How to Remember You Are Spirit When Everything Feels like It’s Going Wrong.

you are a supercollider

You are infinite and timeless. A spark of the Divine.

You come from somewhere else.

This is the Truth we are practicing remembering.

And even if we remember one fraction of a minute every other day, it still counts.

You are not some finished product occasionally in need of a tiny tweaking. You are a spirit in a body who often needs help remembering the spirit part and then allowing it to influence the human part.

Love is where you came from. Love is who you are.

Most of us do really great remembering who we are when things are going well. When the sun is shining and the things we like are happening. Yes, just then, it’s very easy to be at peace in our hearts, very easy to remember we are part of something MORE.

Still, our human experience gets in our way. A lot.

It’s less easy to remember we are connected to the creative pulse of the universe when the shit is hitting the fan. When people are pissed at us, or we are wrongly assessed, or somebody says no (or yes!) and there are big hairy gaps in the bank account.

It’s so much harder when we are not feeling well for days on end and we have not slept well again. When the kid won’t stop crying, another trip to the emergency room, and we have a migraine. Again.

It’s hard to remember you are spirit when everything feels like it’s going wrong. 

AND… no matter what is happening to you today, or to your loved one, or out there in the world — there is still this truth that cannot be wiped out by any of it:

You are Spirit in a body. Infinite and timeless. A spark of the Divine.

There is an internal peace in you which can never die. None of that changes just because you forgot. Even if you are completely swept away in beating yourself up again, even when you’re ready to kill somebody, even when you’re ready to throw in the towel… it will still be The Truth.

If we can practice remembering this Truth for a tiny sliver of a moment (just a smidge! just a skosh!) we can begin untangling from the too-small tightness of our human experience.

Just a smidge!

Just a skosh!

Each time we do, more light gets into that knotted-up place. More remembrance of the all that is becomes present. And that is the game changer. Because you’ve probably already figured out that there is no such thing as never having a bad day, or a scary event, or even a mess. This will all continue to happen. Our dance with it is the thing we can change.

Your choice to remember IS the miracle you’re seeking, every time.

Energy goes where your attention flows.

Our practice is to know this and make the choice. Even when it’s hard. Even when we don’t wanna. We do this because we aren’t just giving lip service to our Spiritual Journey. We mean it, we feel it sincerely in our hearts and so we are making the courageous choice to remember.

I didn’t say it was easy. I didn’t say you can’t take time to process the feelings and let them out. That’s important too. And you can choose to remember that this moment, this upset, this horrible hairy is not ALL. 

Over the past days, I’ve been jotting down the little and big things people have been bringing to their healing sessions. We’ve been having such interesting conversations, and I am reminded again and again how we can make our upset the dampener to the sunshine in our hearts. We mistake the temporary experience here in the physical for the entire reality of our being. We forget that we are Contemporary Mystics, that we are so much more than whatever is happening at the moment.

And because we forget, we become unable to see. Temporarily blind to the love and possibility swirling around us at all times. ALWAYS. Love never left us, but sometimes, we and our micro-zoom vision are unable to see it.

Oh yes, we will still experience the hit of drama entering our system. With everything that is happening, you can practice. Can I be aware of the upset but not give it my ALL? Can I remember where I truly come from and keep the perspective even when the shift hits the fan?

Yes. Yes, I can.

Yes. Yes, you can!

All enlightenment means is that you remember.

You remember there is MORE. And this instant, this week, this period, this episode? It’s not everything.

Remember that you are spirit. Remember in the good times so you are reminded in the tough times.

Every time you do, you build the groove inside your heart and the next time it all feels like it’s going wrong, perhaps you’ll fall right in 🙂 No, not into some dark nebulous hole, but a beautiful expansive heart that breathes and moves with all that is happening.

This too shall pass. And it will all pass. But the part of you that remains? That’s the infinite and timeless. And that’s us, baby. We are that.


How to Remember You Are Spirit When Everything Feels like It's Going Wrong.

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