How to Remember You Are Spirit When Everything Feels like It’s Going Wrong.

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you are a supercollider

This pep talk goes out to you, friend.  I’m looking at YOU, awesomesauce, in the middle of your awakening journey. May this serve you where you need it most. You are infinite and timeless. A spark of the Divine. You come from somewhere else. This is the Truth we are practicing remembering. And even if we remember one fraction of a minute every other day, it still counts. You are not some finished product occasionally in need of a tiny tweaking. You are a spirit in a body who often needs… …Read More »

The Three Things Philosophy

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the three things by robin hallett

One day #1husband said to me, Robin, you need a philosophy. Something you can stand on. A firm foundation. Something you believe to the core and won’t waiver on when the Hollow Yogis come preaching their One True Gospel. Because, Hollow Yogis. Ugh. I’d been getting my fill of them at the time (and I suspect #1husband was getting his fill of hearing me complain…) The thing is, without your own philosophy to guide your life by, it’s pretty hard to feel guided in your life 😜 …and that’s exactly… …Read More »

Dear Inner Shaman, Mother and Guru, Please Help Me to Remember

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Dear inner Shaman, Mother, and Guru, please help me to remember: I am my own Shaman there’s no need to climb Machu Picchu or wander the desert seeking, I’m right here. I am my own mother I know best what soothes my colicky cry, and eases my indigestion or rocks me gently to sleep I am my own Guru they say I come from stardust ancient wisdom flows through my veins my cells vibrate with knowing I am one with the Universe but sometimes, I’m like a little mole in… …Read More »

Love is the Metric

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Several years ago I was interviewed on a podcast. It was one of the first interviews I had done and I was so excited about the opportunity to share my message with a wider audience. I felt a powerful presence within as I spoke, an effervescence that had an after-feel of butter melting. Parts of my own being were clarifying in that conversation, ones which lacked the oomph and stamina to get themselves over the hump previously. Afterward, I felt expanded, there was an inner awareness which knew something very… …Read More »

Knowing Your Purpose: You Have to Play to Win

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For all of you here in the Love Posse who sometimes tap the pain of not knowing what your purpose and mission is, this is my gentle love bomb to you. May it go to just the right hearts today. There is a purpose and mission for your life. You are not exempt. You haven’t been forgotten. You are right here on the inner circle, front and center with all of us. You are here to shine a light in the world. Your very own light. Not my light, not… …Read More »

Lightworker LOVE: It’s Called Soulful Sharing, Not Slimy Selling.

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On sharing your services with the world and not feeling like you are icky, slimy, or sleazy. Hello, sweet friend! You are someone who offers a beautiful service to the world in exchange for an excellent fee. Or you’d like to be. And yet, sharing what you do and what you LOVE about what you are doing isn’t always the easiest, right? Even though you know the lingo, even though your mastermind posse has bolstered you, even though you’re following the script…that inner snag is still there: I don’t want people to think… …Read More »

Life Is So Short, Let’s Make the Very Most of It!

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Life is precious and short, let

I am not sure when we decided that happiness is like dessert–optional and occasional but only allowed once you’ve eaten your peas and carrots. (blech) Life is precious and short, let’s make the very most of it! What fills you up is what needs to be the priority in your life. I am talking about filling the cells of your body with a vibration of joy. A feeling of excitement and delight that says, YES! I love the life I am living, people!! And gives you an inner sensation of… …Read More »

This Is Not Another “Just Suck It up and Keep Moving Forward” Post

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Not Another

It is nearly impossible to birth yourself alone and on your own and yet every day I hear from people who are attempting to do just that. Rather than supporting the “just suck it up and keep moving forward” movement, I want to encourage you to stop and acknowledge the tender spots you find inside and make room for what they’re asking of you. These tender places bring guidance. They contain information, and lots of nuggets that your spirit needs for the journey ahead. If you are someone who is… …Read More »

Rock It like You Mean It: You’ve Always Had the Power.

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Most of you here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind. You’re in business for yourself–or hope to be one day–performing a service to the world. I’ve had the pleasure of not only offering healing to many of you but what I like to call Businessy Love as well and today I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up about things. I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up in the cobwebby-waste-of-time-energy-sucks each of… …Read More »

The Love Burrito

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Love Burritos. Those times when it just feels like all of the stars aligned and there was this beautiful hum to what you were doing and it all rolled up into this wonderful, delicious, yummy thing. Maybe it was a time when you were lost in creating, or you had that one magical night out with your friends, or your speech ended in a standing ovation. You revisit these times in your heart and while the memory can still light you up, the Love Burrito itself has come and gone,… …Read More »

When It’s Time to Take off the Superhero Cape

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Super Corni by robin hallett

Superheroing is something we learned to do well in childhood. Many of us learned to fly with our capes on before we could even walk. Keeping the peace and keeping people happy mattered to our own survival and so the needs and wants of the people around us came first. Often we were at the mercy of these people (and their moods) and so our own needs became tied to making things easier/better/happier for others. Their happiness equaled ours, their upset equaled ours. Today this need to take care of… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: All is Well

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Monday Meditation All is Well

Hello beautiful Friend! Today I am sharing my favorite practice of all: All is well. Perhaps we don’t always realize how much we affirm the exact opposite in our minds… we chant along how NOT well all is! When the truth is: all is well. Let’s practice together today. It’s good for your heart and spirit, guaranteed to bring you joy. This is really an invitation to drop back into your heart and trust… all is well in this moment. I am safe. I am loved. I am at peace.… …Read More »

Monday Meditation: I Am Greater than the Sum of My Parts

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Hello beautiful friends!  This week the meditation is a powerful one. I am greater than the sum of my parts I am not only my history I am not only my mistakes I am not my limited, fearful thoughts I am not only my successes I am not only my creative offerings I am so much more. When you notice your suffering, affirm this: Spirit moves within me. There is something greater here. I am greater than the sum of my parts. I am spirit, stardust flows through my veins.… …Read More »

Preparation-H of the Very Best Kind

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Preparation-H of the Very Best Kind

Do you prepare for happiness? Think about all the ways you prepare for things in your life. What do you notice yourself preparing for? You prepare for what you’re going to say to this person about that thing that happened. Or how you’re going to tell the people you can’t do that thing you said you’d do. We prepare to deal with the pain-in-the-arse person. For our response. For attack. Rejection. Loss. Disappointment. For work, for lunches. But how often are we preparing for our happiness? Isn’t it more often… …Read More »

Making Peace with Scarcity and Lack

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Making peace with scarcity and lack

I have been having a conversation with some of the Love Posse about jealousy and scarcity and the story that there isn’t enough to go around. Conversations about how this one or that one has struck gold and published their book and is receiving renown. Conversations about how it makes us sometimes feel like we are never ever gonna make it…and how unfair it all feels and how it seems it’s only about who you know. And all of the good spots are taken. And surely it must be too… …Read More »