Today We Follow Our Bliss

follow your bliss

Today we will follow our bliss.

We are bold and courageous and we will not give our energy to Don’t, Can’t, or Won’t.

Today we choose to invest in the places which feel good, where the vibes are all lit up and it feels effortless and fun.

We will follow that sparkling feeling, we will follow our bliss.

We will surround ourselves with the people who make us feel good.

Instead of caring so hard about the naysayers and the poo-poo-ers, we will be grateful for ones who receive us like dignitaries.

today we follow our bliss


Today we are too blessed to be stressed.

Instead of bitching about the problems at work, we’ll acknowledge where it’s fun and opportunities are good.

We will count our blessings for all the people, events, and opportunities we meet today. Yes, thank you and more like this, please!

We will honor the trickle every time.

We will pay special attention to the ones who can’t stop saying: THANK GOODNESS WE KNOW EACH OTHER, YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!

Today we follow our bliss.

We will listen to positive commentary inside and outside our heads, only that which adds something to our experience vs. more of the negativity, lack and scarcity already rampant.

Let’s do this!

No boogers, just Gazintas.

Let’s put a stronger Gargoyle in front of our hearts and ROCK IT today.

Today we follow our bliss

Written February 2016

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