How to Believe in Your Success Even If It’s Scary

How to Believe in Your Success Even When You're ScaredMy client emailed the other day, “Ugh I’ve had at least 500 thoughts today saying I can’t do this. I keep wondering if it means I am going to fail and then everyone will know me for the LOSER I really am… why is it so hard to believe in myself?”

Yes, it’s pretty normal to have thoughts like that – even 500 in a day! But this is no evidence you aren’t gonna make it. I think you might be focusing on too small a net here… what if you could let go of that old story that you’re a loser and a mess and you can’t make anything happen EVER in your life and instead consider this to be a time where you are being asked to raise your hand for what you are wanting?

This is a time where you are being asked to show up and commit courageously to the yes in your heart.

Show up with a YES.

A big fat YES even in the absence of evidence you can make this thing happen.

It is so freaking easy to slip right into that old familiar place where you’re a big fat loser who is never able to make anything come of your life. It’s old and it’s tired and it’s total BS too. You have done AMAZING THINGS to date with your life, not to mention that you have a beautiful heart. What you are wanting for yourself is absolutely possible. YES, it is possible.

Better questions to ask yourself:

What if this is really a time for you to choose courageously the path you want to travel?

What if you are being given an opportunity to raise your hand and say I am IN! I want this! I want to make this happen!

What if this is a time where you are being challenged to believe in yourself despite your history of past mistakes?

What if this is the time where you are being challenged to hold the line, get your ass firmly in the center of your longing and say, YES THIS!!!

What if this is the time where you are being asked to relinquish that tired old rag you keep carrying around as evidence to your piece-of-shitness.

What if this is the time to commit so fully to showing up as your brilliant creative amazing self, regardless of the people who will think you’re crazy?

You will be bombarded with negative thoughts

How to Believe in Your Success Even When You're Scared

I run into them daily… this in it of itself means NOTHING. What you make of those thoughts is EVERYTHING.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could take up the practice that for every time you caught those thoughts coming you could see that this has come with the intention to strengthen and fortify your inner knowing, resolve, and capacity?

Have you really been listening to the big dreams and opportunities you’re seeking? Have you truly felt yourself light up as you imagine yourself doing what you’d love? If you have, then you know it’s going to take a little muscle to become the powerful vessel which can contain such power.

Negative thoughts are NOT reality. Thoughts alone have no power. It is your believing which fuels the thoughts… you have a negative thought and you believe it, that is all. But what if you could learn to recognize that negative voice for what it is–a dark shadow that’s longing to be part of the light that is your true self.

It takes less energy to be courageous than it does to stay afraid

Doubt and fear are to be expected along the way. But again, you can train yourself to hear the negative thoughts and re-plant your buns right in the center of your heart, come right back to the Truth of what you know vs. the Darth Birdie scary breathing… you have to practice, you have to remain persistent.

How to Believe in Your Success Even When You're Scared

The reason failure feels so big for us is because we’ve experienced failure in the past.

We know what it’s like to have it go badly. We’ve fallen flat on our faces already and we’re not excited about the prospect of doing it again. But you know what? You can decide right now that your past is not determining your now or your future for that matter. You CAN do this, you CAN.

When it gets really heavy and you find yourself feeling so down, maybe even feeling close to tears and you start entertaining thoughts of quitting, say the magic words: help me.

And just then, you’ll have this quiet idea that you should go make an almond butter and jelly sandwich and hang out in the back yard. Or maybe you’ll get the hit that you should go draw for a while and listen to music.

Don’t blow off that idea!

Go do it, right now.

This is guidance.

Something greater than you is speaking in that moment.

Don’t resist it.

Almond butter and jelly sandwich with a side of almond milk - I use ezekiel toast - my favorite


How to Believe in Your Success Even When You're Scared

Give yourself a rest and soon enough you’ll see you have a confident heart once more.

You shouldn’t decide anything in a moment of panic and fear. You aren’t in your right heart space just then. You have to know when to drop it and walk away.

When you treat the upset as if it’s the important part, you place it on an altar and your cells will worship it.

Your upset isn’t the important part! Don’t give it all the weight of your attention; eventually, your body and energy field will have no choice but to accommodate your story.

Each of us has a greater fear of succeeding than we realize.

How to Believe in Your Success Even When You're Scared

Getting to where you want to be takes courage – sometimes it’s like walking in the dark without a flashlight. I don’t particularly enjoy this but I do remind myself that doubt and fear are to be expected, and I remember it’s not the important part.

Can we hold the joy with the terror?

Our self-doubt with our confidence?

Can we learn to feel great while we’re waiting for all this success to manifest?

Is it possible to work with passion, even if we’re also scared?

I vote YES! And we’re doing this together! 

Sending love and hugs and sparkles your way,

there will be dragons

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