers outside ourselves.

We’re looking for that One Right Way.

But the truth is, it really cannot exist outside yourself. You are unique, one-of-a-kind, nobody else like you out there.

You need to go inside and KNOW what your way is for you. There is too much happening in the world–way too many crappennings too–to be winging it, don’t you think?

Here is my philosophy. I call it the three things. Feel free to borrow 😉

I’ve shared this with people I help all around the world, and it is loved probably because it’s a simple truth (but don’t take my word for it – trust your own gut!).

Something you need to know before I begin…

I am about to use the G-word.

G for God.

I’m not trying to bring on the religious icky for you, so before you click away, hear me out 💕

Sometimes it’s more right for me to say Source or Universe or Spirit. Today it’s God. To me, it is all the same force breathing life into the Universe.

In my heart I know there are no rules, there’s no one right way but there’s a lot of religious-icky around using the G-word and so I usually steer clear. I’ve had my own history with that.

I am using the G-word today because this is how it came to me and it’s my policy to honor what comes through without editing it, even when it makes me nervous (like right now!). This is part of my commitment to #1 and #2 (more on that below).

I hope you give yourself permission to say, ‘the unifying force of the universe,’ in your own words. Make it your own so that you can adopt this philosophy in a way that feels right and good and true for you because that’s what really matters.

My three things philosophy in a nutshell:

1. God gives you an extraordinary gift. It is unique to you and you alone. You must awaken to it, and learn to define it. Sometimes I call this IT your one true thing. There is a sliver of the Universe all your own, you must know your address.

2. Make a commitment to honor it. Stay in alignment with your one true thing always, in all ways. You commit to yourself, to God, and to the world. You will be you wherever you go, whatever you write, whatever you create. The essence that is you will shine through.

3. Abundance is yours in return. Because you’re on track, because you’re in alignment, because you’re radiating a light that is uniquely you in the world, abundance is a given. It’s like call and response. Ask and it is given. Reaping what you sow. What is meant for you is always meant for you; that which you seek is always seeking you.


The first thing: God gives you an extraordinary gift.

You are here on the planet to contribute something to this place.

The only true and lasting offering you can give the world is your light. The way you offer it is unique to you. We could also call it leaving your mark, stamp, signature, your unique flavor. You help people by shining your light authentically. Just by being you, and adding your unique glow, you are of service to the world.

But as you read this you might be feeling some resistance or fear or disbelief. How is it possible I could have anything to offer? How is it possible I will ever get there? How can it be that someone like me could have anything of value to offer the world?

You are a spark of the Divine, and membership has its perks. Since you were a small child there was a light burning in you that knew it had something magical to do in the world…at times you had a little glimmer of that special something that felt completely unique to you. There was this certain vibe you brought to the party. You may have forgotten this feeling as the years went on, but the little kid in you knows what I am talking about.

Perhaps you don’t have the words but maybe you can boil it down to an essence or vibration. See if you can narrow the sensation down to a word that sort of sums it up for you right now… you can change the word later. You’re looking for something that’s matching the way it feels on the inside. For a long time, my word was welcoming. Today it is more like love.

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. — Gospel of Thomas

Yes, it takes courage to own your shizzle. And each time you make another advance in this direction you will probably feel thwarted by your own ego. It’s normal. What if it didn’t bother you? What if you held your own hand while you kept moving forward?

If you’re thinking, “OMG I don’t have anything that comes to mind!” no worries, this still applies to you. You haven’t been left behind or forgotten. Your gifts are there, just waiting to be discovered. Often though you need to give up the story of your upset before it can come to you.   Mandala-by-Robin-Hallett-Be

The second thing: Commit to honoring your unique spark.

Tell God you will honor the gift and then stay in alignment.

Your mission is to stay in alignment with your one true thing. Make a commitment to yourself and God that you will honor and share that unique sparkle of yours in the world.

There will still be days when you will doubt this whole unique spark thing. You will wonder about it. Maybe someone will challenge you–there are a lot of false prophets out there professing the One Right Way and you’ll get nervous. Be clear about Who you made the commitment to. Be still and know.

When you feel yourself faltering, be still and know that you ARE that. Prayer is a powerful thing my friend, you can always reach out and speak with Spirit, ‘help me to remember is an amazing prayer. If you have a tribe of friends who love and cherish you for the unique being you are, you can ask them for support. You can always get a reality check from me as well. I am here to back you up.

If there are problems with this step, take a look in the mirror. 

What is usually standing in between you and your dream is YOU. I have a saying: less sabotage, more joy. There are some things going on in your life now that need to be reevaluated if you want this to work. There are things you do that hold your life force energy down.

The third thing: God answers.

Ask and it is given.

Abundance will flow to you as you stay the course. When you are in alignment, when you’re in the flow, abundance returns to you easily and effortlessly…because you’re in allow mode or neutral, vs. struggle or defended mode. There are goodies in your own lane. Stay in it and trust that when you are properly aligned with your true essence, your true response cannot help but return to you.

What you seek is already seeking you. — Rumi

This is like God’s promise back to you… when you get clear that you are a child of God and you do have a gift, when you know what it is (or have a feeling in your bones of it) and you tell God you will do it, be it, exude it, cherish it, love it, share it, #3 is a given. It has to happen. It will happen. It’s inevitable.

But not on your timetable. Not on your ego’s timetable.


May I tell you a little secret? How and when is none of your business. Those kinds of questions are quite overwhelming and are more in the service of the Dark Lord’s minions (that was a Star Wars reference). Continuing to swirl in these questions will only sabotage you from #2.

If you radiate your unique spark in all that you do then you can completely trust in this principle that what you need will flow to you. But to be clear when I say show up and shine, I don’t mean you can lay around on the couch eating candy and watching Justified reruns all day. You must show up and do the work.

You can’t reap what you never sow.

Abundance according to your ego looks like some really strange things. What if you could be open to being loved and provided for, totally supported in the knowledge that the Universe has your back?

Abundance really means love. And love is all there is.

honoring what is

Once more with feeling!

One: You are a unique spark in the Universe.

Two: Commit to honoring your spark.

Three: What’s meant for you is always meant for you.

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