You Are a SuperCollider


You are a Supercollider.

You accelerate particles of light.

You accelerate those particles to energies measuring in the millions of megavolts.



You do this best by being yourself:

You, being who you are

And loving what you love

While having fun doing what you do

And feeling grateful for it all.

When you’re aligned with your true essence and shining authentically, ah yes, that’s you in Supercollider mode.

A Supercollider creates power.

It does not shrink.

It does not apologize.

And people around you may not always appreciate that…

They might not appreciate having the light within them accelerated.

It’s none of your business, really. Stop apologizing and worrying about who you are. Stop dialing the wattage down.

Don’t orient your energy to that too tiny space you once used to occupy. You’re not there anymore.

You’re not there anymore.

You are a Supercollider now.

And Supercolliders accelerate particles to energies of millions of megavolts.

Let those light particles do their thing.



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