The Power Of Following Your Fear // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 64

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There is great power in following your fear. In recognizing it for what it is, and choosing to go beyond it. The fear stories we carry aren’t meant to be held as truths, they’re here to help us heal and choose to rise. This goes out to you, beloved. May it serve you well today! 🎧 Listen to Episode 64: Fearward, Take a Risk, #procrastinatorsunite This episode is also available wherever you enjoy podcasts or downloadable here My loosely edited session notes including time stamps. plus all links, quotes,… …Read More »

Dealing with Difficult People // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 60

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In the years I’ve been offering healing sessions, I can’t think of a single person who hasn’t come to me at some point in our work together to talk about the difficult person in their life. Dealing with difficult people can be challenging but it is not impossible. One of the first things we need to do is admit to our feelings. And that might seem simple, but really I find people don’t like to admit to their feelings because they’re afraid. They’re afraid of the person and afraid of… …Read More »

The Stupid Things People Say and How to Be Free of Their Opinions

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your way is the right way

Learning to walk away from the stupid things people say and not need their good opinions of me has been a huge challenge on my journey. There are times when I get caught up in feeling hurt and upset, but I disentangle myself again. My recovery time is quicker these days because I remember my practice and I get free. I am learning not to NEED anyone to love me or applaud me or give me their blessing for me to feel permitted to shine and sing my song. But… …Read More »

Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy so Dance with the One Who Brung Ya // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 49

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abundance forgive yourself and stop repenting

On honoring your needs and why it matters and letting fun be fun again. Please don’t judge what you love — all of it is light trying to flow through you. Everything you wanna accomplish in your life is better in a vibe of ease and joy and can-do-yes-yes-YES! To be in a sense of play and adventure and delight is where it’s at! And as we enjoy life, we become a magnetic attractive force to all things in alignment with what we want. And that’s how it works, we… …Read More »

Corni and the Banana Boat, on Receiving Help Instead of Always Being the Strong One.

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Receiving help

Have I told you about the time Corni got stranded on the roof during a flood? It was early spring, and it had been storming a lot that week. One afternoon, there was so much rain, Corni’s house began to flood. Eventually, the first floor filled up with water so he decided to climb up on his roof to stay dry. Corni was very scared and so he began to pray. “Hello, God, it’s me Corni. I know it’s been a while but can you please help me get out… …Read More »

I am an artist. The end.

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I am an artist. The end.

I am an artist (it’s taken me a while to own it). 45 years ago, I created my first art project. Ok, that’s not completely true because there was an earlier project known as the Poop Incident but for the purposes of this post, I’ll spare you the details. My official first art project was the Magnificent I Love You Mom Hair Plate. I’ve had all those years to ponder how my creative spark and heartfelt expression of love could ever have been misunderstood. I am an artist my art… …Read More »

What to Do When You’re Upset

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People Who Treat You Badly and What to Do About It

Wow, are there ever times when life brings us some crap! I don’t really know anyone who greets the upset that comes our way with glee, most of us run the other way. It can sure feel challenging to manage the vibes when they come. When you get upset, do you make space for what is happening? Are you able to allow life to happen as it does, even when you had other plans? Or are you someone who pushes on with getting stuff done… even when you’re feeling anxious… …Read More »

Tea with Robin: A podcast with Intuitive Healer, Robin Hallett

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Hello to our amazing Love Posse, I’m so excited to share my new podcast with you. Welcome to Tea with Robin: A Podcast with Intuitive Energy Healer, Robin Hallett. It’s called Tea with Robin because I’ve been having tea with friends in healing sessions for the better part of 20 years and there are so many yummy stories and perspectives to share. This is a podcast about life and healing and getting to work on the places in you which feel less than shiny, sparkly, and raring to go. I am… …Read More »

Same Cray Cray, Different Day

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Same Crazy, Different Day

“If all your problems or perceived causes of suffering or unhappiness were miraculously removed for you today, but you had not become more present, more conscious, you would soon find yourself with a similar set of problems or causes of suffering, like a shadow that follows you wherever you go.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now Ugh. In all honesty, there are times when I feel like a nut. Some story has taken over my mind, and I am caught up again. I might cry, I might get depressed, I… …Read More »

What to Do When You’re Feeling Unsure of Yourself? Open Your Heart to Love.

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What to do when you're feeling unsure of yourself. Open your heart to love.

  This goes out to everyone who struggles with trusting their gut and believing in themselves. There are times when you just KNOW what to do, but many more times when you feel so confused and you worry about giving in to the fear again. This is for you 🙂 What to do when you’re feeling unsure of yourself? You open your heart to love. “Hi, Robin. I am about to take a new path and I am feeling unsure about myself. Will I cave in and be who “they”… …Read More »

The Crack Where the Light Gets In

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The Crack Where The Light Gets In by Robin Hallett

I’ve been spending a lot of time in quiet. Trying to get my bearings, waiting for the ride to slow. I’m reminding myself to breathe, to soften. Giving myself the little extras. I keep asking: Why am I so upset? Part of me is surprised to be feeling this way. As if it’s a problem, an inconvenience. As if some part of me is difficult because I am functioning at less than 100%. And yet, here I am. I can feel there’s this invisible thing I’m trying to find. So… …Read More »

The Love Burrito

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Love Burritos. Those times when it just feels like all of the stars aligned and there was this beautiful hum to what you were doing and it all rolled up into this wonderful, delicious, yummy thing. Maybe it was a time when you were lost in creating, or you had that one magical night out with your friends, or your speech ended in a standing ovation. You revisit these times in your heart and while the memory can still light you up, the Love Burrito itself has come and gone,… …Read More »

The Abundance Series: Going Under the Mountain

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The Abundance Series: Healing Our Money Stories

One of my favorite parts of The Lord of The Rings movie is when the fellowship is making their way over the Misty Mountains. They’re being led by Gandalf the Grey, attempting to cross the tallest, most perilous peak called Caradhras but the snow is too deep and it’s beginning to feel treacherous. The poor little hobbits are barely able to make it; there’s a bad magic at work. Earlier, the dwarf Gimli, Son of Gloin, suggested they not take this route and instead go under the mountain through the… …Read More »

You Can Trust Your Journey

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I am writing this post to offer a little love and encouragement to you as you continue this journey of waking up. You are doing such great work, already there is so much transforming in your life. I know it’s difficult sometimes to trust your journey, so let’s take this a little bit further, shall we? 🙂 Sometimes we can’t see that we’re stuck in the kiddie pool when what we really want is the experience of an ocean. We worry about the details. It can be difficult to trust… …Read More »

When You’re Fed Up with Your Own Suffering

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I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for most of the day today. I texted my friends. Help me write something, I’m so sick of my own crap about writing. I’m SO sick of suffering with this, I thought to myself, this is embarrassing already. Talk about how to move past it, they said. Talk about what the little gremlins are saying. Ugh. Of course, they told me to write about being sick of my own crap. OF COURSE THEY DID! This is exactly what I’d tell them too. I… …Read More »