Read This When You Find Yourself Lost in the Weeds

There are days when you find yourself lost in the weeds.

There are days when you find yourself lost in the weeds.

Somehow you’ve managed to wander way off course. You dropped your flashlight and nothing seems recognizable.

Don’t freak out, this is not some new kind of normal. You’re in the weeds. This is temporary.

You may not realize this: It isn’t possible to live in a constantly aligned state of bliss on your rainbow path in perfect harmony with your sacred trajectory every single moment of every single day.

It isn’t realistic to hold yourself to a standard demanding all bliss all the time. It is not realistic to expect that.

Read this when you find yourself lost in the weeds.

The weeds are not part of your sacred trajectory but they do help you learn about staying on the path, offering you invitations to choose peace over your upset. Don’t mistake your being in the weeds as a sign you’ve done something wrong.

Sometimes we are being protected and we don’t know it.

Once while on a “women’s adventure outing,” I went for a pee in the woods. It was late one night and the only light I had came from my little flashlight.

(You might be wondering why I would wander off from my tent in the pitch black night for a pee… well, the night before I tried to hang my butt out of the tent and it totally backfired. I will spare you the details except to say that I didn’t have dry socks when I went back to bed.)

So I walked a little ways from my tent with my flashlight tucked under my arm, and as I was crouching down, I lost my footing. I fell backward and watched my flashlight rolling away down a very steep hill, perfectly illuminating my being spared a horrible accident.

Sometimes we’re in a holding pattern. The big U isn’t saying no, it’s saying not yet.

Things haven’t aligned for us just yet. We get scared because we don’t recognize what is happening, we freak out. This is a time when patience is needed. What if we trusted, what if we believed that we are held and deeply loved at all times and that all is never lost?

What if you trusted that what’s meant for you is always meant for you, and what’s been held for you in escrow is just about ready to happen? What if we could just stay open and continue to allow ourselves to shine?

Do not argue for your upset. Offer it up. Release it. Make a small prayer and let it go.

Why not try a prayer?

Hellooo Spirit. I am feeling a little lost right now. Please help me remember that I am deeply held and the universe has my back. I affirm with my energy that I believe in the good that’s waiting for me. I know you’re aligning things in a way I just could never understand or imagine. Thank you! Amen.

Read this when you find yourself lost in the weeds.Sometimes the weeds are necessary because there is a little one inside who does not feel ready to face the truth that the light will reveal.

We’re not ready to wake up to certain things. We want to put the brakes on the process. Slow it down. This doesn’t make us bad or losers, it doesn’t.  Sometimes though, we put those brakes on because we’re scared that if we face an issue we’ve been avoiding, another more hairy obstacle will be waiting for us.

Sometimes that’s why we lose our shit over things that are just not that important. We find a lot of tempting canker sores to play with in a day! But if we really want to live in a place of peace and alignment we need to stop affirming the canker sore’s importance. It is a choice. Do what you can to remain detached. Keep in mind your core values, your one true thing. Don’t get lost in what does not truly matter to you.

A Course In Miracles says we don’t understand what’s in our own best interests when we’re lost in the weeds. We’re in a place of profound forgetting and are unable to remember the light. When that happens, we’re expecting the darkness.

Our ego shouts the wackiest version of reality inside our minds and it’s tempting to think we need to figure out the upset. We must solve it, dismantle it, break it down, analyze it just a little more. But really, nothing good comes from those kinds of malignant inquiries; you end up affirming a groove which becomes easier to fall into next time.

Not every moment of every day must be spent performing brain surgery or diffusing bombs in order for you to be on track.

Read this when you find yourself lost in the weeds.What if you trusted your goals are being realized? You’ve been putting in the effort and you’ve been showing up with a yes in your heart most of the time, so don’t doubt yourself. Go ahead and let yourself experience your life with a joyful open heart.

Go watch a movie or create some art or take a walk or go for a coffee with a friend. Feel great while you wait. Enjoy the day. Try not to freak out about being in the weeds.

This is NOT an existential crisis. It’s temporary. Things are aligning, be patient. Trust.

Remember the foundation of who you are. Honor and respect your sparkle. Be grateful for your beautiful life.

Rock it like you mean it!


when you're lost in the weeds

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