You’re Manifesting these Blessings, Baby!


When your dream manifests, it is no time to be humble.

Being humble is like saying, “NO, thank you” to a beautiful gift you’ve been wanting.

I mean, why would you reject the very thing you’ve been going for all this time?

What do you get by doing that?

The only thing you should be saying right now is YES and THANK YOU and MORE PLEASE.

You’re the one manifesting these blessings, baby!

It’s called ask and it is given for a reason.

When the goodies show up in your life you gotta open the door and say YES!

Remember: Yes and thank you and more, please.

Anything else is like sending the blessing away.


And this article is about what happens when we manifest what we didn’t want 😉

updated 5/23/2019

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