Just be yourself

just be yourself - who you are is beautiful by robin hallett

There are always going to be people who just don’t get who you are.

The ones who pre-judge and speak to you from a place of knowing.

They speak down to you from on high, saying “THIS is who you are.”

Perhaps they’ll call you unacceptable or say you’re too much, even ask you to change what you’re wearing to fit the mold a bit better.

They have opinions that differ from yours–you know this by their stare that says: You’re speaking gibberish and there are horns coming out of your head.

All of this can feel like a sign that you’re supposed to stay small and unseen, demure and in your place where you don’t question things.

It can feel like the Real You is not welcome in the world.

Like, somehow, if people knew the Real You, they’d flee the scene screaming.

So you nip and tuck little parts away–guided by your fears–folding yourself into something more palatable for the masses. All the while, letting go of your dreams little bits at a time, until all that’s left is a vague memory.

Meanwhile, the Real You is still knocking at your heart…

It’s asking to be let out.

For every sadness and loss you’ve experienced, for every time you’ve been missed, this knock is the reminder that it’s not too late for you.

So, here’s what you need to do:

just be yourself heart and wings by robin hallett

Just be yourself.

Just be who you are.

Risk upsetting people, and try doing life your very own way.

You’re beautiful exactly as you are – no need to change to fit anyone else’s mold.

Do your insides and outsides exactly the way that’s pleasing to you.

And when the fear comes, (and it will) hold on to your own hand while you speak to yourself sweetly.

And when you cannot, it’s time to reach out to a birdie friend who loves you and will hold your wing while chirping to you sweetly:

Love yourself as is. Always in all ways.

There is room for you here amongst the band of merry misfits, rogue didgeridoo players and ballerina wannabes.

All of you is welcome here 🙂


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