When you’re worried, or upset, or unable to focus, or triggered…

Hello from here

Hello, sweet friend,

I am listening to James Taylor tell me he is the Handy Man and sipping a cuppa yum yum. I can hear birdies and a lawnmower and the bubbling of my little fountain outside. This moment right here and now is perfect.

Here is the main thing that I wanna say… to myself today. And also to you because, friends on the journey.

STAY IN YOUR CENTER. I guess that needs to be shouty sometimes, you know? We make ourselves crazy with worry and anxiety when we don’t.

JUST BECAUSE IT’S UNCOMFORTABLE, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU GET TO RUN YOURSELF OVER. This applies to your stories about the forces of evil and certain people in your life but equally to your own questions, your pressure, and your wondering what to dos… Just wait. Let things be.

I fully own there is a part of me unable to relax for the fear of being swept up into the sky in an instant where I cease to exist. True story. Lots of people have a story like this. If I stop clinging to what I feel defines me, I will cease to exist. If you relate, try this: I am willing to spend tiny moments of peace and rest today. It’s like training wheels for the small self.

It’s always a good thing to place a hand on your heart with a nice deep breath. Also, to point your finger in the air and whisper in your most sacred voice: Shhh. Shhhh. Shhhhhut [the eff] up.

Sending peace and love and remembrance of who you truly are.

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