You are not lost.


You are not lost.

Please, please stop saying you are. You are right here. I can see you. You’re alright and it’s going to be okay.

Yes, this is a bump. It might feel scary right now. It might feel like things are spinning out. It’s okay, deep breath.

Things are changing. You are changing. This feels scary, different, new. It’s hard to trust that you’re on the right track. I get it.

But, don’t second guess yourself. You might feel tempted to give up but don’t. Your nervous system is listening, don’t allow yourself to treat the upset as if it’s the important part.

You are not lost. Your heart is a compass. Close your eyes and tune in. Your heart and gut will show you the way.

Maybe you can’t see that you allow your upset to matter more to you than anything else. Sometimes you miss that you’re wasting time on the upset when you really don’t want to be. You’ve created these little eddies of chaos and drama and you got yourself lost in there.You-are-not-lost

The biggest vibration wins. Worry brings more worry, fear brings more fear.

Stop saying you’re lost. You’re right here. I can see you.

When you regularly feel terror and allow it to run your energy system, you strengthen that groove. When you’re there long enough, your vibration will accommodate the mental story you are living by.

And you know what else? Maybe it does help you to meditate in the morning and practice some positive affirmations but you still must pay attention to your thoughts in the moment, because the strongest vibes are what broadcast the signal. So good for you who meditate every morning but if you’re feeling like a nutjob by 2 pm, you probably need to add something else in.

Mindfulness matters. Less suffering and more joy, please.

You are not lost. All is not lost.

Don’t let yourself say dismissive things like I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know because you DO know. Stop saying that.

And don’t you let one or two of the “really bad things” you did in the past take up your entire focus. I don’t care if you did burn the house down or you broke somebody’s heart… you still have a seat at the table.You-are-not-lost

You are loveable and good. Stop lobbying for your badness. Stop affirming it. You’re amazing. You’re NOT lost.


Remember who you are.

Your friends say you’re a really good person. And you’re funny. Listen to them. Believe. And remember how the people you love to serve really light you up? Remember how happy you feel when you’re making a difference for someone else?

You like unicorns and rainbow hearts too which makes you an absolute and total winner in my book.You-are-not-lost

Stop going to the parties where you already know you don’t belong and maybe you won’t feel so lost. Learn to deal with your loneliness and commit to figuring out who your right people and activities are.

So what if you don’t have the next year all mapped out? Who cares if you can’t clearly define what your mission and purpose in life is just yet? So what if you know people younger than you who are doing better and have more money than you do.

Stop lobbying for your upset. Stop it. Choose.



Look down at your feet…find yourself. Here you are. You are right here. Look at how cute your feet are.

You are not lost. You are right here.

So put your hand to your heart and say: Here I am. I am here.

Will you commit to loving yourself as is today?

Oh, and you DO love unicorns and rainbow hearts, don’t you?





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