The Gazinta Principle: On Connecting Our Efforts to the Core Essence of our Shine

Love Goes Into Love

There’s a word I use when speaking to the way it feels when we know in our bones that something is right for us.

This thing we are doing (or want to do) is a match to the way we feel on our insides about who we are and what we are HERE to do.


The feeling indicates YES. Our very own kind of YES.

The word I use for this is GAZINTA.

And from this feeling, we know with big certainty that this is a right-for-us thing.

Even when we’re unsure,

Even when people are pushing us in a direction we don’t feel right about,

We can tune inside and see if there’s a GAZINTA.

This word came to me as most good words do: during third grade math class.

My teacher, Ms. Gayo (she is my all-time favorite, she rocked!) drew the long division symbol on the chalkboard along with some numbers and as she pointed at the two she asked, Two goes into four how many times? And we answered back, TWOOOOOOO TIMES!

Except I heard the word GAZINTA so that’s what I called it.


A gazinta.

It might seem corny but I was connecting much bigger dots: Love divided by love always produces love.

The more I thought about it, the better I understood that the gazinta had to “go into” the unique kind of love that exists in our own core. It had to relate to that somehow–the greater thing inside of us had to be “divisible by” the thing we are considering doing.

Our efforts related to sharing our shine in the world have to be connected to our core essence.

It has to be connected to our own uniqueness.

It has to go into:

Our special something-something,

Our shizzle

Our one true thing

Our creative sparkle

It has to have a gazinta.

While certain things might be nice to do, if they don’t reflect who we truly are and what we are HERE to do, they will not light us up.

And that means there is a diminished capacity for joy in our hearts as we do them, which really sucks because it makes these things harder to do–even when they earn us good money and our friends and family think the idea is fabulous.

Can you relate to this feeling?

Most of us know it well.

the gazinta principle

Knowing the Gazinta Principle will help you feel clear about the direction to take.

It will help in the midst of the fear and confusion we feel when considering the right path for us, whatever that path is.

It’s helpful when we’re swirling: In those times when we say: I don’t know, should I do this or that? Or this or that? 

It’s helpful in the times when other people have lots of ideas for you about what you should be doing but none of them feel quite right.

There’s this luminous quality which comes from feeling connected and on-mission, and this feeling-knowing essence can be your guide.

It has to have a gazinta.

The things that you’re wanting to spend your time and energy on, they should feel connected to this excitement–to this radiant light inside of you. And if you ask me how you know what you should be doing, I would say it’s always this: something that aligns with the spark that is you, something which has a powerful connection to your core.

What you are meant to be doing, big or small, will always have a resonant energy field with that. That’s what we wanna be looking for and finding.

the gazinta principle

Give your focus and attention towards the things which have a connection to your essence.

You owe it to yourself to find that gazinta every time, to honor your own delight and joy. And when you do, we all win because you’re here to tell a story. You’re here to shine a light. You’re here to help people connect the dots back to themselves. And you are the only one who can in that perfect way you do.

Love divided by love always produces love.


the gazinta principle

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