Hello From Tranquility Base: How to Allow a Gentle Re-Entry From a Big Experience You Had

hello from tranquility base

Or How to Not Crash and Burn During Re-Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere on Your Way Home from Mars

Hello sweet Friend!

I am gently re-entering my home world after hosting my first ‘sleep away’ Sacred Circle retreat. Together we journeyed, invoking the blessings and support of the Universe. Together we shed the cloak of what no longer serves in order to embrace the joy and peace that is our natural birthright.


Image Credit Amy Bruce Photography

Image credit: Amy Bruce Mixed Media Photography & Creative Exploration


It was amazing and I am forever changed because of it. I was thinking it might be helpful to hear my perspective on coming back down after something as altering as an experience like that. After all, you’re a fellow space traveler and you might want to know how to get back when you find yourself ready to leave Mars.

I don’t think we fully appreciate how profound an experience it can be to enter into a collective energy field with like-minded souls who’ve come together in the name of healing, love and community. We get bigger and bolder and have this amazing experience of MORE. Throw in the beautiful meditations, practices and teachings offered and you have an experience quite special and unusual to most of our every day life. A collective intention like that powerfully activates the longing to express our very own version of the creative spark, not to mention the longing to be seen and heard and recognized as that as well.



In our retreat we bonded, shared, expressed…we had amazing heart-to-hearts and found ourselves saying things we never thought we would say out loud. We made art, and there was a kind of group ease. The kind of ease where we were all singing along to the music together without realizing it. The kind where we laughed so hard at (cough) some of our 12-year-old-self humor.  Ease and peace. Lost and found. Longing and belonged. Loved. Accepted. Wanted. Welcome. Changed.

And what was mirrored back to us is pretty amazing too: we are powerful, we are for reals, we are THAT. When enough people in a circle see it in you, it’s pretty hard to continue to fade it away on your own.

When we find ourselves in this amazing energy field of the collective, our own energy field expands right along with it.


Jagua Circle

Image credit: Amy Bruce Mixed Media Photography & Creative Exploration


We go bigger as a circle and that means we go bigger individually as well. 

In that process of expanding, we naturally release some heavy things we’ve been carrying. By nature of you raising your energy to a higher place, the stuff that isn’t in alignment with it naturally falls away (often it’s gentle and hardly noticeable as opposed to the very heavy and dark releases many expect to have at a retreat such as this).

Our very releasing of what no longer serves makes room for something new to enter. That something new I am speaking of is a bit of a mystery and it is so very important to give it room to move into you. You can’t shove yourself full of stuff just now, and you can’t assume it’s all going to be the same as before…

You can’t do what you always do.

Don’t make assumptions.

Wait and see what comes to you.



hello from tranquility base


We’ve just been in an experience that’s quite special and unusual to most of our everyday life stuff.

Forget going to the moon. We traveled to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn… and now it’s time to come home.

Consider yourself a fabulous space traveler: Some things were ejected from your space ship along the way and other new things are returning with you to Earth.

Slowly and gently, you’re making your way back into everyday life but you are not the same.

You’ve been to another planet!

You have seen Things!

You have collected samples!

You have met fellow travelers.

There were some Aliens too 🙂

And for the next several days (could be weeks) you need to begin a gentle, kind, quiet, slow rhythm. Pay attention to your body in this time, listen to what it is asking for.


hello from tranquility base


Some ideas on what you might try:

I have a saying, The bigger the expansion, the more the self care.

There are a lot of internal shifts and awakenings happening now and we need extra down time to allow all that’s happening to trickle in.

Sleep is your friend. Naps are too. I barely slept on this retreat but I could close my eyes and ‘touch in’ as I like to call it, in about 5 minutes I’d feel myself slip into that in-between special yum-yum space and it was enough to refresh me often.

Hydrate extra.

Sun yourself.

Move your body.

Epsom salt baths are wonderful now. If you’re fortunate to be near an ocean, go there and plunge under the water.

Even if you work 9-5 and you started back to work already, you can do these kinds of kindnesses for yourself. It’s all about your frame of mind. Make quiet time in your day to listen to the new awareness inside your heart.

hello from tranquility base

Make space to hear the next steps being whispered for your journey.

For those of us who are still feeling very expanded it can be like you’re still floating in space and you may be feeling sensitive to the energies of others. Honor this. Be mindful of who you choose to spend time with right now. It’s important. It matters.

Be honoring of your needs now. Even if you’re feeling booked solid…even if you made the plans already. Change as needed, downshift from that gear–be honoring of the contraction. Be easeful and graceful as you move along. Take time and space to absorb the nutrients and allow yourself to come back down.

You are the Guru here… honor the beautiful work you just did. Be reverent of the sacred experience you are still having. In doing this, you honor and acknowledge the soul you truly are.

Be easeful. Graceful.

Perhaps you’ll journal or make art as you sip tea.

Maybe you’ll laugh with loving friends and listen to good music.

At least that’s how I’m doing it.

I’m back from Saturn and now I’m resting here at Tranquility Base waiting for my shuttle back to Earth.


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Really, you do know the best way to honor yourself – trust your gut on that.


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hello from tranquility base