When It’s Time to Send the Inner Booger Packing

Confidence and sending the inner booger packing

Dear amazing YOU:

The truth is, there is nobody else quite like you on the planet. You are HERE to share your heart, your story, and your sparkle with the world and you’re destined to do this in a very unique and authentic way.

You’ve probably felt that inner special something calling to you for a very long time and I’ll bet there’s also a twinge of sadness swirling with it as well. Maybe you’ve had fearful thoughts, maybe you feel lost from time to time, maybe you haven’t been supported and encouraged.

None of this means you aren’t ready to fly.

There’s often a disconnect between our inspiration and our inner confidence. We have these fantastic ideas and we’re inspired by those ideas and still, right as we’re imagining making these ideas fly, the Inner Booger shows up and says…

“Who do you think you are?”

“Nobody’s gonna want that, it’s gonna flop!”

“You’re NEVER going to make money doing THAT!”

We get scared by the obstacles and then we send our dreams packing.

We say, “Maybe I should wait… perhaps it’s not quite the right time… the ducks aren’t aligned… if it was meant to be it would have happened by now” but cooling your flames is an attempt to stay small and safe and it’s exactly what makes us feel so down and depressed. Just because you tell yourself “It’s not the right time” or “I can’t afford it” doesn’t make the call stop sounding inside your heart! It is a persistent call. It keeps whispering to you and it will continue to do so. When it's time to send the inner booger packing

This is not the time to back down, this is the time to power on.

You aren’t sad or feeling like you’ve missed out because your dream isn’t possible… your dream is an excellent one! You’re sad and feeling like you’ve missed out because you haven’t stepped out into the light in a way you really are wanting to. Deep down you know this. And you will not feel satisfied until you take the steps you’ve been wanting to take.

And they don’t even have to be huge steps! The baby ones are often better.

Life meets us where we are at.

Thoughts become things.

If we most often affirm that we’ve missed our chance or that we just aren’t worthy to create something magical in the world or we blame our situation on others – that is the exact energy life will meet us with. These situations will continue to happen and we will continue to suffer. Beliefs are simply thoughts we continue to think – and when we continually think about how much of a loser we are we eventually believe this to be the case. We don’t just believe with our minds, we believe with our cells.

When it's time to send the inner booger packing

I know you have something important to do in the world.

All of the gold you want to mine is right there inside you.

You are totally capable.

You are absolutely ready to fly.

You have the goods.

You’ve got the chops.

It’s time to put down the fearful stories – they are not evidence!

It’s time to get going. It is time to stop the excuses. It is time to tell the Inner Booger to take a hike. I have spoken to you before about stepping across the threshold even when you can hear the zombies scratching at your door. Enough is enough. You just gotta get moving.

Maybe you need a little reminder that going for what you really want will carry a certain amount of fear with it. Do not mistake this as a sign that you’re doing something wrong. Transformation brings up fear and growing edges are always accompanied by panic. It’s normal normal normal (because that statement bears repeating!).

Fear makes us all a little crazy and we make very poor choices when we are afraid. Get tough on that inner critic! Say to yourself, I am an artist. The end. I am a healer, the end. I am a powerful consultant, the end. I am a writer, the end. Put a stop to the negative self-talk before it really has a chance to get started and keep going toward your dream.

Showing up, stepping in, saying yes and staying committed takes courage.

You have this in spades.

You are not alone, we’re doing this together 🙂 I believe in you!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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