Giving Your Attention to what’s Blooming (with video)

Heavens-got-a-plan-for-youThe two questions I am asked the most in sessions are:

“What is my purpose in life?”


“Why am I here?”

There is a plan for your life. You have a sacred mission.

Oh yes, Heaven’s got a plan for you, child.

You have not been forgotten. Yet, I do understand why you sometimes think that. It is hard to trust in the good in life when things get kinda crazy…

You, my sweet, are like a beautiful tree.

Roots, trunk, branches, buds, blooms and all! Even dead wood.

Each of your seeds contains the promise of another bloom.

If you truly want to grow, then give your attention to what’s blooming. Don’t just focus on the dead wood – it saps your energy dry, and leaves nothing in return.

The easiest way to know your purpose and mission is to focus on the blooms in your life, not the dead wood.

Yes, heaven’s got a plan for you child! You have not been forgotten.

Let me ask you, what do you spend most of your time focusing on? Dead wood, or the fruit?

And now for a special message just for you 🙂

Give your energy to what’s blooming in your life from Robin Hallett on Vimeo.

About the art:

I love love love the song, “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. I love music that inspires me and helps me feel alive. I thought you’d like a little visual reminder – you have not been forgotten, and there IS a plan for your life.