Life Loves You and Just Can’t Quit You

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This love note is about turning your story around and becoming willing to see how every crappening is actually an opportunity. May it serve you and uplift you and help your heart to heal. Hello, sweet friend! I have a feeling you don’t always realize how loved and cherished you are. At times it’s hard for you to believe that you’re an adored, valued member of the Universe. Especially when things go wrong and screw up on us, it feels like that’s the truth. We’re not as special as everyone… …Read More »

Don’t Hold Back Your Light // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 57

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Don't Hold Back Your Light Even If People Give You Grief for Being You // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 57

Don’t hold back your light. Who you are is an intentional creation from LOVE itself. Holding back your sparkle is like calling LOVE wrong. What if we decided not to keep telling that one horrible story about that one crispy person who said the horrible thing that changed our shine forever and decided to take back our sparkles! This week, on Tea with Robin, I’m talking about you shining brightly and not holding back one single sparkle, even though there are people who won’t get you or even like what… …Read More »

Be Inspired, Live Inspired, Inspire Others // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 53

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Your needs are never silly by robin hallett

Do you ever find yourself wondering how or when your dream will happen? In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about living an inspired life and choosing to be an inspirer to others. I share ideas on taking your life in the direction you long for without scaring the carp out of yourself at the same time; plus stories about my friends who blow my mind on the daily; and tell an important story of our honeymoon to japan and why we ended up on the Love Boat… …Read More »

Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy so Dance with the One Who Brung Ya // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 49

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abundance forgive yourself and stop repenting

On honoring your needs and why it matters and letting fun be fun again. Please don’t judge what you love — all of it is light trying to flow through you. Everything you wanna accomplish in your life is better in a vibe of ease and joy and can-do-yes-yes-YES! To be in a sense of play and adventure and delight is where it’s at! And as we enjoy life, we become a magnetic attractive force to all things in alignment with what we want. And that’s how it works, we… …Read More »

When It’s Time to Send the Inner Booger Packing

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Confidence and sending the inner booger packing

Dear amazing YOU: The truth is, there is nobody else quite like you on the planet. You are HERE to share your heart, your story, and your sparkle with the world and you’re destined to do this in a very unique and authentic way. You’ve probably felt that inner special something calling to you for a very long time and I’ll bet there’s also a twinge of sadness swirling with it as well. Maybe you’ve had fearful thoughts, maybe you feel lost from time to time, maybe you haven’t been… …Read More »

You Are a Good Person

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loving yoursef enough to leave the surface

Hello sweet Friend! Today’s meditation offering is this: I am a good person. This is such an important meditation for us all, isn’t it? So often we are going around affirming the contrary. Or we worry worry worry that we’re not! Or we defend ourselves inside our own mind to the people in our lives (who aren’t even with us when this is happening). Let’s practice together today. It’s good for your heart and spirit, guaranteed to bring you joy. You are a good person! You are totally deserving of… …Read More »

Tell the Story You Want to Tell, Not the One That’s Taking You to You Know Where // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 45

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It's ok to want what you want and it doesn't make you bad or wrong

Do you ever wish that you could tell a story about you and your life and have it come true? If you think about it, all we are really ever doing is telling a story. We write our story for how things are going and we tell it to ourselves over and over and over. Then, we live that narrative often without questioning it. But, do we like the story? That’s the kajillion dollar question! In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about releasing our unintentional negative stories… …Read More »

Aiming Low: The Secret Superpower

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aiming low: the secret superpower

What if most of our ideas about “reaching for the stars” are wrong? What if of our over-the-top hopes, dreams and visions for our lives cause most of the stress and anxiety we carry? Do you sometimes catch yourself worrying about whether or not you’re doing good enough? Or fear you don’t measure up to certain standards? If that’s you then I have a special and amazing superpower to share with you. It has the power to set you free. And release the ‘shoulds’ right out of your life. It… …Read More »

There’s No Such Thing as a Silly Need // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 44

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There's no such thing as a silly need by Robin Hallett

Do you ever judge the needs you have? Are there some needs you respect and honor but others that seem silly or stupid? You matter. ALL of your needs matter. When you tell yourself a need you have is dumb, you are devaluing your entire being. In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about why it’s important to honor personal self-care needs and how that gives us the confidence to boldly go where we’ve never gone before. I share ideas on how you can create a self-care kit… …Read More »

Knowing Your Purpose: You Have to Play to Win

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For all of you here in the Love Posse who sometimes tap the pain of not knowing what your purpose and mission is, this is my gentle love bomb to you. May it go to just the right hearts today. There is a purpose and mission for your life. You are not exempt. You haven’t been forgotten. You are right here on the inner circle, front and center with all of us. You are here to shine a light in the world. Your very own light. Not my light, not… …Read More »

On Thriving and Why It’s so Important to Receive Support // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 43

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I sit for guidance for every person I see in the healing room that day and today’s messages are all about the way we need to allow ourselves to receive help. We need to learn how to let ourselves be supported and to know that it’s okay to admit we need help instead of always having to be the strong one holding it all together. There’s no shame in needing help. There’s no shame in wanting to be supported. In having our needs met, and being helped. We don’t always… …Read More »

The Law of Divine Compensation and Staying in the Flow // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 42

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Today I am talking about honoring the flow of things. The flow of love. The flow of abundance. The flow of opportunity. The flow of right relationships. The flow of joy, ease, and peace. Trusting in the law of Divine Compensation, what we’re giving out what we’re honoring flows back to us as well. When we are aligned with our true nature and we honor our purpose and path, everything like itself flows back to us as well. In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about trusting in… …Read More »

How to Manifest Everything You Want

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On how to manifest everything you want by paying attention to what you’re putting out or, how to take your amazing life by the reigns and live like the unicorn you truly are 🙂 This is what we are talking about today, sweet friend! Sometimes friends in the Love Posse will write to me looking for support. They’ll speak to their fears around not finding or doing meaningful work, or they’ll tell me their money stories, or it’s a product launch they’re crossing their fingers and hoping for the best… …Read More »

Soul Gathering This Week!

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Soul Gathering with Robin Hallett and Josephine Hardman

Hello, sweet friends! This Thursday I’ll be hosting Soul Gathering, a free healing event online for friends interested in their personal healing and growth. It’s totally free and pitch free too 🙂 This month’s topic is prosperity. What would it be like to ride in the energy of easy prosperity and juicy joy? And how can you call in abundance even when you’re worrying about money? All are welcome and the recording is provided, and we have some sweet giveaways too. We will have some time for healing and q&a… …Read More »

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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do what you love love what you do by robin hallett

I have always loved the saying, Do what you love, and love what you do. It makes me think of my dad who used to say, “Robin, don’t do anything unless you feel like doing it…not even the vacuuming! Wait for the natural interest to arise and then let yourself seize the opportunity.” In terms of a philosophy, that’s a pretty great one. I always have choices. I will choose the thing that excites me and lights me up. And if I must do something that I don’t want to do, something I… …Read More »