Knowing Your Purpose: You Have to Play to Win

you have to play to win - knowing what your purpose and mission in life are

For all of you here in the Love Posse who sometimes tap the pain of not knowing what your purpose and mission is, this is my gentle love bomb to you. May it go to just the right hearts today.

There is a purpose and mission for your life.

You are not exempt. You haven’t been forgotten. You are right here on the inner circle, front and center with all of us.

You are here to shine a light in the world.

Your very own light. Not my light, not that other person’s light, your light.

Sometimes the hardest thing is trusting that this is the truth.

This trusting takes courageous faith I know… still, would you be willing to practice trusting? Can you keep the faith, even when the “how how how” part of you shows up? Even when the inner booger arrives and insists that everything is shit and you are never gonna amount to anything?

The evidence of your purpose and mission is all around you.

Tell me this,

What lights you up?

What makes you feel thrilled to be in your beautiful life?

What makes you feel happy you are you?

These are all pointings to the creative essence in the big Universe of which you are a part.

You are a spark of that essence, you carry it inside you.

Can you trust that creative essence inside you (it’s that feeling of being thrilled and lit up regardless of what you’re doing) is big and important and it’s also intended to come through you? This light (perhaps you call it inspiration, or creativity) flows in you already but you must allow it to happen with the intention of opening more and more. This is the same light that helps you to transform inner obstacles of separation you may feel. You know that part of you that feels all alone in the world or you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what you’re meant to be doing… that’s separation.

The more you can allow the creative essence in you to flow, the clearer you will feel about having a purpose and mission. And you’ll be all the more of a conduit for channeling this light into the world too.

You are here to channel light in the world in your very own way.

Channeling light is what you’re here to do.

I know when I say, “you are here to channel light in the world” I risk losing people… because it just all sounds so very woo-woo but you know what? God doesn’t speak in terms like: You will be the CEO of a fortune 500 company! God speaks to us in light and vibration and energy. God doesn’t really care what the business name you’ve chosen is, God cares about you shining. And shining is measured in joy and delight and light and excitement.

I do understand how we all want to know the specifics of what we are “meant to be doing in the world” though, I get it. And trust me, you have a very specific niche to fill in this Universe. You do. There is a sliver of this place that is all for you.

Here is how you know what the specifics are:

As you practice being in your “happy place” despite the one in you who worries and feels anxious, more liberation and creativity will flow for you. More certainty will flow for you. More “hell yes, THIS is what I am meant to be doing!” ideas will flow for you too.

You’ll have inspiration coming to you a lot. Take note of the things coming to you. The ideas you are having.

Be excited about all of this. Don’t let your inner booger wreck this process for you. Don’t kill it dead before it even has a chance to move in you. Lots of people kill it dead before it has a chance to thrive. It’s a problem when we judge our inspiration and delight as bad or wrong. Our ego gets involved and screws this naturally occurring phenomenon up.

You are not your ego. You are a Contemporary Mystic. You have to start thinking in terms of being lit up in your life, of being grateful for your life, you have to be open and willing to receive. Don’t argue for your upset. Lots of us have really shitty and hard things happening on a daily basis. The ones who thrive and rise are the ones who consciously choose to. This is very different than you pretending nothing is wrong, I am talking about acknowledging ALL of what is going on – and this creative essence which is always flowing inside you is vitally important to acknowledge too.

Stop judging what you love as bad or wrong. What you love has everything to do with what you are here to do.

If right now, your biggest joy is to make pies and have parties with special friends, who are you to judge that as bad or wrong or lazy? Who are you to say that it’s not good enough? All of these things carry a spark of the Divine in them, don’t they? If everything comes from Spirit/Universe/Divine if everything exists first as creative potential energy… who are you to call pie-making and fun-having as wrong or not good enough?

you have to play to win - knowing what your purpose and mission in life is

It’s all about the vibes. Let yourself be lit up.

Singing and dancing are what get you there. Creative expression gets you there. Nobody does this all from sitting behind a desk, we need to play and have fun and realize how freaking amazing YOU and your life are, the light that emanates from you will be enough to set the world on fire. Again, THIS is the exact alignment you want so the messages and ideas will flow to you. When you’re in that zone of joy and delight, you will receive some of the best inspiration around. This is when the muses come to visit.

You have to play to win.

If you ask me what your purpose is, I will always tell you it is that – all of what I just said. Honor this every day… save this letter and re-read it often. You living from that place will be the thing that sets others on their path too. This is how God is choosing to use us. This is you truly being on mission, on purpose. If you do this there is no need to worry “what you will be when you grow up” the path will feel right and true even in times of great uncertainty.

You have to play to win.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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