Intuitive Healing

The Intersection between Love and Fear


What if we could learn to let our fear (and any other negative sensation) be the signal to breathe deeply and re-center in our hearts?

Spoiler alert: I am upset a lot.

I have been practicing long enough that even when I am lost in the belief of the moment and my face is so squinched and my butt feels tight, somehow even then I will hear a little gentle bell in my mind signaling me to wake up and remember to breathe.

And right then, I remember this isn’t all that is happening now. This upset dujour isn’t everything.

I am so relieved to remember! It’s like waking up from a nightmare.

I imagine myself standing at a beautiful crossroads–the intersection between love + fear. I put myself right in the center and allow myself to choose a new direction:






Instead of choosing the crazy dujour, we can choose a different direction.

Let’s just stand there together for a while and breathe in and out.

Let the tension soften in our bodies.

Let’s stand there and look at the choices we’ve been making, consciously or unconsciously.

When you are in anxiety or panic or terror, when you are irritated or angry or frustrated, something other than love is running you.

Can you see that?

The longer you allow that anxiety/panic/terror/irritated/frustrated/angry to run you, the harder it is to wake yourself up. This is why for some of us, that other stuff feels so very, very, very real. But with practice, I promise it can be different.

Your scarcity fear must be met with love.

Your upset must be met with love.

Your anger must be met with love.

Your anxiety must be met with love.

Your jealousy, rage, bitterness and resentment must be met with love.

All of your heart-brokenness absolutely needs to be met with love.

Fear and all that other stuff is just a signal.

It’s asking you to move into the heart center–to drop in and let go.

It’s asking us to come right into the heart, breathe and remember we come from light and joy and love.

In fact, all we are is light and joy and love.

the intersection between love and fear

Answer the fear in your mind with the love inside your heart.

Keep a space open for the presence deepening there. Hold onto the knowing that transformation is happening, something IS happening.

Here at the crossroads, everything is possible.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist


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