Your Unique Spark in the World

You are here to contribute your unique spark in the world.

There is no body else on the planet who can rock it quite like you can.

You are the only one.

There’s just something about you that makes you special.

It’s time to let yourself shine.

You were created on purpose. No part of you is an accident.

You could never be an accident. There is a purpose and plan for your life.

The world is counting on you to contribute your special spark!

You were meant to be exactly as you are, even those parts you cannot love.

When you cannot fully embrace all of who you are, you suffer.

Cutting off the parts you don’t like kills your passion.

It’s time to love all of who you are. Not just the pretty parts.

Your being authentic inspires the world.

You give the rest of us permission to be that too.

You don’t have to take to the streets with a bullhorn shouting, c’mon people, be authentic!

Just shining your light is enough to wake the rest of us up.

So bring out your unique spark and share it with the world.

Every single particle of you is welcome here. So let your freak flag fly!

Every time you do, that spark will explode into wild and unknown treasure.

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