Little Birdies Need Love Too: Understanding Why We Numb in Order to Cope

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Many of us turn to numbing out as a coping strategy. I wish it wasn’t so hard to talk about openly. I hope if you have found this article, my sharing helps you. I turned 50 this year. I’ve been loving myself more fiercely.  Making peace with my heart. Accepting who I am. Releasing who I am not. I’m deepening my love and appreciation for the parts of me I’ve struggled with. Less war and shame, more love and appreciation. Yay! I still struggle finding my own compassion. It’s getting… …Read More »

Belonging was never about you fitting in, it was always about coming home to yourself.

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Most of us have a wounded understanding of what it means to belong. It’s not what our inner 5th grader thinks; it’s not the desperate longing to fit in so you feel normal and safe and okay. It doesn’t come from you conforming to what other people find acceptable. No, belonging isn’t what the inner 5th grader in you thinks it is. Most of us carry woundings around what it meant to be loved and accepted as kids. In one way or another, we had to betray our true nature… …Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions. Ugh. Here’s Some Love and Kindness With a Side of Whoop-A**

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Love and kindness with a side of whoop ass

I am about to tell you the best and only resolution you ever need, ever. It’s so simple and easy, you are probably going to dismiss it at first.   This is not just another resolution post This isn’t going to be a how to get yourself to stick to your fricking promises post. It won’t be a 31 most important reasons you really really really should have a resolution (and wowie kazowie, #17 blew my mind!) post. No, I won’t be telling you how to lose weight or get… …Read More »

Hello from Tranquility Base

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hello from tranquility base

Or How to Not Crash and Burn During Re-Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere on Your Way Home from Mars… Hello sweet Friend! I am gently re-entering my home world after hosting my first ‘sleep away’ Sacred Circle retreat. Together we journeyed, invoking the blessings and support of the Universe. Together we shed the cloak of what no longer serves in order to embrace the joy and peace that is our natural birthright.   Image credit: Amy Bruce Mixed Media Photography & Creative Exploration   It was amazing and I am forever changed because… …Read More »

Preparation-H of the Very Best Kind

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Preparation-H of the Very Best Kind

Do you prepare for happiness? Think about all the ways you prepare for things in your life. What do you notice yourself preparing for? You prepare for what you’re going to say to this person about that thing that happened. Or how you’re going to tell the people you can’t do that thing you said you’d do. We prepare to deal with the pain-in-the-arse person. For our response. For attack. Rejection. Loss. Disappointment. For work, for lunches. But how often are we preparing for our happiness? Isn’t it more often… …Read More »

The Abundance Series part 2: Stop worshiping at the altar of I’m so broke

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Are you worshiping at the altar of I

By Robin Hallett, last updated 11/26/2018 Are you worshiping at the altar of I’m So broke? This is the second post in the series on abundance. I am interested in helping you get to where you want to be in life, I’m interested in you becoming healed and whole and totally in love with yourself and life, which means we can’t only focus on you and money-money-money. We must also focus on your belief system, the obstacles to your abundance, and you have to do the work of letting go… …Read More »

Set a boundary, save a life: how to set boundaries and conserve your energy (with video and audio)

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how to set boundaries and conserve your energy

Do you ever have the situation where you want and need to say NO to someone but feel the difficulty of it weighing you down? How do you handle setting boundaries so you conserve your own energy? My friend recently said to me, Just finished a call with X. I love him, but I’m exhausted. He seems lonely. I need to protect myself from the drain next time. I too had a call from our friend X yesterday. Yes, he was lonely. And yes, I could completely understand the drain and… …Read More »

Rock it like you mean it: owning your shizzle

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embrace your fear and claim your belovedness

You are the shizzle. I am telling you the truth. You are. Still, every day, in small and big ways, you’re gonna feel challenged to own it. Sometimes you’ll even be asked to give it away. It’s up to you to understand this, and to know that your only job in the moment is to stay in your own lane. Especially then, it’s imperative that you be authentic and shine brightly and do what you’re here to do. Yes, you are the shizzle! But when you abandon your post and… …Read More »

Resistance is futile. We’re here for tangible joy.

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Happiness by robin hallett

I want to tell you a little story. It’s one I’ve wanted to tell you for a while except for the worry that I’d sound like I drank the Kool-Aid. And as much as I try not to pre-pad my posts with preparatory remarks, I think we need one. Things are about to sound really weird. But maybe only for me. Maybe not for you?! The first time it happened to me, it was the middle of the night. I was deeply asleep one moment, and the next, I wasn’t.… …Read More »

2014 Intentions and blessings (with video)

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2014 intentions and blessings

Woo hoo here we go 2014!! This could be a most fantabulous year for you. You might be wondering how you can make sure you have the fabulous wonderful year you’ve been praying, hoping and wishing for. January is a cleansing month. Those who get to work on shedding the old will be most successful in welcoming the goodies in 2014. It’s not about slapping a resolution on it and calling it done! Before we set our sights on calling in the new, we need to shed the old and… …Read More »

When guilt, stress, and crazy pressure can make you forget what the season truly is about

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When guilt, stress, and crazy pressure can make you forget what the season truly is about

Hello amazing YOU 🙂 When guilt, stress, and crazy pressure can make you forget what the season truly is about, I am sending these tidings of joy to you 🙂 Especially now, it can feel challenging to remember yourself. I want you to know that your needs matter. Your, wishes, desires and your fun factor matters. Your life is precious. This is a time of year when our own needs often come last. Making space for yourself in the midst of what is going on in your life today and… …Read More »

Stop draining those batteries and make space for your dreams to happen (with video)

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Stop draining those batteries and make space for your dreams to happen

The real reason many of us aren’t further along toward our goals is that we just do not make space for our dreams to happen. We drain our batteries on what does not serve us or excite us. It’s good to realize this because ideally we want to spend our energy on what truly matters to us. There is only so much energy in a day and it gets spent regardless of what we’re doing. I have drained my own batteries more times than I can count. I’ve exhausted myself… …Read More »

Epic dreams cannot flourish in an unwelcome environment.

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Love Sheriff and Darth Birdie

You are NOT a loser. I don’t care what your dark side says. You are here to do something important. The dreams you have for your life are good ones. Epic dreams cannot flourish in an unwelcome environment. So if you really want to do something epic with your life, you’ll need to embrace your fear with love. If you don’t deal with what’s on the inside, you’ll share a stinky message on the outside. It’s like that because we’re sharing it from a place that’s 40% unaddressed stuff and… …Read More »

Stop trying so hard and start intention setting

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Do you ever feel like you’ve been bumbling along on your journey? Like you’re just flitting from flower to flower without a specific goal? It’s not that you want to bumble along… You know you’re here to do something special with your life. You might even have a dream for yourself. You work really hard. Every day. Trying to be productive. Always busy-busy-busy. You want to make a difference. And, you want to feel like you’re getting somewhere too. You study about HOW to make that difference. You read books.… …Read More »

How to Avoid the Crazies When the Circus Comes to Town

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Does a three ring circus take you to crazy town?

I once had a client who had the kind of energy reminiscent of a three-ring circus. Forget the cotton candy and popcorn… this circus was about drama, stress, and chaos. And because of it, she frequently took her “audience” to crazy town. Picture it: Three different events happening in the three rings, AND somebody let the tigers loose. Her style was chaotic, to say the least. A call to schedule a session might last 20 minutes because it was hard for her to finish a sentence, and the topics kept… …Read More »