The Ego Always Finds a Way to be Unhappy // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 63

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Do you ever notice how, when you’re feeling down or a little stressed, your mind can go nuts with upsetting thoughts and stories? It will start up those Greatest Hits — the old stories about difficult friends, embarrassing things that happened, the ways you felt let down… and before you know it, what was a little sad or down feeling turns into this horrible ugly where your whole life seems to suck. Hello, ego. We all have an ego, and it’s always looking for grievances. The ego’s goal is to… …Read More »

There Is No Shame in Needing Help: How Letting Yourself Be Seen Will Truly Help You Shine

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There is no shame in needing help

There are stories we carry around in our hearts about getting help, many of them warped by what happened before. Some of us are carrying these stories forward, expecting more of the same, and because of this we don’t easily allow ourselves to receive support. But we might not realize that receiving help is directly related to how well we do in the world. Our healing is directly connected to our shining. Our ability to receive is directly proportional to the power of our shine. If it’s difficult to receive,… …Read More »

Today We Follow Our Bliss.

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follow your bliss

Today we will follow our bliss. We are bold and courageous and we will not give our energy to Don’t, Can’t, or Won’t. Today we choose to invest in the places which feel good, where the vibes are all lit up and it feels effortless and fun. We will follow that sparkling feeling, we will follow our bliss. We will surround ourselves with the people who make us feel good. Instead of caring so hard about the naysayers and the poo-poo-ers, we will be grateful for ones who receive us like… …Read More »

The Journey is a Crooked Line, Not a Tight-Butted Straight One.

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The journey by robin hallett

Your journey goes in a crooked little line, not some tight-butted perfectly straight one. It’s full of twists and turns and this gives you lots of curves and squiggles and I love that about you. But sometimes you get confused about the straight vs squiggle thing. When bad things happen, you greet them with some degree of, Oh shit, I am still not doing my journey right or this would not be happening to me! But this couldn’t be further from the truth, sweet friend. Your journey is not a… …Read More »

Preparation-H of the Very Best Kind

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Preparation-H of the Very Best Kind

Do you prepare for happiness? Think about all the ways you prepare for things in your life. What do you notice yourself preparing for? You prepare for what you’re going to say to this person about that thing that happened. Or how you’re going to tell the people you can’t do that thing you said you’d do. We prepare to deal with the pain-in-the-arse person. For our response. For attack. Rejection. Loss. Disappointment. For work, for lunches. But how often are we preparing for our happiness? Isn’t it more often… …Read More »

When It’s Time to Stop Doing and Start Being

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stop doing start being

There are days when it finally hits you. All this doing isn’t helping. The thing you were pushing forward so hard on is not working out. But despite all the evidence, you’re still standing there with the hammer in your hand, insisting you can make it work. Your stubborn streak is a gift, there is no one who can hang on quite like you (except maybe me!) but in this case the stubborn streak isn’t helping. Step away from the hammer. Life will not give up on you. It will… …Read More »

When You’re Spinning on the Wheel of Suffering

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a loud alarm bell which rang every time we were caught spinning on the wheel of suffering? An alarm loud enough to wake us up; one with flashing lights and a disco ball. It’d be great if there was even a loud speaker announcement: Alert! alert! You are spinning again. Please stop! Exit the wheel! Our suffering often speaks the loudest. The ego. The opponent. The pain body. The Robber of Delight. Whatever name you choose to call it, we each have a… …Read More »

You are not lost.

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  You are not lost. Please, please stop saying you are. You are right here. I see you. You’re alright and it’s going to be okay. Yes, this is a bump. It might feel scary right now. It might feel like things are spinning out. It’s okay, deep breath. You’re scared and it’s hard to trust that you’re on the right track. I get it. Don’t second guess yourself. You might feel tempted to give up but don’t. Your nervous system is listening, don’t allow yourself to treat the upset… …Read More »