Stop trying so hard and start intention setting


Do you ever feel like you’ve been bumbling along on your journey?

Like you’re just flitting from flower to flower without a specific goal?

It’s not that you want to bumble along…

You know you’re here to do something special with your life.

You might even have a dream for yourself.

You work really hard. Every day. Trying to be productive. Always busy-busy-busy.

You want to make a difference.

And, you want to feel like you’re getting somewhere too.

You study about HOW to make that difference. You read books. Watch videos. Listen to podcasts. You’re a freaking expert on the topic.

Still, some nights when you go to bed, it feels like you spent another day not getting much done. You don’t feel accomplished and it’s hard to fall asleep peacefully.

I’ve lived that cycle too.

I felt the call in my heart but I just didn’t know how to bring it forward.

I needed to make space to get clear. Stop all that busywork and start sitting with what it was I wanted for myself. But how could I take time out for this if I always HAD to be doing SOMETHING? (I had to look busy even when I wasn’t busy) I kept putting off that downtime, kept treading water, hoping if I just kept pushing, something would happen on its own.

And along came the break down (be careful what you wish for!)

I was physically and mentally exhausted from all the busy work and secret freaking out I was doing.

I decided to take some action.

Setting your intentionIntention setting became my policy.

An intention is like a coordinate you enter into your inner GPS.

Once you’re clear on your coordinates, your intention serves as a guide. If you wander into territory that is NOT your intended target, you will know it pretty quickly. You’ll feel kind of icky.

So what are your coordinates?

Well, where do you want to go? The sky is the limit. You just need to get clear about that.

Here are three steps to setting your intention (three! that’s it!)

1. Make some space to consciously sit with this question: What is it you really want to call in? What’s the sparkly wish inside your heart?

2. Write it down. Hone the statement. Get very clear about the feeling you want to feel. What’s the energy of this wish?

3. Place a hand on your heart and speak your intention out to the Universe. Take this step seriously. As if you’re making a vow.

Big and little intentions.

As a conscious participant on the journey, you’ll set intentions regularly. Nope, it’s not just for weirdos anymore 🙂

Before your “day” begins, it’s important to set your intention. How do you want the day to be?

Before you begin a big project, set your intention. How do you want it to go?

Before you see a client. How do you want that to go?

Here is my intention for this post: intention setting

“Dear God,

Let me be of service.

Let me share my experience fearlessly.

Let my message go to the right hearts.



If you’re feeling frazzled or lost or anxious or stressed, consider what I am saying here. Make space in your life for YOU. Make space for your dream to live. And next time you find yourself flitting from flower to flower, stop and check your GPS. Make sure you’re in the right neighborhood before you continue.

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