Unfulfilled Desires and Feeling Great While You Wait

I’ve talked to some of my friends this week who’ve been experiencing the frustration of having desires which go unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled desires. Dreams not manifested. Wishes yet to come true.

Focusing on the absence of the things we want causes some pretty intense suffering.

I know we’re more alike than different so I am guessing that you can relate to this too, right?

Is there anything you’ve been wishing for, or dreaming of that hasn’t happened yet?

I know a super cool secret and I am going to share it with you 🙂

You’ve gotta learn to feel great while you wait.

You have to find a way to feel great while you wait for your big special Thing to happen.

Do I sound a little kooky to you? Let me make my case 🙂

You absolutely cannot be a vibrational match to what you want if you are upset that it isn’t here yet.

When you’re feeling bad because the thing you want to happen isn’t happening, you are no longer in the right frame to call in that dream, are you?

Do you ever notice how crappy you feel when you are focusing on the absence of your desire?

The Not Having What I Want in Life experience can be pretty painful.

If your hopes, dreams, and wishes were to come true today, what would you have?

What is the story behind wanting what you want?

What is your wildest fantasy?

What would life look like for you if these things were to happen?

What is the story you tell about these dreams coming true?

What do you believe you’ll have?

Most of the time, the answer is that you believe you will have peace.

One way or the other, you believe that having your dreams come true will mean that you can feel at peace in your life.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could find a way to be at peace now?

You can still wish for your dreams to come true. You can still have desires. But you gotta find a way to not let your upset or impatience get in the way of feeling good.

Feeling great while you wait is the name of the game!

Find a way to feel good while you are waiting for your wish to come true.

Every time you catch your stinking thinking saying something unkind about the state of affairs, remember the game.

When you get grouchy about things, remember the game. Feel great while you wait.

Out of a job? Feel great while you wait.

Worried about your health? Feel great while you wait.

Waiting for your soul-mate? Feel great while you wait.

Wondering about that windfall? Feel great while you wait.

Waiting for that new client? Feel great while you wait.

Got your own wish? Fill in the blank here: _________________. And then you know what to do! Feel great while you wait 🙂



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